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    I think the guidelines are pretty clear here that this is a fashion website, not cross dressing, and the content here fairly appropriate reflects that. Yes, there is a bit of diversity, but isn’t that healthy when it comes to fashion? The problem with most shallow people outside of HHP is that they have an incorrect definition of cross dressing. They think that if you put on a pair of heels, you are cross dressing. So even if you had a website where men are just wearing heels with suits, the website would not convince them of anything, but rather they would still think of it as a cross dressing website. The issue is not the content of the website, but that most people have a shallow and narrow minded concept of fashion. I admit that when I first found HHP, it shocked me a little as I had never put that much thought into fashion. But I read the guidelines, lurked a little, started to understand, and found that this is generally a polite community of like minded people, which is hard to find on the internet anymore. Showing someone HHP is not going to magically redefine cross dressing for someone overnight. But if they are ready to open their minds to talk about fashion beyond the mainstream, it is a very supportive resource.
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    Pierre, Your single best resource is not a website but your own ability to communicate. That reassurance a certain choice of footwear does NOT mean you are gay or are about to get an operation to become a woman. That reassurance the wearing of heels has nothing to do with what attracted you two in the first place. That reassurance you are the same man she admired and wanted to be with, the same one she fell in love with, and the same man she could sing, as the group "Orleans" did in 1976, "You're Still the One." These are the resources you have and should use to reassure the love of your life. Part of la joie de vivre is also la joie de communiquer. It can be done in a variety of ways but for it to be effective there are only two real requirements. Those are it must be done regularly and it must be done sincerely. Most people are reasonable and most reasonable people respond very positively to effective communication in all its forms. Je te souhaite tout le meilleur mon ami. HappyinHeels
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    I am actually suprised we don't have one of these yet. We Have a thread elsewhere for shoes and boots that we have bought. I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread for other things fashion related that we have purchased. It could be a new piece of clothing. Or how about a new bag, or piece of jewellery that we have bought. Something that is not shoes or boots, but that will most likely be worn in conjunction with them. Anyone male or female can participate. I'll get us started. Here is a couple of bags I purchased recently. One is a black Aldo brand crossbody bag. The other is a purple Grace Adele brand handbag. I have already used the purple one on some outings. And I will no doubt be using the other one as well
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    Hello everybody. A recurrence here is : how could I explain my GF or my wife( or simply my partner) that I am a man ,with no wish being a CD or whoever with similar tastes? Often the question is: should I show this site to my partner. And the answer is NO! Why? Because on the site we have so many different styles.Some with only female clothes,some with a mix,some painted toes nails. and more. That's ok for us. But not for a woman we want to show that we are not unique and a real man. Can't we find a possibility to have a separate forum,with no possibility to have access to the whole site that we could show to a woman who is wondering about if her man is still a normal man or moving to the side she can't accept. Please consider my proposal only as a help to the issues so many guys here are facing. What about HH4men? @Tech what do you think ? If it is an acceptable option,we will need someone who ( moderator?) is able to decide what is " man" and what isn't! As You ,Tech does here for the general site Pierre
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    Yes, the content I enjoy the most at HHP are fashions that people wear out and about on a daily basis, and that might include the other items that go with the heels. I think focusing on practical fashions that we would actually wear out of the house will help distance us from obvious cross dressing or fetish activity. There are skirts, dresses, and bright makeup out there that are so edgy that you don't even see women wearing them on a day to day basis. It should not surprise us, then, that if men were to wear these things, people are going to call it cross dressing, at minimum. On the other hand, there are many nice skirts, pants, shorts, etc. that can even be office appropriate and no one has ever accused me of cross dressing when wearing them.
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    HHplace being about integrating fashion and high heels, I find normal that man tries every possible items, regardless of gender. This is a trial and error approach, with some looks improved little by little, with great advice from friendly, sometimes anonymous, open minded people. I don't see hhplace content as a showcase, but rather as a mirror. Or the eye of a shopping pal. A good laugh is possible.
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    Maybe it worth trying?
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    I had never realized that heels4men had this purpose. It doesn’t have a list of guidelines like HHP and the content is so sparse that it is a little harder to derive the overall theme, so I never joined. Maybe it is time I signed up and started posting pictures of the heels I wear into the office?
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    There is such a forum but it is absolutely dead as far as activity goes, with only two regular posters but even they might post something only about once a month, if that. Some of the sections have not had a post in well over a year. I know exactly what you mean about HHP and, shall we say, the great diversity of styles here. Men who simply want to wear heels, as a footwear fashion choice - and nothing else - seem to be much in the minority. This would certainly not be a site one would show a wife or girlfriend to convince her that you had no interest in crissdressing or anything else. It would set alarm bells ringing rather than quieting them.
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    Here is my latest purchase. I found these in a local thrift store. The brand is Anne Michelle. The heel measures 4.5". They are very comfortable to wear. And the best part is, I paid just under $20!
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    Here is my latest outfit which I used on a short and uneventful outing. the outfit 1) brown kneehigh justfab boots with 4 inch chunky heel 2) black leggings 3) purple sweater 4) grey and black Reitmans jacket 5) puple Grace Adele handbag
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    balletboot it won't be easy but. you will have to admit it that you both are just not compatible with each other. continue with the relationship and it will deteriorate in the future. some women like your girlfriend are sadly insecure/territorial/ with an inferiority complex towards men in heels. at 24 I ditched having girlfriends and getting married because wearing heels made me more happy and nothing else did. there are things about marriage and girlfriends that put me off it. I'm 31 and made the right choice because it's 2019 and some women sadly still have these dated views. I wear heels and in the end I can't just live in other people's expectations and make them happy every minute. it's 2019 and we don't have to do that anymore. balletboot it would be best if you make yourself single again yes it will be tough at first but from what I have viewed. there's a puzzle piece missing from your confidence and that is meeting women when wearing your true style. in your mind you think women will run a mile if they see it. but read back from the forum and you will see more positives than negatives. look at eddie izzard and the amount of female fans he has got. they know he is a straight guy but they find him attractive especially in female style. having one bad relationship is not the end of the world. some guys here have had one bad one but found a great woman in the end. don't stay with a woman with silly social norms because they act like spoilt brats who cry if they don't get there own way. many women like confident men and i'm sure you have had a few women flirt with you when they seen you wearing heels in public. i'm glad that I have no woman in my life because it makes me selfish but they are even more selfish than I am because I can't stand there hypocrisy because of what we want to wear.
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    The only way to be? Loud and proud !
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    I love pointy toe flats Stiletto heeled pumps/slings/peeps - are my favs - and I love wearing bright colours too... I do have a few pairs of knee boots but I get sweaty feet in boots and I prefer bare legs.
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    Indeed, in the main my tastes run to knee and OTK boots with low walking heels. Or high end hiking boots.
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    I happen to be a committed cigarette smoker, and I see no difference if I have a cigarette lit while wearing platform heels or ballet flats.
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    Well there are people who take a fashionable interest in their footwear and yet do not wear high heels simply because their tastes run along different lines

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