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  1. Oh my, im inlove. She is really lovely. I like her.
  2. I love these. Super nice.
  3. Thanks bluejay. Those are actually not me wearing it. I got it from from fitflop website. Still choosing on which design to get. I guess any will look great on skinny jeans. Same here, i like the look of showing the top part of the foot which gives a feminine touch to the style. Will post an actual pic once i got these shoes.
  4. Anyone, need your opinion on this. It it will be a daily wear when im not wearing heels and also a nicw addition to my flats. So, which one should i get? Or should i not? Does it look unisex?
  5. Oh i see. I guess it depends on the car floor matting you use. The tip of my heels dont get stuck in anyway.
  6. Hi bluejay, thanks for the suggestion. I think i'd go for the skinny jeans which will fit me the most. Leggings arw fine but i really love denims of different shades.
  7. I just got these wedge sandals. Looks sexy in my opinion. Any thoughts what to pair it with?
  8. Good find and really a bargain. Love it.
  9. Hi Cali, Thanks for the advice. I like to wear my stilettos while driving and had no problem with it. Been doing that for as long as i can remember. I love the feeling pressing the pedals while wearing a nice pumps and love the sight of it everytime i look down when stopped on a red light.
  10. I am loving these. Really feels nice on my feet.
  11. I dont have a full body picture of what i wear but its just black long tee and denim skinny jeans when I bought these pretty strappy heels. Got a lot of odd looks and giggles but i just walk straight to the mall parking to my car and ignore them. (Thats the only time i got the chance to take these pictures. In addition i got the mary jane flats right before i got the strappy heels.
  12. Oh yes, sailor moon series is part of my childhood days. Ive watched it as i grow up. Those lovely red pumps that she wears, damn really nice and sexy. I remember that most of the male antagonist in the anime wear heels and make ups to which they do look like a woman.
  13. I rember that, also an old anime where the female characters usually wears a nice pair of heels.
  14. Yes, its hard to explain that sensation during that time when i was kid but it was all over my body especially on my private part, its the best feeling ever. I got addicted to it and its the same feeling i get every time i wear womens shoes especially heels.
  15. For me it started out when i was a kid about 5 or 6 years old. Watching the cartoon "gem and the holograms" made me appreciate the the look of pointy toe heels since the main character gem always wears pink stiletto pumps. Then i saw my mom wearing the same type of stiletto just in color dark brown when going to work. The time comes when mom needed to go overseas because of work and i was left with my grandma. I was alone in the house when started checking things around like storage closet and found out a pink pointed stiletto pumpa exactly like the one gem is wearing. I got really excited then slip my feet in the shoe, it was so smooth and the feel of the leather on my foot is really awesome (though the shoes were a bit big for that time). I stuff in some papers inside the shoes to make it fit so that i can walk in them. That same time there was also this tingling sensation all over my body which really feels good. Walk around the house wearing those heels and have done that ever since every time i get the chance alone in the house. Also discovered the brown pumps of mom and other pairs like strappy heels (keep on another storage closet) which ive worn all of those as i grow up until they wont fit me anymore. From there as i get older, my interest in womens shoes progress to all kind and type of shoes, pumps, strappy, mules, flats, slippers, sandals and womens sneakers. Up to now i dont own a pair of mens shoes.