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  1. i wouldnt ever cut anything off the heels of your ballet boots. instead, add anything from half an inch to three quarters of an inch, ormaybe even one inch to the front of the toe box by gluing a black solid rubber doorstop onto the front of the toe box. this will effectively tilt the whole boot slightly backwards towards the verticle position, and make standing and walking in ballet boots much easier. dont forget to buy two pairs of the purple gel rubber toe pads to wear inside your boots. so much more comfortable.
  2. hi. my name is lenny, and i am a fan of ballet boots. i have a pair if my own, and love to wear them whenever i can. i think they look good on other people as well, particlarly those german models. especially janina. she looks and walks realy great in her ballet heels. i wish i could walk as well as she can and does. best of luck with yours. do you have any of your own. if not are you planning on bying any soon. best wishes lenny.

  3. i have some ballet heeled boots which i just love. i bought them from an english site last year. i wear them as often as i can, but only indoors. its too light outside now. even at night. im really glad i bought them. get yourself some, and learn to walk in them. its great fun. by the way im now a pensioner. so dont worry about your age, just go for it and have some fun. when you a pair come back to me. i have some tips for you about wearing ballet boots to make them comfortable. good luck. hi ther. i bought my ballet boots from an english site called nitelife. they had to get my boots from america, and i bought them last year. they cost £170 from that company, and they are still very wearable. i love walking in mine. even though its still not very easy. stil with a bit more practise i might manage to walk a bit more like those models you see on you tube. with any luck. i bought mine around october to november last year. best of luck with yours. and keep on trying. mine are thigh lengthm with quick laces and zips. i have laced mine up and as i was lacing them i flattened the qiuck lace fixings with a pair of plyers. now all i have to do is put them on and pull up the zips. good luck. dont give up . i havent its just good fun trying all the time. it just gets better each time you try to walk at all. even if you have to hold on to things. just keep in trying. dont cut anything off the heel. just place your boot on a level flat surface, and hold it there. now get something which has a 90 degree angle on it like a hard back book. now offer the back of the book up to the boot, and see how much from the verticle the boot is standing. now slowly tip the boot backwards towards the book. now measure the gap under the front of the boot. note it down on paper. all you have to do now is find something which will fit under that gap and glue it in place to the front of the toe box. preferably black hard rubber. it will stick to the front of your toe box. thats what i did and it works a treat. try it and let me know how you get on.
  4. re new shoes etc. i bought some on tuesday, i had to waite 3 weeks for delivery, but they fianally arrived i was told from america, but when i looked on the soles, it said made in china. now i hope that isnt true. because i have already had one pair of ballet heel boots from china and both of the heels broke in half. these are eight inch thigh high ballet boots, and they cost two thirds of the price of the first pair.the heels seem more robust than the first pair, and they seem to be much stronger and better made than the first pair. so maybe they will last a lot longer than the others. replys to lenny.
  5. hi peachy well done and all that, are you going to stock any of the fabulouse high heel ballet toe range of boots espacially the thigh length ones. how much do you think you might sell them for. let me know i might be interested. please reply to **EDIT** thankyou.
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