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    Perhaps it is not only between you and her. How many friendships or relationships will she have to abandon / recreate when her friends or relations see you both in heels ?
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    This is going to be my thread that I use for listing my various boots and shoes for sale. As I sell a pair, or have a new pair that comes up for sale, I will make sure to update the thread. Prices will be posted without shipping calculated. Please feel free to message me and I will get you a quote to ship them to you before you decide to buy. Mfr: Bebe Style name: Daniela Heel: 6" w/ 1" platform Shaft: 23.5" from top of heel. 14.5-15" calf circumference. 18" opening at thigh/top of boot Condition: Worn one time outside form garage to car and back(see picture of soles). Small visible spot of white fabric on outside of left boot. Price: $60 plus shipping Mfr: Indigo Road Style name: Sable Heel: 2.5" block heel Shaft: 15.5" from top of heel. 8" opening(16" calf circumference) Condition: Worn no more than ten times. Small wear spot on back of left boot. Price: $20 plus shipping
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    6'3 and a half inch, no heels. I am happy with my look in heels in the miror, which is also 6 ft apart from me. So my reflect lies 12 ft afar. In a crowded area, my colleagues can chat with one another, and at the summit I get the minutes by radio.
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    mlroseplant, Okay I understand now. Considering you live in a small Iowa town and wear your heels openly everywhere and haven'y been spotted yet by coworkers I don't think your worries are that big. If you are that concerned now about a possible sighting by coworkers then perhaps you shouldn't wear them just everywhere. This all depends if one of your new coworkers lives in your same town. Is that what you concerns you? Such a new coworker may have already seen you and you just don't know it yet. I say keep on doing the job you are trained for and keep on wearing your heels wherever the hell you want and enjoy your life. HappyinHeels
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    You could always trot in there one day in patent pink thigh-high stilettos - anything you wore after that would seem quiet and restrained.
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    I agree with Tech that hernaezjames’s cross dressing experiment should probably be taken to a different forum. It is not offensive, but it can be in conflict with the other efforts here to normalize guys wearing heels as an anatomically correct male fashion choice, rather than cross dressing.
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    Some thoughts : It took me several years before I was sure that my heel passion had nothing weird but jut something unusual Some more years before I was bold enough to wear them publicly. And even at present only block heels if visible. Never any other outfits that could be considered as feminine. At home,yes,sometimes for matching the heels. But more in the quest of trying new matches So it could take some times for your wife to follow the same track and reach the point she is ok with your heel wearing Probably she personally is ok with your heels but she knows that other people you could meet would think you are a weirdo and she feels uncomfortable with it. So heels at home or you alone outside seems to be an acceptable goal you could reach
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    Yea I dont act any different when I'm in heels I'm still the same person I am without them. (As I'm sure most people on here are the same way) Those particular heels are about 4.25" but i dont think the height has much to do with the problem. I will definitely figure that out for sure in the near future. Thanks I will definitely try to find the balance between the two.. I dont want to give up either one Yea of course I dont see the ordeal like she does. I'm definitely trying to understand it all from her side. And your right she doesn't know about the clothes but she knows about all my heels and I've worn them all around the house when shes home. She has known that I have heels shortly after we started dating. That I have never hidden. All my shoes are in plain view in the closet next to all (probly 40-50 pairs) of her heels. I can do without the skinny Jean's and skirts. I enjoy them but they are more just accessories to the heels. I can give up the slightly fem attire I have. But I know the desire for heels isnt going amywhere. That's the plan. Thank you all for your opinion and words of wisdom. Its is greatly appreciated!
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    Focus on her for a while. We will be here
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    I tend to shy away from discussions like this, but in this case I feel compelled to reply. First of all, let me tell you Brother. . . I feel for you. My wife also hates my heel wearing, but for whatever reason she tolerates me, and tolerates me quite extensively, with some well defined, carved-out exceptions. I honestly cannot tell you the reasons why our significant others object to our fashion choices, but I will hazard a guess that it is really a hangup with the idea of being different. I guess I don't really know what to tell you, other than to keep talking if you can. I hope she realizes that you're the most normal guy, only 3-4 inches taller outside the house. What p1ng74 says makes a great deal of sense. In fact, that's kind of how I started out, and my wife got used to me in slightly elevated heels and had very little problem with it. The difference between you and me, and I believe also p1ng74, is that we evolved after we were married, and a little bit at a time. It wasn't like one day we came out of the bedroom wearing five inch Louboutins and tight skirts and said to our wives, "What do you think of me now?" I saw your pictures of your short skirts and your pointy-toed stiletto pumps and thought, "How can his girlfriend suddenly object to some pretty tame block heeled boots with pretty ordinary pants?" Then I read back a few pages and realized, "Oh. . . his girlfriend don't know about that shit, does she?" And therein, you have a problem. The true "you" is kind of far away, at least in fashion sense, from the "you" that you have presented to her. I realize I am not telling you anything that you don't already know. I'm just putting it right out here in print for open discussion. I apologize if I come off as being anything but sympathetic, because I am, in fact, very sympathetic with your plight. I think that nearly all of us on this forum who are seriously attached to another person have been through, or live this every day to one degree or another. Carry on, Brother, and try to make the best of it. Now is not the time for rash action. I wish I had better advice, but the only advice I can really think of is that Logic has nothing to do with any of this. You can't Logic your way out of this. Well, why could you? Heels in and of themselves are illogical, but we love them anyway. Just treat her extra kind while you two are experiencing this change together. Who knows what good things might happen?
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    My local Torrid store has offered on several occasions to stay open later or open early to allow me to shop and try on cloths / shoes if I prefer . They seem to want me to come back for future sales . Lane Bryant has offered the same . My wife is with me most of the time and it's no issue . Then again as it's been mentioned , heels are a good way to inform the sale staff you are looking to purchase women's attire . One other thing , always wear a product from that store you intend to visit . Sales people are looking for input on your recent purchase from them .
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    I think you’re approaching this with a sensible head, I’ve been married over 30 years now, i still wear heels regularly enough to enjoy them but as i said not with her, flat knee high boots under trousers are not a problem and on odd occasions I’ve pushed the boundaries very slightly and got away with it, she accepts me wearing heels on full show around the house and even outside when I’m alone, she knows she’ll never stop me wearing them so now she doesn’t try while at the same time i respect her thoughts on this matter, she actually respects me greatly for what i do and thinks it takes a lot of guts to walk round in public as a man wearing heels and long boots on full show, but can’t bring herself to come with me, a compromise can be found that suits both of you and you can still enjoy your heels as i do, you’ll just have to accept you’ll have to do it in your own time. At home we sometimes wear heels together and have a bit of fun, we’re both the same size so we can swap shoes and boots lol and this helps with her understanding of my passion, we also look at heels and boots in shops together but for me there’s no trying on in shops together, that’s only done alone. Good luck and keep enjoying your heels but be careful not to throw away something very special mate
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    I’m back here again wearing the same new look boots i wore yesterday, i walked in behind another chap, we were the first two in this morning, he was served before me then he went and sat down on my usual sofa, I’m thinking he obviously doesn’t know who i am lol, so I’m relegated to a different seat today, it’s filling up nicely now and no familiar faces yet, let’s see how it goes
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    Maybe you can work out a compromise to start and see where it goes. The heels in your picture look to be at least 3.5”, which is fairly normal for me and HHP but we have to admit is pretty unusual in the broader world. How does she feel about a 2.5” cuban heel, which is relatively common in men’s fashion? I am only suggesting this because I am living a similar compromise right now with my wife, who is opposed to the feminine look of thin heels but has no problem with my 3” underslung heels.
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    Then show her you are no different with or without heels. That heels do not define the person. You just like life 3 inches higher. For me, I wear heels all the time, so I wont start a relationship with a woman without her being on board with me in heels (and with my nails). She needs to love me for who I am just as I need to love her for who she is.
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    If you are going to post photos of yourself dressed as a woman, including "body parts" then they will be deleted.
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    I dont agree with any of that. If that's what you want more power to you. But I myself what to try and make this work. Yes I love heels but I certainly love the woman I am seeing more than heels. I know my love for heels isnt going anywhere but I'm willing to work on this and try to make it blossom into something great instead of just running away so I can wear heels everyday.
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    balletboot it won't be easy but. you will have to admit it that you both are just not compatible with each other. continue with the relationship and it will deteriorate in the future. some women like your girlfriend are sadly insecure/territorial/ with an inferiority complex towards men in heels. at 24 I ditched having girlfriends and getting married because wearing heels made me more happy and nothing else did. there are things about marriage and girlfriends that put me off it. I'm 31 and made the right choice because it's 2019 and some women sadly still have these dated views. I wear heels and in the end I can't just live in other people's expectations and make them happy every minute. it's 2019 and we don't have to do that anymore. balletboot it would be best if you make yourself single again yes it will be tough at first but from what I have viewed. there's a puzzle piece missing from your confidence and that is meeting women when wearing your true style. in your mind you think women will run a mile if they see it. but read back from the forum and you will see more positives than negatives. look at eddie izzard and the amount of female fans he has got. they know he is a straight guy but they find him attractive especially in female style. having one bad relationship is not the end of the world. some guys here have had one bad one but found a great woman in the end. don't stay with a woman with silly social norms because they act like spoilt brats who cry if they don't get there own way. many women like confident men and i'm sure you have had a few women flirt with you when they seen you wearing heels in public. i'm glad that I have no woman in my life because it makes me selfish but they are even more selfish than I am because I can't stand there hypocrisy because of what we want to wear.
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    I feel sad for those who are not “allowed” to wear your heels out with your SO. As @AZShoeNut puts it And this is true also. There are many issues involved here: insecurity, jealousy, the fear of not be cookie cutter normal, ... If you have been wearing heels all this time why should her knowing about it change things. The only difference is she knows about it. This issue is particular important to me. I switched to wearing women’s shoes about the same time I was breaking up with my wife. The break up had nothing to do with my shoes. I started to wear high heels a few years later when I found the benefit (pain relief) I got from them. So I wear high heels about 70-80% of the time, and I plan to for the rest of my life. I am presently looking for a girlfriend AND I have decided that I am going to up front with wearing heels. My dating profile includes the lines “I often wear 4+ inch heels (wedges, booties, ...) for … pain relief” and “I'm looking for a woman that has enough confidence in who she is that this isn't an issue or somehow feels threaten by it.” I know this really limits who I meet, but then again I don't waste my time with a woman with a narrow mind about who can and cannot wear heels.
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    Awesome heels on those boots!!!!
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    Well I’m here this morning in a very quiet Costa, in fact I’m the only person in here, I’m wearing my latest addition from new look, only arrived yesterday so it’s their maiden voyage, think the half tortoise shell heels add something a little different. Had a nice little chat with the young female assistant about them whilst she prepared my coffee. Let’s see if it gets any busier over the next hour
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    My other pair i ordered from new look have arrived, black knee high boots with full length zip and 31/2” half tortoise shell heels, had to order a size 6 as the 5’s had sold out, glad i did though as they seem quite small fitting and the 6 fits perfectly, an absolute bargain at only £10, hope you like them
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    Nice bbots, like them under the jeans. Nice bbots, pointy and nice heel.
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    Just taken delivery of some Onlymaker 5" nude heels from Amazon. Size 9, heel measures 13cm.
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    Here is my latest acquisition. They are studded candy striped t-bar slingback heels. The brand is Wild Diva Lounge. They look and fit great! The only drawback is the colour. It will be hard to pair them with things.
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    Some weeks ago I saw these Sandals, OK, chinese producer but I was so curious, I had to have them, so I orderd them and they came in today. they are 16cm at EU43 but I can not walk in them, just for lying and playing the heel has a diameter of 0.5cm, very thin and sexy Got them for a longer time now but I love them so much and for that heel hight they are quite good to walk. Heel 17cm, no platform at size EU43 the qualiy is, chinese shoes, very good And the third is a wedge with 14cm heel, nice to walk esspecialy for shopping or out to town - high but walkable size EU43 again
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    My first pumps. Size 42 eu. 5 inch or 13 cm heel.

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