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    I love exercise, reading, meditation, nature, driving ... and wearing women's shoes. I am straight, cross-dress a little (waist down), not into fetish at all. I consider my feet (and legs) feminine, I always have since I can remember, so I paint my toenails (my wife does it actually) and wear women's shoes whenever I can. I prefer shoes that real women wear every day, leather, comfortable for long hours.

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  1. Post some pictures of your boots, so we can better understand your taste. Most of us struggle with public opinion, but you may still get some good advice. I love higher and sexier heels, but mostly wear them around the house only. I do wear heeled women's shoes outside the house few times a month, but only wedges or chunky heels 2 to 3.5 inches tall (I have just measured my favorite pairs) that are not too loud, with long and flared jeans, covering most of the heel. It is an amazing feeling to go shopping like that once the crowd is back home watching TV at night. Very few people notice and those that do never make a comment, even thought I am not the victim type with my 6' 2" height, muscular build and very deep voice.
  2. Well, I did wear the second pair in public yesterday grocery shopping and also at Walgreens. I have been wearing heels outside the house almost every day this year. Certainly not all the time, but at least an hour or so. For years I was just buying and buying, and occassionally wearing them around the house. But just spending money is dumb unless the shoes are put to use. I hate uncomfortable shoes, even in heels, so I have tossed dozens I did not like on my feet, regardless how great they looked, and replaced them with leather shoes that are comfortable and can actually be worn for hours. These days I always try the shoes on at the store before I buy and have no problems returning a pair that is not comfortable enough if I buy online. Greetings from Waukesha county.
  3. Worried is probably not the right word. I was just a little uneasy about registering to this community, and "coming out of the closet", even though I have not shown a whole lot of myself yet. The black shoes in the second picture are mules actually. I bought them at Nordstrom a couple weeks ago, exactly because they are so discrete, and very comfortable, even for longer strolls. I cannot imagine that I would ever wear the pumps in the third picture outside. Not only that they are too tall and change my gait too much but also very loud on hard surfaces.
  4. Well, here I am, a little worried but thankful for the opportunity to join this community. Like I said in my introduction, I am just a simple straight guy who loves heels, and considers his feet feminine. It started when I was a little boy, wearing grandma's heels. My wife has beautiful feet and loves shoes, so I satisfied my "craving" through her, until I accidentally discovered few years back that ladies' shoes are now available in my own US women's size 13 (US men's 11.5). Fast forward, and now I own a couple of dozen heels myself, and go out shoe shopping regularly. My wife does not like my hobby but accepts it. I only wore them around the house for years, but recently I just have to wear them outside. I always try to be discreet, wearing them with long pants to hide as much possible, mostly later in the day when the crowd is gone. If somebody sees them, then oh well, but I generally do not like attention. I am tall, 6'2", so if I add 4 or 5 extra inches, then that is too much attention already. Anyway, I am glad to discover that I am not alone in this in the world. Thank you for being open about your own hobby.
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