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    I thought I'd open a new thread about conversing with ones children about our heels - based on a short dialog recently in @mlroseplant's thread, as well as a comment made by one of my daughters this week. Feel free to jump in with comments, thoughts and stories. So yesterday, we were doing some clothes shopping for the family - me, my wife and the girls. After my wife tried on some low heeled sandals she saw and liked (but didn't get!), the one daughter (age 12) asked her if she (the daughter) can start wearing heels, to which my wife replied an immediate "NO!" - which I approved of Way too early in my opinion too! Anyway, then the daughter proceeded to say to me quietly that its not fair, because my wife has all these high heels under my bed and doesn't wear them!! Little does she know... I consoled her, and thought to myself, that no doubt, her heeling time will come too - but she certainly ain't starting with my 4" heels
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    I (we) have daughters that are now all growed up with their own kids. Since before the kids and wife, I have worn gals flat sandals and heels. When the kids showed up nothing much changed. I did decide NOT to wear (higher) heels around the girls and their friends, I did not want them to be made fun of at school. However, I did and still wear low heels, less than one inch, around them. They were aware that I wear high heels and saw my sandals around the house all the time. Once my youngest asked me (when the wife was present) why does daddy wear high heels? I just told her that those are daddy's shoes and he likes them. The subject never came up again. For our family, daddy's heels were just was something that was aways around and it never really became an issue. For us, we did not make a big deal out of it and it worked out well.... sf
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    hiddenheels, You've received some good advice here but that's the purpose of a site like this one. I think each of us has gone through some sort of mental process to figure it out until many of us realised we weren't doing anything wrong and just decided to "get on with it" as many would say in the U.K. Get on with enjoying your life and not limiting yourself by artificial restraints. I bought my first heels in 1978 in a Kresge store going out of business and have been buying heels nearly exclusively in-person at store like Macys, Nordstrom Rack, Bakers (when it was around) , Aldo, and Charlotte Russe since 2009 and have never had a bad reaction. Over time I started wearing heels into these same stores and got better service than ever. The visual of a man in heels sends a message that the world needs to reckon with you on your terms. This is the essence of enjoying life while you have the health, imagination, and money to do it. What fuels your ability to walk out that door and demand to be counted is confidence. Experience is gathered over a period of time by living and doing. Knowledge is gathered by living, doing, and learning and confidence is fusing all of this together to achieve your goals. It's an equation really; Experience=Knowledge, Knowledge = Confidence, and Confidence = Success. Success cannot be achieved without any of these prior ingredients. You have the desire and the creativity but just need to light the torch and ignite your confidence. Human beings with abundant confidence are virtual blast furnaces of energy and optimism and they invariably inspire others to do the same. I have met some of our members so I know it's true. I hope this is helpful for you. You're in the right place my friend. HappyinHeels
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    I'll carry a handbag if I need to which tends to match my wedges, boots, or pumps that I'm wearing that day. HinH
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    I sometimes wonder what kind of dad I'd be to a daughter. Since I don't have one, I guess I'll never know. I suppose it would mainly depend upon the wife. My older son's mother was a bit of a helicopter parent, and certainly wouldn't allow him to do anything even marginally risky until he was nearly in high school. My younger son's mother (my wife) is pretty much the opposite. My younger son made it through infancy playing with scissors, plastic bags, and 5 gallon buckets that had a little bit of water in the bottom of them. He was mowing the lawn by the time he was 5. So if I had a daughter, I suppose I would probably let her wear heels at age 12. Then again, I suppose it depends on the kid. One of my younger son's friends is basically a walking disaster. She'd probably break her ankle within a week if she got anywhere near heels. Cute story, and good answer! I have not worn heels to a parent-teacher conference for a couple years. The main reason is because I know my wife likes it better. She's willing to put up with some slightly girly shorts with some slightly girly flat sandals, though. When we go to a school concert or other after-hours event, I'll always wear heels. No one has ever questioned or commented.
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    When my daughter was 7- 9 years of age , she asked my wife why she has some size 8 and some size 12 shoes . My wife told her some were Daddy's and left it at that . I did catch my daughter trying to walk around the house in mine once . My wife asked if it would be okay to find her some small heels in her size . She did find some low heels cheap at the secondhand shop in town . She wore them around the house and by the time she had outgrown them it was time for her own pair of heels 21/2 " area or a little lower . My son on the other hand wanted to see if he liked wearing heels around the age of 12 and wore a pair . He decided it was not his thing after a few weeks . We never made a big deal of it or tried to hide it from them . The only person in the family that makes a big deal of me wearing heels , my oldest sibling she wears ugly shoes anyway and I told her that many times ! My wife and I decided long before the children were born we would never make a big deal of my heels and they don't either . I think looking back we made the right decision . This is kinda funny , one of my daughter's teachers at a parent teacher conference did look to see if I was wearing heels . I asked her what she was looking for and she said my daughter said I wore heels . I simply replied "only on special occasions" . She got a chuckle and we finished our conference .
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    I carry a cross body bag when I wear leggings and skinny jeans. I have no problem at all with that and get some compliments on my Vera Bradley bags with my initials embroidered on the bag. The bags were gifts from my daughter, who said if your going to carry a bag dad, you have to do in style! And I do carry a cross body bag when wearing men's pants and my heels, too. I also like carrying wristlet bag. Happy Heeling, bluejay
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    I glad I past that point. My youngest is 26. She knows I wear heels and color my nails. She is not thrilled that I wear heels all the time, but she has stopped complaining about it. She use to also complain that I color my nails, but she and my Ex liked my nail colors so much that they got the same ones for themselves.
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    I don't have a story here, but your story is awesome!
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    haha, noticed my wording, "these guys" for a pair of 5" heels ... :)
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    You, like many of us, have fallen victim to the underlying subliminal messages that society loves to dump on us. There is nothing wrong with wearing heels wherever you feel comfortable doing so... We have all done similar things, wearing heels at night, at secluded areas, etc. We do this because we are nervous about wearing our heels publicly, but desperately want to wear them out of the confines of our homes.. Ground surface is a major concern for me when wearing my boots. Jagged sidewalks, tile/sippery floor surfaces, all spell trouble for heel wearing. Carpeted or hard surfaces that are not slick are best. Malls, coffee shops are good options. The important thing is to only wear heels that you can handle with confidence, slipping/stumbling/taking very short strides all attract unwanted attention. Just remember that you are not "out of place", if you are comfortable and feel you look good. Don't let society get the best of you by using words like "deviant".
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    It's been a while... August was busy, both in terms of "life" and "heeling". Found time to go to the movies once, in 4" block heels, dark jeans, it wasn't busy so noone cared. I was loving it. Have also bought some nice shoes along the way. Recently bought a nice pair of boots, 4" heel, but 1" soles which are a bit thick. Aside from the heels, they could pass for guys shoes. Of all places, Walmart, as I accidentally saw them. Very comfortable, barely can feel the lift, and they almost feel like regular guys shoes. I got so excited about the boots that I went to a coffee shop to do my work wearing them. The outfit I think worked beautifully: loose hanging dress shirt, white t-shirt, light coloured jeans, and light-brown boots. Walking I doubt the heels were noticeable, but when sitting I'm sure the entire thing showed. I was a bit nervous but my goal right now is to find a comfortable pair of heeled boots that I can easily walk in, and try to wear it outside as much as possible. I'm sure people notice that they're heels. My goal is to get used to being outside wearing heels, but not worrying about feeling physically uncomfortable, or tripping someplace, or walking weird, etc. Once I'm comfortable being out and about, then I'll experiment, wear higher heels, or stilettos.
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    I have been lazy this summer. I have always said that wearing very high heels successfully is like doing ballet or playing an instrument. If you don't practice, and practice efficiently and effectively every day, you lose something. I re-discovered this yesterday. It's not that I haven't worn heels this summer, but I've not walked very far in them, and typically my heel choices have been low-ish (for me) wedges. So when it came time to break out the truly high heels again, I should have thought my shoe choice out a little better. I was drafted to fill in for some instrumentalists in a couple of different church bands who were out for various reasons, and I wound up playing three services, which meant I was on my feet, standing mostly in one spot, for five hours. There have been times in my life when I wouldn't have thought twice about wearing my Nine West Plantera loafer pumps anywhere for all day. However, I'm not in high heel shape like I was. It wasn't really painful, but I was ready to get out of them by the time I got back home. My feet were really tired.
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    Nice! Cool that you both can share your affinity for heels. I’m the main heel-wearer in my family, due to some medical things for my wife, but at least she hasn’t made me get rid of them! Happy Hallow-heeling to you both! My new boots from Shoedazzle, with women’s skinny jeans . . . and with men’s.
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    Awesome heels !!! Awesome that your BF has a matching pair. My Gf and I have many matching heels (and outfits!)not just for Halloween!!!!!

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