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  1. does not bother me what she wares out.
  2. Thanks to you both again for your time. If she waned to go out in PJ's, would not bother me at all. She would be the one wearing them. I'll keep posting any developments and hopefully not all will be that bad.
  3. I'm, so sorry Rick24, however your response has opend more questions. Would you mind providing a little more detail on this comment? it would help me to understand from anothers point of view. I'm struggling how to deal with this and also be fair at the same time. I start to feel, i wish i could run away and be around people who accept me for me. I do feel my brother has improved even thoe his strong feelings againts, he is laying down some restrictions. Wither that is fair. Kids - In is view, he does not want his kids being picked on at school due to his uncel whears heels. I understand part of that in i dont want no harm to come to them at all. its just a pitty the world is so stuck up its arss. I cant stop thinking about the situration, before the chat with my partner and brother the otherday, i was very happy, lots of confidance with my heels that its taken me ages to build up the confidance to wear my thin heels in public. Something that i have struggled all my life with and now i feel like shit. knowing that i dont really have acceptce to be who i am totally. a Guy who wears heels and wants the same freedom to wear them as girls do without limits / restrictions. i'm 40 and want to enjoy life and be happy. I don't feel i can unless i know the people that mean something to me, accepts me without restrictions / judgment. I don't know if i am being unreaonsable / selfish or if i should just do want i want. I am not hurting anyone. its just shoes....a very nice type of shoe that i so much like and want to wear. Sorry for all the questions.
  4. Thank you so much for your comments. Could i ask for you to to kindly confirm your meaning about You stated" I feel that some of your family members are poking their nose into your business in what you wear and you need to set the record straight with them about it" Do you mean by this that i should not wear my heels around them (keeping it private) or should they be treated as shoes and if they make a issue with it then its down to them to deal with it? My brother is ok with me wearing Chunky heels with a few exceptions "Not to wear them if i have to pick up his kids from School" and where if any of his kids have friends over that does not know about my heels" My hoping was to have total acceptce so i can be myself 24/7 ( if that is fair, i'm not sure) I have been on forums about and seen a post about men controlling a girl in how they dress. for example, if a man told a girl he does not like a low cut top that she wants to wear out, all the responses seem to suggest, that is controlling and all the responses seem to say they would not listen to their partner and tell them to do one. as in its her body and she choses how to dress and her partner should respect that. Its so hard, One part of me says, you live once and you do not know when your time is up so enjoy it while you can. Do what makes you happy while you can. then theres relationships and and family. I know for sure, my brother would not accept me telling him what to do, but it seems ok the other way around (reinforced by my partner) She does not like family fallouts and if i say to him, no this is me, i'm doing ths no matter what, he would say fine, but your own your own. then i would have my partner on my back having ago at me for causing isssues with family.
  5. I think we should be equal, if the girls like Nail Polish and their partner wants to also wear it, why the problem. Double Standards are stupid. girls can wear what ever they like, inc stuff that men wear and that is acceptable to them. but not the other way around.
  6. Its all about the way she feels, she does not feel comfortable with me in heels, she never hardly wears heels, always in flats. She said to me, when people hear my heels they look down at her feet and then relise its me in heels as shes wearing flats. she told me off, as one day she did wear heels and i padded her on the back (like saying well done) I have said to ger, i want to have the ability when we go out, that i decide what i wear, not to be told, you cant wear them. (Block Heels, i am referring to) I said, if there is a reason for me not to wear heels, like safty reasons, then fine, i support that, but being told not to wear heels just for the sake of not weairng heels, is not fair. I want out with my brother for dinener, in my thin heels, and he would not walk with me, held back. when we got to the crossing (roads) he wanted until i crossed before he did. there was 7 of us out walking. My brother thinks its not right for a man to wear heels and 99% of wormen want a mans man not a man who wears heels. I said what if his son wanted to wear heels, he said he would not allow him. My partner and i have had a chat and she knows, how much i love my nails and heels and that there is no way i will give that up. I guess time will tell how it plans out. She said that i can wear my thin heels in public just not with her. However, we have been together for 13/14 years now and in that time, we are hardly apart We work together, we go shopping together. I know if i said i'm going out today so i can whear my thin heels, she would be like, "what am i meant to do then" I also spoke to a close friend about it, he said that he does not care, if i wear heels with him out in public even my thin heels. He said i do have to take other family memebers feelings into consideration. Like if they want like the heels, dont wear them around them etc. But as for the general public, do want makes you happy. ( I do not agree with that, why should i have to please family members) If i said to my brother for example, I'm not going out with you if you wear a black jacket, he will tell me to fuck off. My Partner also said, that she initally thought the heels was a phase and it would pass, and shes reliased that that's not the case.
  7. i do have a quesiton, Shoud you let a partner decide what you wear or not? I'm kind of stuck on this. I also have my nails painted since 2013 (we been togeaher since 2008) we get used to get our nails done together at a solon and when we moved area, we found someone who is really good and comes to our house and does both our nails. The other day, she said to me, I would prefer you not to have your nails done and wear heels, but i know you will not listen to me, she got used to the block heels but refuses to let me wear the thin heels in public with her. She also said that, there will times that she would want me to wear trainers (not any heel) it does annoy me that wormen can wear what they like but seem so controlling when it comes to men. (yet if i said to her, dont wear that, i would be controlling) Example. My Sister-inlaw I asked her whould she let my broher wear heels or have his nails painted if he wanted to and she said NO, no chance. Yet she does what she wants. I said to my partner, if i cannot wear heels when i wish or keep my nails done which i have done non-stop since 2013 then ill be unhappy just to please her. (I have agreed (not happy) not to wear the thin heels) Another issue (kind of) All the family knows about my heels. The oher day, i was out shopping in heels, and my brother invited us over for dinner. His daugher (11) had a new friend other which did not know about my heels so i was told to take them off. my parter said, i would have to walk from the car to my brohers house (20 meters) with no shoes on as i did not have any other shes with me. My stance on that is im an adult why should i go bear foot from the car to his house, like my partner wanted me too. In the end i walked to his house in the heels and took them off at the door step. I do kind of feel, i cannot be my true self fully. Am i being unfair / wrong here?
  8. Thanks for your support and comments
  9. My parter tells me she does not want me to wear the thin heels in public anymore. She said it’s not normal.
  10. They are easy to walk in. now at a pub having breakfast in my heels. doing some serious hour building. I’m gonna ask my mate to video my walk back from breakfast to the car. Should be up in a couple of hours. Here are more videos http://www.pineway.co.uk/vid1.mp4 http://www.pineway.co.uk/vid2.mp4 http://www.pineway.co.uk/vid3.mp4 http://www.pineway.co.uk/vid4.mp4 http://www.pineway.co.uk/vid5.mp4
  11. Here is a video of me leaving family house at night in my heels, https://pineway.co.uk/IMG_4616.MOV
  12. I do like the Trainer Heels with the Jeans. No comments at all yesterday. Today will be fun. Parter and I are going to 4 to 5 large retail shops. Early xmas shopping (excuse to heel) Hopefully all will go without issue as the Kids will all be out today during the week they are mosty at School. update Well I made it 7 hours out in public with my heels. All I heard was a teenager say someone look at that men in heels and that was it.
  13. Thanks everyone for the contined support and kind words. Todays outings was with the below jeans / heels. 1) First ever outing in public alone This was both fun and also a little nervious. my first outing in heels like this even with the classic heel sounds that they make. a) went to the vets to drop off something for one of our cats b) Went to get fuel for the car c) Went to Tesco shopping to pickup some flowers for my partner, she loved them. 2) Pub Meal My Partner, myself and friend went to a pub for lunch 3) Back to the Vets My Partner, myself, went back to the vets to drop off sample from one of our cats All 3 outgings where in the above heels with the show on show as per the pic above. No Comments at all i am actually wanting someone to comment now lol.
  14. One thing that does hold me back a bit, when we go for famly meals with my brother, he complains unless i wear Even then he is always taking the piss. Like "wheres the Dress or Hay sexy" you look stupid, or gay. My parters mum and dad, dont care and have said i can whear my heels (any) when ever, which i am taken back by. i have been to pubs with them. I have a male friend who actually Encourages me to puch my limits and if it was not for him, i would not be so advanced as i am today. A true friend for sure. I'm actually at a point now where i feel so happy that i can be more open and not have to worry so much. Apart from my brother who said im Embarrassing. (he is insecure) i wish he was better. What i do struggle to understand, i have asked some people what they think and they say "why not, or if that what make you happy" it looks good. then you ask them them if your partner wanted to wear heels, what would your response be and they said No. that to me is double standard and they are people pleasers. If i like the look of something i would not care who else wants to do it.
  15. since wearing heels i always thought everyone will notice. wish i had the experence i have now, back in 2017. I got the bug now for sure and the love for heels. Don't think i will be buying any non-heels anymore lol
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