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  1. What a lovely tradition. Hopefully you will be able to keep it up, if not this summer then next.
  2. I don't think he'll get very far with that...
  3. Ah, I am more on the St Leonards side. To be honest your hazels are probably pretty safe because even with the most ambitious of intentions, by the time I got around to mounting a raid you or the squirrels would probably have cleaned them out!
  4. Indeed! I love hazelnuts! Church in the Wood for blackberries - it's a swap
  5. I'll have a look next time I go up there I know about picking blackberries above a certain height in dog-walking areas, but the ones I picked in Country Park all had fly larvae in them. Nasty. Great tip on the hazel nuts. There are still some good blackberry patches around town. Hollington has some, and nice berries too.
  6. Interesting! I never knew that about apple varieties. I guess in Maine you would get to be an expert on apples. Some wonderful orchards up your way.
  7. Yes crabapple jelly is delicious. My mother used to make it many years ago when I was growing up in the US. She really made an excellent crabapple jelly Funny, I was just up on East Hill a couple of days ago. Was too busy with my cameras to notice any apple trees. I'll have to go back up there. I've already sourced my blackberries. The Country Park has a lot of berries and I have tried picking there but because so many people walk their dogs up there, it has a lot of flies as well and they make the berries pretty nasty.
  8. I love the idea of being completely self sustaining. And I have some of the necessaries to make such a move, but a good many complications too. For now it'll remain a dream. I can cheer you guys from the sidelines.
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