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  1. If anyone out there in Melbourne wants a meet up, I’d be up for it.
  2. Black Leather Thigh High Platform Boots w/ 7.5" heel made by Skyscrapers. I ordered these years ago, ordered a size 9UK, and they sent me a 9.5UK. I should've sent them back but didn't any they've been sitting in their box ever since. Boots are new as you can see. They are unworn and unmarked. Asking price is $180US / $225 AUS / €154 plus Shipping . I will only send registered, express or courier. Any questions, feel free to contact me
  3. These are the boots I've been eyeing off for weeks now. Are they ok to walk in?
  4. Hello if anyone has a pair of pleaser Bondgirl 2048 boots in a sz11 us or knows where I can get a pair, please let me know. Cheers
  5. Im in Melb. i dont really crossdress so much but my love for high heel boots is paramount. Happy to discuss with anyone who is like/open minded
  6. Your boots are amazing, sure wish I could handle such beautiful heels...Don

  7. Anyone know the make and model of the boots shown in the article?
  8. Metal ranges from Sabbath/Judas Priest to Metallica/Mercyful Fate/Bathory to Cannibal Corpse/Autopsy to Immortal/Darkthrone and Profanatica. atm ive been listening to heaps of Alice Cooper.....ive always been a huge cooper fan but lately ive been listening to his early 80's albums a lot. The attraction to LPs started when i was very young....i guess im obssessed with them because i like the sound they give, the way they look, the gimmicks they can have (coulored Vinyl and so on) and the larger artwork. I like the fact that you MUST look after them properly to maintain quality sound....and it's fun to clean them and soo on......at least i think it is anyways...
  9. Name: Vince Age: 29 Gender: Male Location: Australia Occupation: Sales Height: 5"9"?? Weight:90 kg Shoe size: 42 EUR What's your favourite heel style: Stilleto What's your favourite shoe style: boots Do you wear your heels outside: yes What is: (a) Your favourite heel height: 7 inchs ( Your highest heel height: 7 inchs How often do you wear: (a) Your favourite heel height: Occasionally ( Your highest heel height: Occasionally Do you wear socks, hose, stockings or bare feet with your shoes: Socks Anything else you wish to add:
  10. +1 I'm very interested to know how much these boots cost
  11. Just saying Hi to everyone here. High Heeled Boots (Stiletto's and Platforms) have been driving me wild since Batman Returns came out in 1992. I love Fetish Boots with 5.5"+ Heels. Im aiming to buy a pair of Black Leather Thigh Highs with 7" Heel + 2" Platform....to me those boots exude Power and Confidence...I love my Music (Metal especially), Video Games, PC's, Vinyl LPs and Movies. If anyone in Melb has the same interests let me know:wave:
  12. lowest have is 5.5"...i typically wear 5.5"-6" in public......7"-8" at fetish events....
  13. im a us 10 or 11. I usually get away with 10 but if i had my way id be a 9. 9 would be so much easier for buy for...
  14. ive worn heels in public many times and even though if anyone has said anything to me about them they have been compliments, i still worry about negative comments... But so far so good... but keep in mind all the heels ive worn have been platform boots...never had the guts to wear stiletto boots in public except for the fetish events ive attended...
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