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  1. Came across this topic and would like to share mine. It is both for me, sensual and personal but i think it really started as a sensual feeling of excitement (aroused) for the first time at a very young age (7 or 8 yrs old). Watching this old cartoon series (gem and the hologram) really got me in to that kind of mood. As I keep on looking the main character shoes (pink pointy stiletto) got me curious how it feels like walking in that kind of shoes. Then I started to notice that my mother has those similar pair in (brown, black and pink pointy toe stiletto pumps). The moment came that they left me in the house alone to do some errands. First thing that came in to my mind was to look for my mom's shoes and there i found the pink pumps. Got my hands on those shoes and the scent of the the leather was amazing then tried to slip my foot in. The shoe was really big on me during that time but as soon as my feet touches the shoes my excitement really burst out and from that moment i was hooked. So the story goes on from there.
  2. Should i get these boots in black?
  3. Will try these newly purchased boots with shorts next time.
  4. Nope. I dont even have a white short shorts. But the your attached photo is the closest one, just change the pants to shorts that would look amazing. Anyway, here some of the examples i find but in denim shorts or black one and still look so great.
  5. Looks great. I would do it the same way but in a different color. White shorts, black suit blazer, white inner top and a black patent pointy pumps.
  6. Go for a well-made shoes that are balanced. Even for branded shoes I always check how well it stands on a flat surface. It should not wobble when you put it down. Cheap shoes usually tends to flex from where the heel is attached.
  7. Nice shoes! Love them. The exact shoe style that I would also buy. I would also buy them in red, patent, black patent and black kid leather. Those nudes really look awesome. Please post more photos
  8. Sizing in some brands usually not accurate and weird. Nice one hiddenheels. What size do you guys wear? Is there separate thread for sizes we wear? I wear a US size 9
  9. All of my jeans are from the ladies section from different brands like, H&M, forever 21 and American eagle outfitters. I like these 3 brands since they have a decent pocket at the back and same at the front and very comfy to wear with the right amount of stretchy. I wear a size 8 or 10 regular depending on what style (skinny, slim fit or super skinny).
  10. Pumps for me and it is given to be a stiletto heel.
  11. @Tech You dont need to worry as I will no longer post any photos in this forum. As for other similar post it is not my concern to report it. I will not argue with your rules and i respect that. I just stated my opinion thats all. Thanks.
  12. I did not expect that the photos i posted with fake boobs would be big issue. Either way it was just an experiment about for an outfit that suits well with wearing heels. The boobs were just for show to complete the ensemble. Yes it was crossdressing and ive seen others here in this forum who also crossdress. I just did mine better to compliment the overall look. Im cool with the photos taken down.
  13. Thanks for the compliments everyone. Did not expect that the looks would pass as woman. It was only an experiment and was nervous the moment I walk out of my car and start walking. I think im going to do this again sometime because i like it. Love how it feels. @MackyHeels i really appreciate your honest feedback. Thank you. I just put together the womens clothes that I have but unfortunately i dont have any blouse in the closet. My nails are polished with plain nude color on it. Tried before putting eyelashes and eyeliner but never got it right and too much of a hassle. My brows are fairly shaped so im good with that. Btw the hair is only wig.
  14. As I have mentioned here before i have tried to experiment wearing stilettos in public with different looks from regular male with heels and going androgynous and yet have not tried going all fem look since it was a lot of effort. Finally yesterday i have pulled the looks that suits my figure to look all fem and go out in public for the whole day. Its funny that people do really base on what they actually see. Most of them that I had encounter greeted me and referred to me as a lady. Lol. Not sure if i should post some photos here though.
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