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  1. Unknown brand worn but in great shape, heel tips are still great. I just have too many now $20 + shipping to you message me with questions.
  2. Heels for today

    These are super high and so easy to walk in.
  3. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    You are awesome, love that you can do that. I am trying in small pieces. So great to hear your story!! Thank you
  4. Little red today

    Happy Halloween
  5. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    Ya, i'm afraid of the hate. I am also already 6'1 so it makes me really tall which draws some attention too. I do love that feeling.
  6. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    I agree, and feel the same way. I think the love of wearing heels for me is getting to know the feeling that women get wearing heels and driving us men crazy. I wanna know the power. I do not want to be a woman but I would love to know what it feels like to walk out there in amazing heels. I am do jealous of my wife and her friends that they can wear amazing heels and go anywhere. I am stuck to hiding in my house and such.
  7. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    Hey Pierre, I am so glad to hear what you said, I am exactly the same as you, staight, not a cross dresser(Just heels) and LOVE women in heels. I wish heels could be normal for guys as well. I LOVE the feeling they give, not exactly sure why but I think I love to see women in them so much and I wanna know what they feel when they wear them. I think they have so much power wearing them, I wanna feel that power. Does anyone else feel that way?
  8. Recent Purchase

    Love those!!!
  9. Only worn around house, they are too big for me. They are size 12. Have a quilted look they are beautiful just too big. $50 + actual shipping to you. Message me with any questions. I will deal if you want multiple pairs.
  10. Blue high heels for sale

    Hey there, I am sorry, I totally missed this, $15 is fine for you. Do you like any of the others? I will deal with you for sure
  11. Black BCBG Generation heels

    Hey there, these size 12 were very big on me, lots of room everywhere. I couldn't keep them on and I have a lot of size 11 that are very tight. I would say they run a bit big. Hope that helps. They seem very well made, they look amazing
  12. Red guess high heels platform for sale us11 . Worn around very little other then house and work. Wish I could wear out more. $35 + shipping to you. They are a bit tight for an 11. Message me with questions Make me an offer if you are interested
  13. and they are very tight for me
  14. Only worn around the house and driveway platform very high but comfy and easy to walk in. $50 + actual shipping to you. Message me if interested.
  15. Only worn around the house and driveway platform very high but comfy and easy to walk in. $50 + actual shipping to you. Message me if interested.
  16. Collection and pics from down under

    I have those and found them very uncomfy
  17. Heels for sale

    Hey guys, here are two pair of heels I am looking to get rid of. If you are interested let me know. The patent nude color, size 11. 4 inch heel The heel is all messed up on both shoes. If you are interested let me know, $10 + actual shipping to where ever you are The black are nine west and barely worn Size 11 in great condition. 3 1/2 inch heel $30 + Actual shipping cost to you I will have more coming soon
  18. Heels for sale

    Hey everyone, I am thinking about selling some of my heels, I have too many, hard to hide this many from the wife Would anyone be interested in buying some? They are all size 11 US, I will post some photos this weekend if anyone is interested. I would have them all reasonable in price, $20-$30. Let me know
  19. Heels in public

    So I have been reading all of the comments about wearing heels in public and how to do it and what to wear. I have been going to some low end box stores and wearing really long pants to hind my pumps. I really like to wear very thin stilettos. I feel the pants mostly hide them and I avoid people the best I can in the store and then make a dash for the door when it is clear. Look at my phone and go about my business. So this has been working, no confrontations or anything, not even sure if anyone notices. They sure do make a lot of noise as all of these stores have tile floors. So yesterday I went into a place that I have been to a few times. This time I have new black pants that come down perfectly to the bottom of my shoes. I decided to wear my Black Platform heels. They are rounded toe and very easy to walk in. I have attached photos. So I go in and have to walk by a greeter and I go to the shoe section to see if there is anything I can by for myself or my girlfriend. I have two ladies come by me and look at shoes and make conversation. I didn't thing anything of it, I did find a great pair of heels for my girlfriend and went and bought them. As I was leaving the greeter stopped me and shook my hand, he told me I had everyone in the store checking out my shoes. I didn't know what to say, I just shook his hand and said "thank you". The lady that was looking at shoes with me just said have a good day as I walked by her. Thinking back I wish I would have asked him to elaborate a little more. Was it a good think or a bad thing in their mind? I would love to know what they were thinking. Was I a really weird guy or just that I had crazy high heels on and I am a guy?? Any thoughts from you all? Have you been confronted? I have a few friends that know I do this and they have told me who cares what people think, just do your thing. It was a great feeling to say the least but left me wondering more. Your thoughts...
  20. Heels in public

    Thank you
  21. Heels in public

    I really appreciate all of the feedback on this so far, I love the idea of being me and am so jealous of my friends that are women that they can wear the heels out there and I am afraid to do so. I do have a friend that has going out with me in heels to easy my mind, that was fun. Need to do that more. Thank you everyone, look forward to posting more!!
  22. Heels in public

    Thank you for that and I agree on all. The question I have been asking myself is do I go back to that store again??
  23. Heels in public

    Thank you good points, I appreciate them, can't wait to do it again. I have been wondering, do I go to that store again? thoughts?
  24. Heels in public

    Thanks alot Steve, I agree, I am so worried people will think I am weird, gotta get over that I guess. I am left wondering what they thought of me. Wow that dude had some high heels wow how does he walk in those?? Or that dude is Gay. Did they think it was a negative that I had those on or was it wow that guy can pull that off? I appreciate everyones support, this is a great place to share, and the only place to share!! Thank you everyone