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  1. I think there are larger sizes for women these days. I'm a ladies 9.5. I like 70s shoes, and find it very hard to find old 9 and 10s out there, and the shoes were very narrow. Easier to find 11 and 12s now.
  2. Famolare shoes! Get-up wedges. What do you think? Cool or ugly. Perfect nurses shoes if they were white.
  3. Platform boots I bought. Not sure of the brand, but they're made in canada. Real 70s platform boots are getting real hard to come by.
  4. I bought these famolare boots online. Made in 1970! New wedge boots! Hanna boots from 1976! Old Canadian shoe company that is no longer in business. Platform boot collection
  5. For sure. Live for you. God forbid if there was two of me.
  6. Well, it's never happened to me personally. Being transsexual, I'm sure some people know. Or do I just blend in. Women will come up to me and tell me I'm beautiful. It is because I'm beautiful and trans, or just beautiful. Any advise I could give, is wear whatever you want. But expect some negative attention, just like women experience. People stare because the uniqueness or jealousy.
  7. Curt


    Well, I was in le chateau with friends. And thought, let's see if I could pull off a black gown! Any other ladies try one on, or the guys? catherine.
  8. Has anyone here tried going vegan. I eat vegan for the most part when I cook at home. Still learning. Having fun with it.
  9. I used to collect beer bottle caps when I was young, but somehow grew out of it.
  10. I bought a new pair of heels. Fluevog Neptune. Mine are in black, but I cut off the fins above the heel. Just too much. But I think they are stunning!
  11. I wear 3 to 4" heels every day. For me, no sense in hopping around. I would rather be more graceful.
  12. Well, I think it's refreshing that's some guys want to put some effort into your presentation. It's not just for us ladies, I think everybody should care enough about themselves to look nice and approachable. I'm all for it. Why should women have all the fun. More power to you. Us ladies stole all from the male wordrobe throughout history. Time for the guys to take a little back. Catherine.
  13. Curt

    Heels on stage

    Thanks! It took awhile.
  14. Curt

    Heels on stage

    Of course! She was too cool for school. I see her not only as a fashion icon, but as a strong woman. I'm sure we all get Inspirations from others, but we can also get bits and pieces of it, and find our own style. For me, I've always loved knee high boots with dresses. its very interesting. Should the guitar match the boots? I'm not sure. But j think it would be a great idea.
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