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    I visited my PO Box at the post office this afternoon. A woman walking the other way looked down at my heels as she passed and said, "I have those in black," and kept going. Soda Agenda in burgundy with Express Denim Perfect Lift leggings 10 Short.
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    Small update: This week I again wore my Sorel Lexie wedges with my skinny jeans to really showcase the wedge. I had one coworker ask if my shoes had a heel/wedge to which I replied yes. The conversation progressed and it turns out she loves heels, but always found them painful when she'd try them out. I had a discussion about fit, materials, stretching, etc. to try and let her know that heels do exist that she can wear and enjoy. I told her we could talk more sometime about it and she responded with an excited 'yes.' That day, some of the mechanics in the shop finally noticed, which for some reason I had been dreading. However, even if they thought it odd, made a joke amongst themselves about it, nothing negative was directed toward me. I was nervous and overthought about their reactions for a bit, but I had work to do, so it subsided. My immediate team, while it's likely they've all finally noticed, still hasn't made any comments/remarks. On Friday, I sort of tried to push the envelope again and step out of my comfort zone. I've worn my Naturalizer ankle boots to work before, but I usually change out of them before the day really gets going and I have to start moving around, interacting with others. This Friday however, I said the heck with it, I'll try to see how long I can last. I left them on until lunch and during that time, if anyone noticed, no one gave a reaction. After lunch, I slipped them back on, and proceeded through the rest of the day without any inkling of a comment, laugh, awkward glance, etc. I must say that while I had them on the majority/remainder of the day, the office was light on staff as it was winding down, and I didn't cross paths with many people. Either way, these were small pushes to further get myself into where I want to be, and feel most like myself. As an aside, I had passed 300 followers on Instagram, which isn't much by any means, but I was surprised that my posts have garnered support. I put together 4 different outfits, and am curious what you all think.
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    It's never really happened to me, at least not to that extent, but I did once have a guy purposefully flag me down while I was walking, and he was in a car. It was early in the morning several years ago, in the summer. I know it was summer because I was wearing shorts (and heels) and the sun had already risen. I know it was a Sunday because this guy was obviously delivering the Sunday newspaper. I can't remember the exact circumstances, but he went out of his way to catch up with me, rolled down his window and said something to the effect of wow, you have fantastic legs and how do you even walk in those heels. Me being me, and not really reacting vigorously to anything until 30 seconds after the fact, said simply that it was a matter of practice. I'm still not sure to this day what he really wanted, if anything, but I must not have seemed too interesting, because he didn't bug me for more than about 30 seconds, then he went back to his work. I've been followed by teenaged girls on several occasions, but I certainly didn't feel threatened by them. My thought about all this is that we men do not really know what it feels like to be a woman out there in the world, except some of us kind of do, even if it's later in our lives. I've never truly felt threatened while wearing heels, but maybe that's my own arrogance, thinking that I'm secretly a tough guy. We here at HHP often lament the fact that women can wear whatever they want and nobody cares, but I have often contemplated the "what if" scenarios if I were a woman. I have come to the conclusion that if I were a woman, and I wore what I wanted to wear, I would still get unwanted attention, only the attention would just be of a different flavor.
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    Don’t let the woke crowd spoil anything. Their fads will come and go. The history of HHP shows that men and heels have been around much longer than the woke crowd. Such is the irony of the latest “woke” crowd. While they were sleeping, we’ve been awake this whole time.
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    This just feels like hot woke crap, no it is hot woke crap.They're not celebrating men in heels because we like to wear heels, they're celebrating breaking down the Patriarchy (tm), tearing down masculinity and of course the alphabet people. Because normal men (as in non-alphabet people) can drop dead as far as the woke crowd is concerned. Having these cretins embrace us is like having to sit on the lap of that creepy uncle whose touch reviles you and with whom you most definitely don't want to be in the same room with alone. If these people said the Earth was round I would immediately become a flat-Earther. And if these people embrace men in heels they make me want to ditch my heels altogether. Same favors or acceptance comes at too high a cost, and this one of them. Stay awake from the woke crowd, for they eat their own the moment one of them steps out of line.
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    w6ish : Good for you. This adventure is a perfect example as to why I wear high heels in public every day, all day long. ONLY at my age I can not claim to be all that hot. spikesmike.
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    Happy new year to everyone! I rarely post here, but I just had to share this great story. I live in Las Vegas, and if you've ever been here you know it's a great place to wear heels out and about without drawing unwanted attention. At least in the tourist areas it is; that's where l go out in my stilettos and higher chunky heels, anyway. So on to the story: I was doing some Christmas shopping in Walmart one evening and stepped out of the main aisle to check my list. It must have been his height that caught my eye, because a few racks over was a tall, thin guy and a woman going thru the clothes. He was really tall, and as he rounded the rack I could see why: 4 inch black suede stiletto lace up ankle boots! He and his friend chatted and shopped thru the racks and then moved on down the aisle, his heels clicking away. I am not alone, I said to myself (although I was wearing flat riding boots at the time, not heels). Then the very next day as I was leaving the grocery store a gentleman wearing sparkly wedge flip flops passed me in the doorway. Been here 5 years and have never seen any guys in heels, then 2 within 24 hours. So cool.
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    Nice going @KneeBooted I'd say #1 for the more casual day to day look, and #2 for the more dressy going out option.
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    I must say that this outfit looks incredible on you! I've contemplated the idea of a handbag/purse in the past, but haven't found a need or use for it yet. Well done
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    @Bootslover29 - I really like the different looks above. I love the pop of color with your outfit choice for your flight. That's a guaranteed way to make sure your boots get noticed! @p1ng74 - I must say I am envious of your slim figure. While I don't know that I'd ever wear a piece such as that, you do pull it off quite nicely! It looks great paired with the rest of your outfit that you chose.
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    Thank you for clarifying that. And looking back through the thread, yes you did, in fact, say you had no objection to the color. I missed that, and I'm somewhat embarrassed that I did.
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    I wasn't focussing on the colour at all, but the style. The colour's irrelevant. Indeed, I specifically said I had no objection to the colour, or to the colour pink in general but that I had every objection to its style. The coat - in its styling - reminds me of a horse blanket. It doesn't make any difference whether one would or would not make a horse blanket in hot pink. That's irrelevant. The styling of that coat reminds me of one, and is just about as appealing to wear.
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    I managed to squeeze two sets of pictures in one post! First up is my new House of Harlow "Nelly Kitty" oxford-esque shoes. I won't call them true oxfords because first of all, they are derby/Gibson style lacing, and second, although the laces are actually functional, they are made of leather, and aren't really meant to be tied and untied constantly, hence the zip in the back. I will not call them a bootie either, because they clearly expose my entire ankle, and do not have any more foot coverage than a normal men's dress shoe. So "oxford-esque" will have to do. I got these on Poshmark for $40 plus shipping. They had been on there forever, so the seller was willing to take a lower price. They arrived almost over-packaged, and they are super nice! The leather is very soft, but I am not sure what color they are. They're not tan, they're not brown, they're not taupe, they're a sort of milky, darker neutral color. They have 5 5/8" heels with 1 1/8" platforms with brass plate detailing. I have done a little research into these shoes, and, not surprisingly, the model is quite dated, namely 2011. It seems they originally sold for $295. I haven't worn them outside yet, and I probably won't anytime soon, because our weather is pretty lousy right now, being snowy with temperatures hovering around freezing, making for a yucky, slushy experience. My second pair of shoes is an old favorite of mine, the Steve Madden Crunk. Another outdated model from at least as far back as 2008, at least according to the reviews on Amazon I found, this is my third pair of Crunks. The first pair I completely wore out, and I managed to find another black pair on Poshmark to replace it. I have been looking for a tan pair for years, and I finally found it, again on Poshmark. I've been Poshing it a lot lately. I paid $30 it, and I think that's fair, given the shoes' good condition and the fact that I have sought them for so long (but the seller doesn't know that). 4 3/4" heel, 1" platform, I wear these things all the time, both around the house and out to run errands. I don't know that I would choose them for an all-day trip to Disneyland or anything, but they are perfectly fine for beating around town in.
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    You are very diligent with your nails AND your heels. And the SF Giants. So, you're my pal Keep up the great, and elevated, work you do. HinH
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    It’s a fun idea, and perhaps we get a tiny step closer with each meetup with each other. @spikesmike and I met up tonight. It’s too cold for wearing this dress but these are the heels I had on. Not that anyone would think anything unusual about it compared to what @spikesmike was wearing!
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    In most of the photos I post, I'm standing in front of a door. It's because I have set up a place I can just put my DSLR down with it's timer and take a picture before going off to work. No tripod needed, no time setting up stuff or the "shot." And no mirror required. I have been documenting parts of my life: what I wear, my finger nail art, toe nail art, and, of course, my heels. I don't know what I will be doing with this material yet. Lately I have been taking pictures of my pants as I have been adding a few new styles to my wardrobe in an effort to show my heels and wear my knee highs on the outside. And at one point in my life I was a Marketing Director.
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    Inspiring choice of cloths! Looks good!
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    Got some new boot 2 days ago by mail. If got these type of heels as sandal, slipper, boot, and bootie and now as knee high boot as well: These type of shoes are surprisingly god at walking. Facts (as requested some threads ago): heel: 18cm plateau: 2cm Size: EU 43
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    You guys worry to much. You are supposed to post pics like many young women do. You know, bedroom pics with dirty underwear and clothing strewn all over plus dirty dishes and take out boxes.
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    Boot adventures: I attended a conference back in October and decided to have some fun with it. Day 1 was all business but I noticed 98% of the participants were professional women of all ages. I was one of a dozen men and so on Day 2 I wore my super tight stretch jeans, a black t shirt and my black Cupid boots with all 6 inches of the heel showing! Hiding nothing I guess you could say. Needless to say that super sexy look caused quite a fuss with the ladies...
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    That’s a nice explanation. As a maverick I like it.
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    Love the boots and love the way you’re styling them, i would happily wear any of those combinations any time any where
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    Looking really good there mate

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