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  1. Me too, more so when its in a very quite place and the only sound is me walking in my heels. lol
  2. Went out for a meal the other day with family and i wore the below heels. Went to go to the loo and the floors are tiles and the path to the loos was right near a few tables where other people was eating etc. My heels made such a nose as i walk on the tiles, i noticed peopels heads turning in my direction looking at my shoes. Made me nervious.
  3. I have watched youtube etc, just thought it would be fun if there was a class.
  4. You will have to send some pictures now
  5. is there such thing as a paid class whereby you get shown how to walk in heels properly?
  6. How often do you wear heels in public? [daily] [weekly] [when ever I can] when ever I go out I’m almost always in heels. Mainly in a 3” chunky heel boots. I do still wear heels at home and when I want to wear my stilettos I find that I really get into the heels more then when i were my chunky heels and find myself finding reasons to go out for a walk.
  7. Good to hear you doing well. Post pictures of your heels
  8. pebblesf How are you getting on in public wearing heels? What shoes/boots are you wearing and do you have the heel very exposed so can be seen?
  9. HiI she is English. I don’t have any experience on how other countries compare to the UK
  10. Just an update to say I’m still wearing and buying new heels. My partner is still against me wearing stiletto heels with her in public. Most other heels are ok. just need to get out on my own now to wear my stilettos. I just seem to be attracted to stilettos more then block heels. So block heels up to my 4” are ok with her in public. stilettos around the house and if I go out on my own.
  11. Ok, So i have been into heels size 2017 and all my family know. When i go out in public, i usually wear a 3" Block Heel, my friend got me to whear the below heel (picture taken today) when i went out to a local Pub for dinner. These are a 3" heel Trainer. I was always way too nervious / shy to wear they type of heel in public. now i have done it, i want to do it again. Got to take my car tomorrow to BMW for a service, I plan on wearing them.
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