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  1. Thanks for the appreciation sleekheels, if I were to go out dressed like this I'd like to be able to visit a restaurant or bar with my partner. Perhaps you're right about having other reservations regarding stepping out in such an enjoyable outfit. I may be using the age card as an excuse. I know I would support anyone else dressing this way but can't seem to find the courage to do it myself. Luvnheels
  2. Thanks Bcup, I'm wearing heavy denier dancer/aerobic tights called slinks. They really shape and smooth your legs.
  3. Hey All Now here's a look I wouldn't mind being able to be seen in, I do wear T-shirts with skirts around the house sometimes, but if I were ever to go out skirted and heeled, this would be the kind of outfit I would like to wear. My new partner is cool with the heels at home and she knows about the skirts, but out and about would be another story. I also feel that at my age I'm a little beyond "Trendsetting"... What do you guys think? Luvnheels
  4. Hi Petey Some nice shoes there mate and glad you've found an understanding woman, they're few and far between. Good to see another Aussie on the site too... Luvnheels
  5. Heard these lyrics from The Who on the radio the other day. Forgot all about this song as I'm usually fairly progressive with my music. Listening to a radio at work... "But I'm a substitute for another guy I look pretty tall but my heels are high The simple things you see are all complicated I look pretty young, but I'm just backdated, yeah" Not sure of the release date but must've been 60's or 70's Luvnheels
  6. Nice look, very masculine. Congrats on yr successful outing, I'll be waiting for the next update in your adventures. My partner accepts my heels but not sure she wants me to go public yet. Good luck...
  7. Personally I think your jeans are just right, not too baggy not too tight. Super snug or skinny jeans on guys just doesn't seem to be a good look to me. Nice heels too by the way...
  8. Getting back to the original topic of the thread, I do housework, cooking and all manner of different things in my heels and yes, doing everyday chores and activities in heels really helps you get well practiced in the art of moving around in them. Especially if you have stairs...
  9. Be good to see this in other mainstream media around the world...
  10. You sure do have a nice figure and great legs...And, you have a way of posing in boots that is so masculine and powerful...Don

  11. Got a little story for you all. I went to my mate Grant’s place last weekend for a few drinks and we went out to see a band (another mate plays in this band), so after the show we went back to Grant’s for a few more drinks and a few laughs. I had planned to stay the night anyway as we were having a bbq for the F1 on Sunday. Naturally I took a couple of pairs of heels with me as Grant is one of my mates who is cool with it all. So I was wearing my black booties on Sunday morning and the first of the other guests arrived, I don’t think he noticed the booties and I ended up getting cold feet (pun intended) and taking them off. A little later a few other guests arrived and it was a normal blokey day, drinking beer and watching the races. Then another friend, Karen arrived. She too knows all about my heels. I told her I had something to show her so I took her inside and showed her my Knee high black boots. She went crazy over them and asked me to put them on for her, which I happily did. Well the beers must have relaxed me a bit ‘coz I just said to Kaz, “You know what? F--k it, I’m keeping them on” So I went back out to the patio in my knee high 5” stiletto heeled boots, covered mostly by my jeans, this was in broad daylight too. I just mixed in with the guys, watching the F1 and having a couple of beers, then I helped Kaz cook the bbq. It took ages for the guys to notice my heels. One guy just kept looking down at my feet then looking away, I could see him from the corner of my eye but I didn’t let on and just kept chatting away as if there was nothing unusual going on. Eventually he followed Grant inside and asked “what’s with the guy in the heels?” Grant just told him that I liked high heel shoes so I wear them, no big deal. Apparently the guy said something like “Oh ok, fair enough.” Another guy didn’t say anything till I had to leave and I took them off to pack up all my stuff. He just shook my hand and said “So where’s the heels, or can’t you drive in them?” We had a big laugh and the last guy said “Mate, I’m just amazed at how well you can walk in them.” I left that gathering feeling absolutely incredible. To have been readily accepted by a small group of guys whom I’d never met before while wearing a pair of 5” heels was awesome. Shoes/boots I wore on the day, (just under regular mens jeans)
  12. Ilk, I'm not trying to start an argument with you but for a man, (like myself), who likes wearing high heels I find your comments very judgemental. If a woman feels beautiful and confident in her footwear of choice then simply let it be exactly that, her choice. Without fear of ridicule or judgement. Personally I can't stand wedges, I have an opinion on them. However I don't plaster that opinion all over this website because this site is meant to be about teaching people to be more accepting of other people's fashion preferences. I think your second last sentence sums it up quite well "Where IS the respect that so many people demand for themselves, yet wish to give none to others" I personally like platforms and you calling them "jackstands'" and preaching your opinion of them isn't going to stop me or anyone else from wearing them if they choose to. No offense meant. Just an opinion.
  13. Hi Guys Bought 2 new pairs of boots recently. Must try to curb the shoe spending a bit.
  14. I have ventured out but only to friends homes for drinks or a bbq. They already know I wear heels, never been to a public venue but my choice if heels us a little different to others. I like platform stilettos with a 5-6" heel, I don't do block or wedge heels.
  15. Hi Everyone Sorry Malinheels, I hadn't even seen your post, The Fiance in question is no longer, and what a relief that is. I used to think I would really struggle without her but since we split I've managed to come in to my own and really enjoy life as the person 'I' was meant to be. Anyway, enough about her. I have since visited those friends of mine independently and as a group in various heels, (all 5 3/4" stilettos as that's what I like to wear). I have also introduced a couple of other friends to myself in heels. There is a guy I jam with who knows about them but had never seen me in them. So, he came over for a jam last week and I answered the door in my Pleaser Bordello Booties. He was cool with it, didn't bother him one bit and we just got on with jamming as normal. He did keep looking at them though and of course asked how I managed to move around so well in them. Then, last weekend I was invited to have a few drinks and pizza with one of my friends, the guy whose house I first wore my heels to. This time we were going to his new girlfriends place. I already know her and the story of them getting together is quite complex so I won't bother with the details here. She also knew about my heels but had never seen me in them. Now this is a lady who loves her stilettos, I think I've only ever seen her once in a pair of flats, ever. So I wore my 5 3/4" bright red patent Bordello Platforms with regular men's jeans and a nice T. Now this is the coolest thing, she answered the door, said hi , gave me a peck on the cheek and asked me in. I followed her into the kitchen where my mate was, he came over to shake my hand and said something like "Bloody hell, I knew you'd wear something". It was then and only then that she actually looked down at my feet and saw my shoes. She'd never even noticed them until he pointed them out, Bright red, 5 3/4" stiletto, unnoticed in a one on one situation. Of course she want gaga over them, was insanely jealous that I'd found and owned a pair of bright red patent pumps with a higher heel than hers. She was also impressed at my heeling ability, even on the ceramic tiles in her kitchen/dining area. I had to take one off and show her, she loved them and wanted to know where I got them. I told her all about my favourite online shoe shop (run from my city and I'm now friends with the proprietor), and we started talking all things heels. So my mate then said " tell you what, I'm gonna leave you two with it for a couple of minutes while I go get the pizza. Lol. Long story short, we drank wine, ate pizza, talked about life, the world and every other normal thing. Just like it should be. It was a great and memorable night. Luvnheels
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