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  1. Don't underestimate the power of the herd - it can crush.
  2. Yes, women borrow from the mens section regularly and with impunity - we half expect it and so while it may look momentarily dd, our brains adjust quickly. Men seldom if ever borrow (publicly) from the women's aisle and so we do not expect to see a man in, say, heels. It looks odd and it is that oddness that jars, not necessarily the look itself.
  3. And this time of year he could easily have been shopping for Christmas presents.
  4. I’ve travelled a bit in the West Country and have never yet heard anyone saying “I seen”. No doubt there are individuals who would use such a construction, but I wouldn't say it was standard usage or anywhere near it.
  5. That certainly is an ignorant usage of the language. I don’t hear that one often, thankfully. I do remember a school bus driver many years ago, when I was a child, who used to say that - shouting “I seen you do that!” - and even then, as kids, this backwoods usage used to make us wince, and laugh.
  6. It was also the era when the Bible first began being translated into English
  7. And yet a lot of words we think of as modern can be found in Shakespeare. Quite a surprising number.
  8. I agree with you. There is a broad slovenliness in the air that manifests itself in all sorts of ways.
  9. It's still pronunciation, not language - just a slovenly construction of 'you all'.
  10. What I hate are the people you see sauntering around in the business class lounge and looking like they just came off the beach....
  11. That’s pronunciation not the language itself
  12. One of the beauties of the English language is it’s enormous palette of words, over a million in all, and the precision with which ideas can be expressed. That is now being dismantled and destroyed by ignorance, laziness, stupidity and political correctness.
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