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    I bundled up for the unusual cold weather this week, but I’ve already started thinking ahead with plans to stay in boots all year.
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    THIS is exactly the sort of exchange I was hoping for! And as a side bonus, there have been several logical and plausible explanations to my "serious" query. Thanks, fellas, for all your replies to my sometimes absurd thread.
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    Am I the only one who is tired of the Royals?
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    This is one of the most relevant post yet. It is basically exactly what has been said between us during that night and next day. One of the things shes said was I'm "supposed to to protect her not be prancing around in heels." Of course in the heat of the moment I couldn't chime in much as she was to emotional to hear a single word I said. Of course as you all know we dont just prance around in heels, we just walk like every other human. And yes I did come to the right place. I havnt been given anything other than kind words and support since I joined this site! I have definitely stepped back a few steps. But I'm not going to just let this stop me. I'm going to keep slowly trying to talk to her about it all. Maybe suggest going out of town the first time we go out in heels. I agree I love the look! I've never recieved a negative comment when going out. I need her to see that to help her come around.
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    It's been about 10 years since I've posted a picture to HHPlace. I've read and rarely made a comment, but for some reason I decided to shoot some photos. I found my old thread. But it's so old, it's been closed to comments. I don't any of those shoes anymore. I tend to change them out as fashion and my tastes progress. I bought some Jessica Simpson pumps at Nordstrom recently and wore them a number of places, including breakfast and lunch a couple fast casual restaurants and shopping at the mall between. Went into Dillards department store and checked out the shoe department. No comments from anybody this time and hardly any notice at all. I think that if your clothes are fashionably appropriate, you don't really look unnatural, despite the incongruity. I think that may account for the lack of notice and comments. As I was exciting the restaurant, I glanced at my reflection in the window as I strode to my car, much like the pose here.
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    Thanks Jeremy, really comfortable too
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    I was going to give a serious answer, but decided I'll let you [insert your own baseball joke here].
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    @balletboot Sounds good to hear that you two had discussions. I think that is the way, to talk to each other and to find a way.
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    I bought these Soda Undine-S last year (4/15) without trying them on. I had another Soda with a very similar design, so just got them. Well they were slightly tight. Sometime last year I put shoe stretchers in them and put them on top of my shoe cases (bookcases for shoes) and promptly forgot about them. Saw them tonight and wore them out to dinner. Fit great now! I plan to wear them to work tomorrow. More photos with them later.
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    Got a pair of Sorel Kinetic wedge snow boots, needed to size up 1 size compared to the Joan wedges. Comfie and warm.
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    There are probably several English words (or phrases) for almost any concept, but not necessarily straightforward ones! English is not the simplest language, nor is it the most cumbersome; I think we have the balance about right between flexibility/range of expression and ease of use. As a wise Roman once said: In medio tutissimus ibis.
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    I think you are right. Time is most likely the biggest factor. Also If I didn't work in a position where steel toe boots are a must and instead was in an office. I would definitely try to incorporate heels into my daily wear at work.
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    I think it will take time and actions to convince women that we are not putting our masculinity on the shelf when we wear heels. This is why I am taking every opportunity to go out looking comfortable doing normal things while wearing heels. Forgot something back in the car? Yes I am sprinting, even while wearing 3” heels. Lifting my luggage at the airport? Changing a flat tire? I do it in 4+” heels. Nothing changes. I will still hold doors and elevators open for women, and bend over to pick things off the ground that get dropped. When I walk to the office at the beginning of the week I bring the whole week’s worth of lunch to keep in the refrigerator. There is a gallon of milk and ice, among the other things, in the cooler. I have two laptops in the bag. Yes, wearing 4” heels added a new element to this routine at first, but it’s a fun routine that is now normal.
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    You could always trot in there one day in patent pink thigh-high stilettos - anything you wore after that would seem quiet and restrained.
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    mlroseplant, You are a highly-trained industrial/commercial electrician and damn good by now at what you do. You show up at the appointed time, carry out our tasks to your supervisor's satisfaction and to prevailing job and industry standards, and get along with your coworkers. If you master the scope of what they pay you for then nobody has any business straying beyond that scope. You're paid and evaluated by what you do on THEIR time and not on YOURS. I have never understood how some companies try to skew things as if people at home in their underwear (or heels) needed to be mindful of what their employer might think. Besides, what is commonly known about the world's dirtiest business, is worthy of a novel and all the skeletons in the closets. Your heels are not one of them. Your proven work abilities should be the only talking points. HappyinHeels
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    Yea I dont act any different when I'm in heels I'm still the same person I am without them. (As I'm sure most people on here are the same way) Those particular heels are about 4.25" but i dont think the height has much to do with the problem. I will definitely figure that out for sure in the near future. Thanks I will definitely try to find the balance between the two.. I dont want to give up either one Yea of course I dont see the ordeal like she does. I'm definitely trying to understand it all from her side. And your right she doesn't know about the clothes but she knows about all my heels and I've worn them all around the house when shes home. She has known that I have heels shortly after we started dating. That I have never hidden. All my shoes are in plain view in the closet next to all (probly 40-50 pairs) of her heels. I can do without the skinny Jean's and skirts. I enjoy them but they are more just accessories to the heels. I can give up the slightly fem attire I have. But I know the desire for heels isnt going amywhere. That's the plan. Thank you all for your opinion and words of wisdom. Its is greatly appreciated!
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    I think you’re approaching this with a sensible head, I’ve been married over 30 years now, i still wear heels regularly enough to enjoy them but as i said not with her, flat knee high boots under trousers are not a problem and on odd occasions I’ve pushed the boundaries very slightly and got away with it, she accepts me wearing heels on full show around the house and even outside when I’m alone, she knows she’ll never stop me wearing them so now she doesn’t try while at the same time i respect her thoughts on this matter, she actually respects me greatly for what i do and thinks it takes a lot of guts to walk round in public as a man wearing heels and long boots on full show, but can’t bring herself to come with me, a compromise can be found that suits both of you and you can still enjoy your heels as i do, you’ll just have to accept you’ll have to do it in your own time. At home we sometimes wear heels together and have a bit of fun, we’re both the same size so we can swap shoes and boots lol and this helps with her understanding of my passion, we also look at heels and boots in shops together but for me there’s no trying on in shops together, that’s only done alone. Good luck and keep enjoying your heels but be careful not to throw away something very special mate
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    I dont agree with any of that. If that's what you want more power to you. But I myself what to try and make this work. Yes I love heels but I certainly love the woman I am seeing more than heels. I know my love for heels isnt going anywhere but I'm willing to work on this and try to make it blossom into something great instead of just running away so I can wear heels everyday.
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    I feel sad for those who are not “allowed” to wear your heels out with your SO. As @AZShoeNut puts it And this is true also. There are many issues involved here: insecurity, jealousy, the fear of not be cookie cutter normal, ... If you have been wearing heels all this time why should her knowing about it change things. The only difference is she knows about it. This issue is particular important to me. I switched to wearing women’s shoes about the same time I was breaking up with my wife. The break up had nothing to do with my shoes. I started to wear high heels a few years later when I found the benefit (pain relief) I got from them. So I wear high heels about 70-80% of the time, and I plan to for the rest of my life. I am presently looking for a girlfriend AND I have decided that I am going to up front with wearing heels. My dating profile includes the lines “I often wear 4+ inch heels (wedges, booties, ...) for … pain relief” and “I'm looking for a woman that has enough confidence in who she is that this isn't an issue or somehow feels threaten by it.” I know this really limits who I meet, but then again I don't waste my time with a woman with a narrow mind about who can and cannot wear heels.
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    Boy I hear you on that. With the exception of Walk a Mile events my wife too refuses to go out with me in heels, with the exception of a handful of evenings where we were both having drinks prior to going out. I too have wondered just how long I will have to wait if ever for my wife to be okay with going out with me in heels. I am chewing on the fact that I turn 44 this month and am not the healthiest person in the world, we've been married for 13 years,, and the last 25 years went by in a flash. I would like to still be able to move about without a walker by the time she comes around, if ever. Maninboots, it is a dicey, tricky road. This may be the best relationship you have ever had and I understand that you don't want to lose a relationship over "stupid" shoes. I would also point out that your interest in heels will not go away, likely ever. That interest when suppressed can easily turn into resentment and put together some serious bumps down the road in the relationship. At least that has been my experience. Furthermore, limiting your experience by telling her that it is not frequently that you wear heels or the like can limit you from growing into whatever it is that you want to be/experience on the inside. When I met my wife and told her about my heels I couldn't possibly see into the future that one day I might want to wear them out. I told her that I had no plans to do so. But I also at the time was just coming to terms with my passion for heels. As I grew to accept myself my genuine inner interest took me further and further outside the house and my wife is quick to point out that I told her in the beginning that I had no desire to step outside the home in heels. And though, by and large, our relationship is pretty decent and we have made it through some serious challenges, 13 years later, even with the help of a counselor, the shoes are still an un-surmounted challenge. Okay, I think that is it. Best wishes as you work through this. Larry
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    Yea I agree at the moment I dont think she will see the site as a bunch of other straight guys who wear heels. I think she will see it as exactly the opposite :/ and most definitely all other feminine clothes are very well hidden. thanks for any help and support. Its greatly appreciated!
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    Well tonight was a disaster. My girlfriend and I were supposed to go out to dinner. So we were getting ready and as I watched her pick out her outfit and then pick out her heels to match it I thought. I want to wear heels tonight instead of my boring mens sneakers.. I found a nice shirt and grabbed the pants and the heels in the picture below. Got dressed and thought to myself. This looks good I can't wait to go out to dinner! I came out of the room and she lost it. Started crying saying she hates that I have heels and hates that I want to wear them. Men dont wear heels. We talked a little but she wouldn't listen to me she has some image in her head and I can't get it out of her to really know what's going on. I offered to change into my regular sneakers with no luck. In the end we didn't even leave the house... I guess my healing is now put way out on the back burner :/ Hopefully tomorrow we can have a real conversation once she has calmed down a little.
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    Work boots for today and how I wear them to work How I wish I could wear them.
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    After 14 hours on my feet. Time to take off these booties and slip on some wedges....
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    @balletboot love those brown boots, may I ask where they are from??
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    My new 10 inch crotch boots
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    The heels that started it all what do you think ?
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    Went to Last Call again tonight and found a pair of pants that I am considering wearing into the office: I love the high waist, the cotton is so comfortable, and size 4 fit perfectly. Obviously I got these on the women’s side, and there are some slits at the bottom, but with the black boots underneath I am hoping it would all be subtle, and not too sassy? Or is this across the line and tacky? Will people just wonder why my trousers are split in two at the leg? LOL. Wearing this down to the lobby bar now to think about it...
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    Meeting the namesake. I went heel shopping today, still looking for knee high leather boots with a full zipper. The mall was EMPTY today, many shops had NO ONE in them shopping. Went to major brand names, Stuart Weitzman, Kors, Steve Madden, …. Stuart Weitzman had a very nice leather pair for only $285 (reduced from $795+), but not in my size. At the Steve Madden store a sales assistant and I got into talking boots. It turned out that she use to work at one of the Freebird stores and had meet the man that design Freebird shoes. I reached over to look at some boots and she asked “Are those Freebirds?” I had my Freebird Blaze on today. We then went on talking about Freebird boots, how she rarely sees them in California. Then she said they named a shoe after her, a shoe that I own two pairs of – the FB Canti. It’s a very small world out there. FB Canti
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    Nice look. Love the classic pumps! How did your feet feel afterwards? I think I might be done with heeling, as the medications I take to retard my cancer have caused me to have what feel like marbles in the balls of my feet. Walking in heels for more than a couple minutes is painful. Too bad, as I was really feeling comfortable in my heels when in public. Not enough to go without long jeans to cover the heels, but not worrying much about being in heels in public.
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    I got out tonight to do a little Christmas shopping, also to look for some cool new shoes.
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    The new jeans looks great on you, especially with these fab wedge boots! * * * Great story... and you DO look amazing in them! * * *
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    wow... such interesting timing. I just had a discussion with my wife last week. it was comforting and disappointing at the same time. I was going to write a post in my own thread about it, but will join in the discussion here as its more relevant. But first about yours, @balletboot. I am sorry for the shake-up you went through. I know how troubled you must feel now... it can really shake us to the core. I didn't understand if you have already had that next conversation with her since that little blow-up? I agree with much that has been said above too. Yes - a relationship is way more important than a pair of shoes (no matter how high the heel!), but I definitely understand folks who want it known that they like heels and are looking in advance for someone with an open mind who will accept it. I do not agree with others who have said that heels are most important, so hell with having a GF ... but each to their own. It will take time to get over this, but you might have to come to terms with the fact that you two may NEVER get over this. it might remain something uncomfortable for your GF to see or participate it... and you might be left to do it alone, if you so choose to continue. In fact I was surprised by all the others who chimed in and also shared the difficulty their spouses are having with this hobby/passion of ours. I think so often, here on the forum, we hear from the guys who could care less about what's accepted or not, and just go about and do what they feel is good for them, and anyone else has "not accepted themselves yet", or is just playing around with heels and not "doing it right", or is "on the way" to do it right - in public, at work and with the wife and co-workers by their side. And from my own experience, that's kind of fantasy world... and I'm kinda happy (sorry...!) that there are others in the same position having to deal with this also, and are not in a supportive environment. So yes - by all means, try help her understand how you see things, but yes - its still not "normal", despite what we think and hope, and she may not come around to liking it, or even accepting it. As others have said, I think it would be unwise to show her the forum right now. Take it easy with her, and slow. have discussions about what you like about each other... and back to basics. and then have calm discussions about the issue (without your heels on!) * * * Now about my own experience - last week I was working from home, on a nice cold day, and I had selected a pair of boots to wear, but hadn't put them on yet, as I felt I wanted to open the discussion again with my wife. I haven't worn heels in front of her at home for a long time (in fact have heeled very little over the past few months), and I wanted to make it an open discussion again. I was debating how to do it and my time was running short as the kids would be home at some point... so I just jumped to it at some point, and raised the subject and asked her for some space to heel, and for some level of accommodation for me and my heels. it felt hard having to really ask for something for myself. it was hard kind of admitting that this is something I want to be able to do. the response I got was not what I expected. she did not come out viciously against it... but said how hard a "thing" it is for her to swallow, or accept. She said she understands its something I want to be able to do, and I can do so if I wish, but she does not want to have to see it, and definitely not to partake on any level. She said that its obviously sitting on some deep-rooted issue, and she sometimes wishes I could open it with a therapist, dig down, and "cure the issue" and not have it anymore. It was a tender and open discussion, and in that way I am happy. she says she loves me and wants me to be happy, but she wants no part of it. Her response surprised and disappointed me, because I feel that she also does not stick to the "middle road" of what's necessarily normal or expected. We live in a very conservative community and she doesn't always walk the walk or talk the talk, and I was hoping she would "allow" me the space to do the same - especially seen as its really harmless, only at home, with no one really knowing. Also, after a long and difficult period, of having to "put up" with serious emotional issues that *she* is going through, I had hoped to have some level of appreciation and acceptance of my own "issues", and after having grown closer over the last few months too. Yes, obviously I can make my own decisions and should I want to - wear the heels nonetheless, with or without asking, where the heck I want. But A) I don't want to hide it, and I don't want to ruin our marriage over "a pair of heels" as was said above. So I was left with very mixed feelings. I did put the boots on for a short while afterwards, mainly as statement to myself, more than anything else. I still dot really understand how my wife was somewhat accepting when I "came out" to her and even helped me shop a few times - and now, told me how hard it is for her. but that's a legitimate change of mind that one can have. But the more I continued to think about it, the more stupid (the exact term someone else used above) I felt for being a man who likes wearing heels. yes - its NOT normal and NOT accepted, despite the few voices we hear on the forum. I took a week off from the forum (used to visit daily or sometimes multiple times daily), and am close to a purge. Am still going back and forth in my own head. sure - as I said, its not harmful to anyone, and nothing "wrong" with it at all... just that its not normal... wouldn't it just be simpler if I could just get over it?? * * * Sorry for the long post... I appreciate those who took the time to read it. Don't want to seen as having hijacked the post - just chiming in with my similar experiences. Wishing everyone well, and hope everyone gets to be happy and satisfied in their own setting

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