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  1. Thats the trouble when you have a large shoe size the arch is extended so much that it becomes more of a gentle slope and makes the heel look much shorter
  2. Great look with those jeans, loving this
  3. The ones i had like those had a small allen screw to lock the togather then you slipped a padlock through so you couldnt get at screw. Ive been locked into many boots over the years by my naughty wife lol
  4. Nice boots i bet they didnt even notice them Great boots and a great look you pull off there Mike. Stunning
  5. I would go with the stiletto boots now then treat yourself in the summer to sandals, You will certainly have fun in those stiletto boots and well worth the little extra trouble getting on
  6. Yes zips at the back are not so good but nice boots how my ch do you want for them?
  7. Well those boots over jeans look totally amazing mate. The fit is just so good. you must of got peoples attention in those sitting there love it.
  8. That’s a great pic and those boots look fantastic on you
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