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  1. This is my winning outfit for the morning


  2. Went with the super-leopard look this morning


    1. bambam


      Dude, your butt looks awesome

    2. TKHeels


      not exactly my intent, but thanks.

  3. TKHeels

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    That’s what I thought. Agreed
  4. TKHeels

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Just got these in. Not sure if I like the look with women’s skinny jeans or men’s better. What do you think?
  5. New boots today.  Men’s slim jeans this time.


  6. Paired the boots with my jeans and a burgundy top this morning


  7. (this morning . . .)

    now this outfit IS for school drop off . . .(probably my favorite to wear, too)


  8. Just doing mundane stuff usually, driving, checking the PO Box in off peak hours, walking around outside when I’m reasonably certain my chances of human contact are 10% or less, etc. I do wear my women’s skinny jeans to grocery store and things like that though, with sneakers. I’m in military still so I’m not quite as adventurous as I would be, say, in 2 1/2 years or so when I retire, oh and I’ll wear my women’s leggings/tights to go running in the morning without the obligatory shorts-cover that most men feel they have to do when wearing running tights
  9. my go-to heels this morning


    1. jeremy1986


      School dropoff?

    2. TKHeels


      Not this time.  Just some me-time

  10. my go-to this morning . . .
  11. Morning school drop-off complete . . .



    1. jeremy1986


      You certainly rock drop off!!!!

    2. tarapt1060


      Stunning look, Thats the Wow factor big time

  12. Outfit of choice this morning to drive my son out to the bus stop.


    1. jeremy1986


      Looks like it was a fun ride!  For you anyway ;-) 

  13. This is what I wore when I drove my son to school this morning.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TKHeels


      He is a bit unobservant, always sits in the back, behind the driver so he doesn’t really notice me, and no, there was no need to get out of the car; however, I didn’t have any other clothes or shoes with me, so if I had to have gotten out, that’s what I would have been wearing.  I take it back, the other shoes I had with me were a pair of my new otk boots in the trunk . . .( and yes, he knows I have heels and doesn’t seem to care)

    3. jeremy1986


      Good for you!! 
      Is he a carefree teen who couldn't be bothered... or a youngster who cant get his head out of his smartphone to notice ;-) 

    4. TKHeels


      @jeremy1986probably both, lol!

  14. Happy Holidays! from my closet to yours . . .
  15. TKHeels

    My wife and my heels

    Hi chaosheels, Hopefully, after all this good advice, you are a little less chaotic-feeling. Kudos for being open and honest from the start. Back when I was a young newlywed, I was rather pushy at getting my wife to accept me wearing heels, etc. I even did the occasional cross-dress in going out. She helped me pick dresses and accesories. I picked my own shoes. Only had a couple pairs back then (black stiletto with silver studs, and typical clear lucite stripper heels). I thought she was cool with it but turns out, after the fact, no, she didn't like it. She just tolerated it because she loves me. Things almost ended for us right there, but we stuck through everything, gave all that stuff a rest for a few years. Fast forward to early last year, I "discovered" that I still have the desire to express myself occasionally with women's footwear, and have since collected a few pairs (25 or so, presently, after having gotten mad and purging another 20 pairs or so about 9 months ago...also, don't purge your shoes. You'll regret it and then just have to spend more money to catch up again). She is still not that keen on me wearing them, but accepts the fact that I have some. I don't wear them around her, as to keep her peace of mind, but as soon as she goes to bed, the heels come on, or if I'm out and about without her. One of the key reasons she's not totally comfortable with me wearing heels is due to the fact that she can't wear heels right now, due to an ankle surgery that was botched a couple years ago and needs to be fixed, so she's envious, jealous, and sometimes just plain hurt that the doctor screwed things up for her for now. That being said, we love each other, we tolerate some of each other's "quirks" and work through issues the best we can. I'm just thrilled she hasn't made me get rid of all my shoes. Sometimes, that's the smallest "win" you can have. We also have a 16 year old son who also knows I have heels, but I don't advertise to him and don't wear them around him. Fortunately for me, he's a generation-whatever person, where, if something makes you happy, whatever . . . I wish you the best in your heeling adventures.
  16. TKHeels

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Brand on the quilted-look boots says Sophia & Lee. Bought them on eBay new for about $10/pair, plus shipping. I think the listing said something about being through ShoeDazzle. And ShoeDazzle is also where I ordered those other two pairs, the black and bordeaux colored taller boots. Should be here in about a week.
  17. TKHeels

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Bought these recently. And the two pairs on the bottom I just bought tonight for a total of $30
  18. Boot weather!  Just got these and love 'em!




    1. CAT


      Those are awesome!!!!   How can you not like boot weather?!?!?!??   

    2. jeremy1986


      @CAT - you are so right. I LOVE boot weather :-) 


  19. My new red heels, paired with black leggings.


  20. My wife is aware of the site, and that I've post/have posted pictures to it, but does not like it at all. Whenever the issue comes up, she calls it a fetish site, which I tell her it is decidedly not, that there are rules against that sort of thing, but again, she doesn't listen to/believe me. That being said, I still post to the site but don't tell her I do it, although she assumes that I do. It's an argument that just doesn't need to happen on top of everything else. She does know about my heels, but doesn't care to ever see them on me, or what the ones I have even look like. The are usually relegated to being in a box in our spare bedroom at the moment. Part of her dislike is most likely the fact that she had botched ankle surgery a couple years ago so she gets extremely jealous if I have heels and she doesn't, and tells me all the time there's "only one woman in this relationship" or something similar. She also knows I have a few nail polish bottles, but again, doesn't care to see my toes painted. I do a lot of shopping for heels at thrift stores and would say, half of my current 16 pr collection, come from thrift stores for $5-$10 ea. The rest are bought online from $25-55. I haven't spent more than that on shoes . . . yet. She's convinced I have a collection that cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars and that I spend every waking moment and dollar on heels. I wish she was more open, and maybe, at some point in the future, she might be more open/accepting of it, but for now, I am just extremely grateful there is a site (this one) with people of similar interests to my own in heel wearing, as a sort of support group for those of us who the bulk of society view as "different" due to our footwear choice, but then again, I could give a s*&% what society thinks. I'm old enough to not care as much anymore.
  21. It's an Onlymaker heel morning for me . . .


  22. TKHeels

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Just got these new spiked leopard Bettie Page BP-588 Belladona boots a few days ago . . . the only pair of wedges I have at the moment.
  23. TKHeels

    Who has bought some new shoes

    bought them on Amazon. About $28, I think

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