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  1. My first designer pumps

    Thanks jeremy1986 I am a bit confuse on whether it look good on me or not. The shoes has a nice shape overall, its just that something is a bit off for me. Maybe its the heart metal piece? Im not use to any adornment on top of my pumps but I guess ill get use to it.
  2. My first designer pumps

    Just sharing my new pumps from kate spade. This is my first designer heels and I am really amazed with the quality of material and craftmanship of the shoes. Is the leather really this hard for designer pumps? I have it on correct size and fits perfect but it does not feel comfortable as I can feel the hardness of the leather. Seems that it needs a lot of break in and stretching to have shape to my foot.
  3. Advice on flats

    I just started wearing a black tights (or pantyhose 120D) under my skinny jeans when wearing any of my flats and noticed that less people or none of them seems to notice that im wearing a ladies footwear. I have not tried it wearing my stiletto pumps and i guess that the result will be different, its hard not to notice a guy wearing a pointy toe stiletto heels
  4. Small steps...

    Nice pumps! Love it. Ive seen your gallery and you got really nice pairs that are my favorites.
  5. Ballet Flats

  6. Advice on flats

    Try the ones from payless shoes I also have the mary jane style from fitflop
  7. Validation by 21 year old Hotgirl: There may be hope for us!

    Oh my, im inlove. She is really lovely. I like her.
  8. Just wanted to show my heels off.

    I love these. Super nice.
  9. Ballet Flats

    Thanks bluejay. Those are actually not me wearing it. I got it from from fitflop website. Still choosing on which design to get. I guess any will look great on skinny jeans. Same here, i like the look of showing the top part of the foot which gives a feminine touch to the style. Will post an actual pic once i got these shoes.
  10. Ballet Flats

    Anyone, need your opinion on this. It it will be a daily wear when im not wearing heels and also a nicw addition to my flats. So, which one should i get? Or should i not? Does it look unisex?
  11. Shopping for heels: try them on?

    Oh i see. I guess it depends on the car floor matting you use. The tip of my heels dont get stuck in anyway.
  12. Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    Hi bluejay, thanks for the suggestion. I think i'd go for the skinny jeans which will fit me the most. Leggings arw fine but i really love denims of different shades.
  13. Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    I just got these wedge sandals. Looks sexy in my opinion. Any thoughts what to pair it with?
  14. Thoughts?

    Good find and really a bargain. Love it.
  15. Shopping for heels: try them on?

    Hi Cali, Thanks for the advice. I like to wear my stilettos while driving and had no problem with it. Been doing that for as long as i can remember. I love the feeling pressing the pedals while wearing a nice pumps and love the sight of it everytime i look down when stopped on a red light.