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  1. I recall the crucifix 'sculpture'. It was called "Piss Christ," and was done - I believe - by Robert Mapplethorpe. And obviously done to shock, create attention and thrust himself into the news cycle in those pre-Twitter/Instagram days. This looks to be in similar vein. I recall Annie Leibovitz photographing Carl Lewis in red stiletto pumps about 35 years ago, too. Again, the idea of grabbing attention and being talked about...
  2. I’m a big fan of flat knee boots and have several pair which I wear regularly. Love the look and style and warmer feet, ankles and calves in winter
  3. And even if she did look at the viewed section if her story post, that’s no guarantee at all that she then went and looked you up and saw your page.
  4. Don't underestimate the power of the herd - it can crush.
  5. Yes, women borrow from the mens section regularly and with impunity - we half expect it and so while it may look momentarily dd, our brains adjust quickly. Men seldom if ever borrow (publicly) from the women's aisle and so we do not expect to see a man in, say, heels. It looks odd and it is that oddness that jars, not necessarily the look itself.
  6. And this time of year he could easily have been shopping for Christmas presents.
  7. I’ve travelled a bit in the West Country and have never yet heard anyone saying “I seen”. No doubt there are individuals who would use such a construction, but I wouldn't say it was standard usage or anywhere near it.
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