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  1. Down here in Australia things are pretty surreal. I can't wrap my head around the whole Toilet Paper thing. That video some of you may have seen with 3 women brawling over a pack of toilet paper happened over in Sydney. People are panic buying 'just because'. That is literally some of their responses. I lined up at 7AM this morning just to grab some essentials like Bread, Milk, etc and I could see some people (ever so slowly) move and elderly persons trolley out of the way so she could get in first. As Charles Heston would say, "It's a Madhouse, a madhouse" Personally I'm not buying into the mass hysteria the media is perpetuating, but I'm also not sweeping this under the rug either. CV is a real thing and it needs to be dealt with seriously. I'm sure we will all get through this one way or another. I just wish the media would get their shit together and report actual facts so at least everyone can be on the same page as to how the virus is affecting us and how to deal with it. I was going to wear my Dr Martens high heel boots this morning but I knew I was going to buy a box of coke cans today (which luckily there is plenty of hehe) and carrying heavy object in heels can be quite the task at times. Has anybody else here noticed that?
  2. Oh wow. That's a blast from the past. Would you believe I still have catalogs from them that are from the late 90's/early 2000's. They made quality stuff. I bought a pair of 7" Lace Up Knee High Boots in (real) patent leather from Tony Shoes back then and they're still alive today.
  3. I like how you've worded that. It's exact what I do and how I feel in regards to wearing heels. I have worn skirts w/opaque leggings underneath in the past with my boots, but only at fetish events. And even so, I've only worn a skirt with certain boots I have as they don't look or feel good over jeans.
  4. Oh they're nice. Which boots are they?
  5. @mlroseplant In all fairness, it’s not everyday you see a guy wearing a pair of boots like this. I wore them over black skinny jeans, black shirt and a black jacket. If someone assumes I’m gay or whatever just by seeing me in heels, I don’t think it’s in a negative way. But that’s only happened once to me so far. All the other times anyone has said anything to me it’s been compliments.
  6. Yeah I used to that too. Wear only block heeled boots. But eventually I got so frustrated One day I said “fuck this” and stepped out in my pair of Barley Overknee Stiletto Boots. I had this amazing beautiful woman approach me and literally drag me out on the dance floor and complimented me on my boots. Later on we went outside and then she hit me with all of her questions, as I was expecting. She assumed I was Gay and looked very puzzled at first when I told her I was straight. I remember Her response was “then why are you wearing those boots if you’re straight?” To which I answered With a cheeky grin “ because I wear whatever the fuck I want. I’m over society telling me what I can and can’t wear”. That night I got her number I’ll never forget her because she gave me the validation and assurance I so sorely needed that night. I remember My mindset was “if anyone gives me shit they’ll end up in a world of hurt” but deep down, I was petrified. So I totally understand the guys in this forum that love their heels, and desperately want to wear them out without any hassles just like women do, but can’t because they’re not ready. All I can say is, for me, I just wear them like I would a pair of sneakers. They’re just shoes. I don’t pay my boots any more attention Then I would my dr martens. When I do that, most people don’t even notice what I’m wearing. And for the ones that do, 99% of them have been women and they usually pay me a compliment. Once you get over that fear, it’s all good.
  7. Jeans and Boots. I’ve always loved that combination. That’s how I wear my heels out, although I only wear heeled boots, I don’t do shoes. I think the heel highest I’ve worn out in public is 7” and fetish events would be 8”. I must admit, never have a received a negative comment from anyone. Took me years to get the confidence I have now when it comes to my boots. But better late then never I guess.
  8. If anyone out there in Melbourne wants a meet up, I’d be up for it.
  9. Black Leather Thigh High Platform Boots w/ 7.5" heel made by Skyscrapers. I ordered these years ago, ordered a size 9UK, and they sent me a 9.5UK. I should've sent them back but didn't any they've been sitting in their box ever since. Boots are new as you can see. They are unworn and unmarked. Asking price is $180US / $225 AUS / €154 plus Shipping . I will only send registered, express or courier. Any questions, feel free to contact me
  10. These are the boots I've been eyeing off for weeks now. Are they ok to walk in?
  11. Hello if anyone has a pair of pleaser Bondgirl 2048 boots in a sz11 us or knows where I can get a pair, please let me know. Cheers
  12. Im in Melb. i dont really crossdress so much but my love for high heel boots is paramount. Happy to discuss with anyone who is like/open minded
  13. Your boots are amazing, sure wish I could handle such beautiful heels...Don

  14. Anyone know the make and model of the boots shown in the article?
  15. Metal ranges from Sabbath/Judas Priest to Metallica/Mercyful Fate/Bathory to Cannibal Corpse/Autopsy to Immortal/Darkthrone and Profanatica. atm ive been listening to heaps of Alice Cooper.....ive always been a huge cooper fan but lately ive been listening to his early 80's albums a lot. The attraction to LPs started when i was very young....i guess im obssessed with them because i like the sound they give, the way they look, the gimmicks they can have (coulored Vinyl and so on) and the larger artwork. I like the fact that you MUST look after them properly to maintain quality sound....and it's fun to clean them and soo on......at least i think it is anyways...
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