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    I love exercise, nature, reading, math, meditation, driving ... and wearing heels. I am straight, cross-dress a little (thongs and boot-cut jeans), not into fetish at all. I consider my feet feminine, I always have since I can remember. I cannot accept myself without a nice pedicure, but no nail polish. I wear all kinds of heels that real women wear pretty much all the time: brand name, leather, comfortable for long hours, with heel heights between 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 inches.

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  1. I am sure that the more adventurous heelers are going to disagree with me but I would not consider the US a single country in this regard. I think there is a wide spectrum of tolerance levels ranging from big cities in certain states all the way to rural shitholes in hillbilly states with a bunch of shades in between. While I would feel very comfortable eating out in heels in suburban Baltimore, I am not sure I would finish dinner unscathed everywhere in Alabama. I do not wear heels to prove a point but to feel good, and if the latter is not possible somewhere, then I just wear women's flats to avoid drawing too much attention. Deichmann does not seem to offer a whole lot of large size heels, even though inventory levels are generally low in today's post-Covid world. I actually noticed it only few days back that supply chains are finally ramping back up. If you ever want to order heels from the US, just let me know and I can provide a pretty exhaustive list of online merchants.
  2. Hello Twilight, First off, I love your story. Totally. Thank you for sharing. And I do hope that things turn out fine with that girl. Am I correct to assume that it sucks to live in Hungary if you are into heels as a guy? Just watching what is going on over there right now suggests that the society may not too tolerant to people bending genders these days. God, I hope I am wrong. The other challenge I can see there is getting heels in your size. Are there any stores at all that carry size 43+ heels ... or ... do you have to order them from outside Hungary? I was born and raised in Hungary before I moved to the US. My mom never wore heels but my grandma and my friends' moms did, so I had a chance to experience something similar to what you did. Unfortunately, being a tall guy, I grew out of heels when I was 11 or 12. I was sad to watch my feet grow to size 45 (US women's 13) and accepted what I thought was a fact that I would never be able to wear heels again. Fast forward several years, I found myself in the US, where I discovered - while shopping for heels with my wife - that they do carry my size here. I was literally begging my wife to let me buy a pair. She was well aware of my foot fetish (she has beautiful size 38 feet that are shaped like wearing heels all the time), so she was OK with it. Fast forward several years again, I found that there are large size heels in abundance here. Brand name. Leather. Super sexy but comfortable. I own dozens of them by now. Anyhow, back to you: welcome to hhplace. And feel free to share pictures, so people can get to know you better. Be well!
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