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    Found these the other day, LOVE them, cant wait to wear them somewhere What do you think
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    hiddenheels, You have seen a sampling of reaction + support since your first posting. If you refocus on the posting by mlroseplant on 27 June I offer my validation of that post. Whilst I know some things on the internet should be taken with a grain of salt I can assure you may confident in mlroseplant because I know him and his wife. I have visited him a few times now as I passed through Iowa on my way home to Wisconsin. He lives in a small town and wears his heels openly just as described. He walks the walk and is secure in who he is. So, when he writes about his experiences in hopes of encouraging you, I believe you can take it to the bank. Ultimately this forum exists to encourage others to enjoy their heels and indeed enjoy their lives wearing those heels. There are many others here who have similar stories but you can take inspiration from any of them if that helps and I hope it does. I have met several of our members and my life is enhanced for having done so. Bet on it. Bet on yourself. HappyinHeels
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    I saw some white boots for sale last month and almost bought them. This would be why: Tagging these as “boots I wish I owned”. We all need at least one pair in white right?
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    Nice going on wearing your chunky heels on grass. I haven't worn a heel like that on grass in a while rather I've worn wedges on grass either to a few people's houses, on some vacations, and to a few outdoor weddings. It has been drier here in Wisconsin as well after months of above-normal rainfall. I've been outside every day this month doing a gardening project. It involved putting weed-block fabric down and then installing decorative stone and mulch within those flower beds so I can eliminate weeding. Plus, a friend here suggested I get some sun on my legs HinH
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    This is the desert colour version of the camouflage military boot which was adopted for women a few years ago. I started seeing a plethora of military-themed ankle boots and sandals but with stiletto heels so that women could, once again, lay claim to something which had been exclusively associated with men. Camouflage or not, if this is the style you are passionate about, then you need not concern yourself with how masculine or feminine it is perceived to be. They are YOUR shoes because they are on YOUR feet so strap in and take ownership. I have two pairs like this which I have worn in the fall months. I do like them a lot. HappyinHeels
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    Howdy, So, I have discovered that JustFab and ShoeDazzle now go up to size 12. I have ordered from both companies with outstanding results and I am now like a kid in a candy store. Two things that really stand out for me with these two online stores are that their size 12 is on the large side and their heels get higher as the size gets larger. My fit is more of a 12.5 wide and the shoes that I ordered fit perfectly. That is a huge bonus. I have ordered many a pair of size 12 shoes that would be lucky to fit on a size 11 foot. More than the generous size that is awesome, I love that their heels scale with size. I have ordered so many pairs of shoes online with a high heel style that I like only to receive the shoes and find that they look more like mid-heels. JustFab and ShoeDazzle won me over with these two qualities. The only thing that I don’t like about JustFab and ShoeDazzle is that to get the best prices you have to join their VIP club. This means that they will automatically charge you $39 each month unless you opt out between the 1st and the 5th of the month. Yes, the funds build up your account to buy shoes (twist my arm) but I don't like anything automatically charging my card. It is only a mild pain in the neck but I think it is worth it. So, I have ordered and received four pairs of shoes and I love all four of them. I bought three pairs of wedges and pair of what look like shoe-ties to me but they refer to them as lace up sandals. All four pairs are beyond fantastic and I struggle to decide which pair I am going to wear. ShoeDazzle has a 50% off sale today so I ordered another pair. They are pumps with a cork looking upper and color strips. I cannot wait for them to arrive. Just wanted to share what to me is a great new find. Happy heeling to you all. Best, Larry
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    Nice boots and yeah I’m sure you’ll find the courage no problem, I wouldn’t think twice about going out in those, just act natural and forget you’re even wearing heels, i often find the busier the place the better, nobody will even take any notice mate, enjoy
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    Yes! Very nice
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    love the heel!! U like the masculine thing, i hope i have the courage to wear them out
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    @p1ng74, I just saw these and thought of you: https://www.boohoo.com/western-style-ankle-boots/DZZ02157.html
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    Wow - great "find" @AJ777. Some here on the forum would say that these are very masculine but that stiletto just screams otherwise, and its great!
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    I just couldn't help myself, and I wore the Alaïa sandals again last night, this time to a church function that was outdoors, and mostly on grass. I got by with it because it hasn't rained in several days, and the ground is firm enough to wear thick heels on without even bothering to take weight off of the heels when walking. After about three hours of wearing them, my little toes were feeling slightly squished, but no flesh wounds, so I think we're getting there! I'd better lay off for the next few days.
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    Had I known it was Wedge Wednesday, I might have actually worn wedges today. I strongly considered it, as I went to the all-church picnic this evening. However, I was really wanting to wear my Alaïa sandals with shorts, and since it hasn't rained in several days, I figured I could get by with a separate heeled shoe, even on the grass, so I did.
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    It's Wedge Wednesday. Celebrate by wearing your wedges.
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    Cat is right. When people see male in heels there is point of no return. Meaning there minds are made up or label has been branded. Trying to hide the heels or boots camouflaged so to speak., none notices, is amusing or joke because many will look eventually. Had same type of hang ups not with heels or skirt but feminine workout outfits in the past. Now I wear whatever colour I want or provocative outfits for my own pleasure. Those who find my appearance silly or wrong don’t look or ignore me. While others are intrigued, envious of what I wear. Just takes strong minded attitude that you careless what others will say. Disregarding them haters pointing plastic fingers or heads turning laughing upon me. Only because they never seen some male wear feminized clothes or heels before.

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