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  1. Two of my latest purchases. Nothing special but very easy to walkin.
  2. The first photo is again of the nine west with jeans. I like the look. The other photos are just something I put on one afternoon. The bottom 2 are from Diana Ferrari Feedback is always welcome.
  3. Thanks. I do like those heels. My preferred pair at the moment. Will be buying the same style in a different colour. They are by Nine West.
  4. Just a few of the shoes I wear down under.
  5. Wish I knew more about this site.  I love all the guys in heels.  I wish it would become the every day thing.

    1. zepan


      Maybe one day it might happen. We all can wish.

    2. Lawrence


      Or we could just start wearing heels and make a statement to folks that heels look good on men as well!!!!

  6. I'd love to have my feet in any one of your fab pics.  I so love the way heels feel and sound.  I wish I could be in them 24/7

    Kraz If I were you I would alternate through all the heels you have during this time and enjoy them all!!

    1. zepan


      I hear what you are saying Lawrence, I feel the same way.


    2. Lawrence


      At present I only have 3 pair.  One is a strappy open toed pink glitter 4"heel that pinches my right pinky toe so bad that I can only wear them short periods, a pair of bone white 4" wedge heels that are very easy to walk in but sort of clunky.  Still quite fem though.  And my favorite pair  black 3" rounded closed toe heels that I could wear all the time if my wife would just understand.  I go en fem under my outer clothes from the waist down 24/7 with the exception of heels.

    3. Lawrence


      Oh do you like my little pic?

  7. I'm now working in the city so it makes it easier to catch up. Look forward to catching up Mm
  8. If anybody is Visiting Sydney drop me a line. I'm always happy to catch up with anybody.
  9. they look nice. Look forward to seeing some more photos. MM
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