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  1. Worn for a day. Value input?
  2. @KneeBooted I believe I got them at target sometime ago. They are a favorite. A bit too cold to wear them out.
  3. @kneehighs when we first started dating I did let her know I liked women's shoes and that I had an interest in crossdressing. She had absolutely no animosity towards it. She encouraged it. She helped me do my first outing in public. She has purchased me insane boots and heels. She still does.
  4. I havent posted in a good minute. Thought I'd share my most recent kicks. The single sole Aldos are my favorite. The platform maddens are a bit uncomfortable. The bright ones were from my exgirlfriend.
  5. Barr


    A big majority of my collection are platforms, but recently I've been enjoying single sole pumps. They work well with alot of clothing. They're modest and cute. I still enjoy my 6 and 7 inch platforms though, but I will be exploring single sole pumps for a bit. I did just buy a pair of patent Aldo nude pumps, and they are my new favorite.
  6. @TK@TKHeels how did you accidentally buy those?! Are those ten inches? Good luck! I wear 10, at that height Pleasers stop at size 9. I'm jealous.
  7. Almost forgot about these gems. First time got the nails done too. Interesting experience. I also thought these were fun. Had to have these in my collection. Gotta have one or 10 stripper heels.
  8. Those are amazing! I have a pair, they're fun to walk in. Im jealous!
  9. Have a safe one tonight! My Jessica Simpsons
  10. I did my first public adventure a few weeks ago in Vegas. I know its probably a more accepting place than others but I definitely felt the stress. We went primarily to see Nine Inch Nails, and my ex (trying to work things out) advised I go to the show in the heels. It wasn't an option considering I like to mosh. She did however gave me the courage to walk a small amount in the streets, then we settled to gambling and had drinks on the gaming floor. I was stressed. She encouraged me to go through the elevator to the garage and warm up. It helped after a cigarette and the clicking of the heels gave me a confidence boost. I wish I took pictures. After awhile I was walking natural, sipping margaritas. I am very anxious to do it again....dont remember why we split in the first place. I wore black strappy Jessica Simpson stilettos.
  11. I like your collection of heels. I have my share of Pleasers and fetish heels. They're fun. My ex bought me killer Pleaser boots. I should post them sometime. Be careful though...i fractured my foot in them. Be responsible with those sexy heels!
  12. I stayed on Fremont. I wore my black Jessica Simpson strappy heels with flared pants, black long sleeve top. My friend did my makeup and hair. It was fun! I was out for a few hours and finished it up with a margarita at 4am. Oh jeez, I was kinda fumbling in my heels by then
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