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    I am slightly younger vintage, but I remember this style being quite popular in the 70s, but with squareish toes, and lace up fronts. Some may have had a zipper, but some did not. I was very young at the time (elementary school age), but I remember elementary school girls wearing these boots, either in white patent or black patent. One of the girls was my next door neighbor. She let me try them on a couple of times. I had completely forgotten about that. Perhaps my desire for girly things started much younger than I remember! She was a year older than me, and I suppose I was about 8 years old at the time, and she was 9. We never could get both boots laced up all the way on me before her mother would knock on the door and say, "What on earth are you guys doing in there?" I distinctly remember trying this at least twice. The girl's family moved away the very next year. Haha, good memory! The other thing I suddenly remember about this girl is that she had remarkably long fingernails for a 9 year old, which would have been the style at the time, but usually for much older girls. They were most likely popular with older girls as well, but I certainly don't remember it. Here is an image I found of the boots I remember.
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    JeffB is back with an update! Hooray! J'adore the non-feedback from others. A sort of #AssimilationApathy
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    I think the article just points out a trend in runway circles and there is still an air of "ooh, look at me, I'm gay and I have lots of money." Precious little of this fare will be seen on your local streets. The biggest point so far are things that SF and kneehighs talked about. SF pointed out how he had worn heels all summer and got no reaction at all. That is certainly one indication of what we all would want to see when we wear heels. Kneehighs states "we have to control our thoughts, feelings, and actions." Those first steps taken as toddlers turn into continuous strides as one builds confidence to move forward. The human brain is the most advanced computer ever devised and yet we only use a fraction (10-15%) of its capacity. The development of confidence in doing anything is one way to unlock more of that capacity. It turns toddler into walker, non-swimmer into swimmer, etc. HinH
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    Jaunt #506, 8/10/2019: Hard to believe it’s been nearly a month (7/13) since my last jaunt, but, I had been rather busy for the last few weeks so I couldn’t go out and about, or, as John Lennon was famous for having said, “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans”. Anyhoo, with an opening in my schedule, I finally got to enjoy an outing, going to the King of Prussia Mall in my red jersey dress from H&M, the Payless “Parsley” flat sandals in a white and a black satchel bag. It’s also been said that you never miss the water until the well runs dry, and believe you me, I sure had missed being in dresses and had forgotten just how GOOD it felt to wear one, so it was quite exhilarating to be out and about in one again. However, during that last no interval between outings, I continued pondering over the last step in my evolution of going to dresses full time on my outings, I hardly think about wearing skirts, they’re just taking up space in my closet these days, but I’m still not prepared to get rid of them wholesale, and I’m perfectly fine with that. For the time being. Meanwhile, there was already a good crowd at the mall when I arrived just after eleven a.m., I found myself idly wondering if people would take notice of me wearing red, I think you all know where this is headed, because the answer to that question is....no. In hindsight, I should’ve known better, I’ve been to KOP some three dozen times or more, and, despite all the things I’ve worn there, no one has ever paid any attention to me, and this outing was no different, still, even after all this time, I find that rather amazing. After a stop at the comic book shop, I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods where I picked up a new water bottle and a lock for a new bicycle I had bought the previous weekend. Following lunch where I had a slice of chicken bacon ranch pizza (it’s crazy good), I wandered about to see and be seen, and be ignored by the masses which was good enough for me, because that meant I was accepted for my presentation, something that’s always my goal for when I go out. Swinging by H&M, I bought a couple a couple of dresses similar to what I wore, the simplistic, casual style appealed to me, especially for outings where I don’t want to look fancy, like on this outing. I want to have different styles for different outings, everything from casual to dressy and everything inbetween. So yeah, my fashion mindset is definitely gravitating from skirts to dresses, just like it changed from jeans to skirts, and I'm definitely excited about my evolution. More to come....
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    Well, not certain what if anything this post has to with with anything else, but since there hasn't been lot of activity here lately, I thought I would comment. It's summertime which to me is sandal time!! I mostly wear sandals almost exclusively gals, both with heels and flat. This summer I have been out as much as possible in sandals, heels mostly, and have had absolutely no reaction at all - and that's a good thing - to me at least, except a compliment would be nice. The past few days I have been out in my favorite pair of VanEli kitten heeled sandals that I have had for a few years. I love these shoes, they look nice and are relatively comfortable. No reactions, maybe a few second looks but thats it. Maybe more folks ARE getting acclimated to seeing a guy in heels? Or just more accepting in general? Or just not noticing and/or not caring? I wore these sandals when me and Steve met in LA last November. Both he and his wife liked them... Tonight the wife and I are off to the Greek Theater in LA to see Weird Al in concert. I have seen him before, he's hilarious! Gonna wear heels, just not sure which pair.... Have fun all...... sf
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    Not sure which of these 3 is the best... Or with a blazer, which is how I went out in the cool evening:

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