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  1. Collection and pics from down under

    Amazing styling as always @Sydheel
  2. Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    Hey @CAT nice outfit, specially the boots. What make are they? They look like a really good fit. Shoe part doesn't look like it's bulging. Would love a pair!!!
  3. Bebe Black Suede Thigh Boots(US10)

    Okay, let's do business!
  4. Bebe Black Suede Thigh Boots(US10)

    Hi, can you model them, also something I should have asked before do they run true to size, thanks
  5. Bebe Black Suede Thigh Boots(US10)

    I'll take them for AUD$80
  6. Bebe Black Suede Thigh Boots(US10)

    Hi, just wanted to know how tall is the shaft and is it USD, thanks
  7. Collection and pics from down under

    If you're selling any boots send me a link,cgeers
  8. AUD$70 including shipping
  9. Brown Suede Platform Laces Booties size US12

    AUD$70 including shipping
  10. Progress from another Downunder

    I'm working on it, just wish they had them in leather, I like the sturdy and strong material. The suede finish is alright, it's just not that strong especially for fast walking and spending hours with them. They wobble a bit which makes me cautious of how walk and I don't want to be thinking too much about them because that just destroys the experience and feeling of boots, if you know what I mean!
  11. Progress from another Downunder

    Correct me if I'm wrong, are they the pair that'll be right at the front of the store? I last saw them priced at $220, don't know if they'll ever put them on sale. I usually try to avoid running into the ladies that work in the store and play around the back where they've got the 41s and 42s. I'd get these if they came in a leather finish!
  12. Collection and pics from down under

    Hey @Sydheel. Nice boots and jeans, what brand are they
  13. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Nice boots, look very comfortable! What brand are these beautiful shoes? Might grab a pair!!
  14. Chicago Shoe Store Reaches Out

    Hi, just wanted to know what brand, I've seen similar shoes but those look really good on you.