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    Happy Birthday to us... Happy Birthday to us.... Happy Birthday dear HHPlace Community.... Happy Birthday to us.... HHPlace is today officially 17 Years old! The community has come a long long way in the last 17 years and knowing all of the original founders, one of whom was a good friend back then too when he passed the community over to me to look after (13 years ago) has been a lot of fun and at times, a bumpy ride... I only wish that in the last 17 years, wearing shoes would not still be such a taboo. You would actually be considered more of an oddball if you were barefoot! We can however celebrate that several members here are on a daily basis proving to the world that its actually not an issue and its simply the fear in your own heads that are holding you back.
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    Finally received my first comment today on my heels, and a second one the same day! First was from a coworker at the break area. “Those are fancy boots, they make you so tall.” I think this is what most people see. There is nothing outrageous about wearing black suede heels, and most people would take a passing glance and notice nothing more than dressy shoes that happen to have a heel. Second comment was from a male sales associate at Nieman Marcus Last Call. He just said “Nice shoes!” By the way, I have done a bit of shopping these days and finally discovered that Last Call has by far the most comprehensive selection of shoes in size 11+. Literally, they have rows and rows of highest quality heels in large sizes, beyond anywhere else I have ever seen, and marked down to prices that make shopping anywhere else almost idiotic. I didn’t buy any shoes as I think I am quite satisfied right now, but I did come across a pair of lambskin pants that I had to get. Again, my mind is a little blown at the discount price I paid for real lamb skin... and to think, it I didn’t have the creativity to just look around in the women’s section, I would have never seen it.
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    I've posted these in my album too, but obviously HAVE to post them in this thread too had some good quality time getting to know my new pairs of boots this week, as well as an OTK pair I bought last year but have hardly worn. I must say, the OTK (or even thigh high feel) is almost intoxicating! Here first are the high heeled OTK boots, called KENDRA from Asos. I had them in my saved items for a good while, and then they went out of stock. they suddenly came back in a size 9 UK during the sale a few weeks back, so that was the sign I needed from heaven, so I grabbed them - probably a single pair that was returned or something. Link: https://www.asos.com/asos-design/asos-kendra-point-over-the-knee-boots/prd/8213666?ctaRef=my orders the other 2 photos are the flat (I guess 1" is pretty flat!) OTK boots I bought last year, also from Asos, called "KEEP UP": https://www.asos.com/asos-design/asos-keep-up-flat-over-the-knee-boots/prd/8012318?ctaRef=my orders
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    Yes I enthusiastically thanked each person because they offered positive encouragement. I have enjoyed dressing up since I was a teenager, and am open to experimentation and improvement. In the office and business meetings I am almost always the only guy wearing a blazer, etc. My goal with heels is not to suddenly transform my overall look, but to expand its boundaries. Based on the reaction from the street, I think it is working, because the heels have not garnered any more attention than wearing a new blazer or tie. Most people take cues on dressing appropriately based solely on what everyone else is wearing. I like the idea of putting together my own style that is still befitting and appropriate.
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    A Japanese typewriter is a fearsome beast. https://www.quora.com/How-did-the-Chinese-and-Japanese-type-their-native-language-before-computers-How-could-they-use-typewriters
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    Wow! Funny, I always thought that it might be a good idea to know some marshal arts as a fellow out in heels.
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    Ah yes the typewriter. I knew there was a reason I kept my Olivetti 98 manual typewriter (made in Brazil) all these years. My son still uses it. HappyinHeels
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    I was amused to read the other day that the cabinet minister in Japan who is in charge of computer security had never used a computer and did not even know what a memory stick was. Whatever he may lack in technical nous it can’t be argued that his communications - all on typewriter, apparently - must be the most secure in Japan.
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    Happy Birthday HHP. As a military commander might tell his unit; "Congratulations on a job well done". That is what I would say to Tech for 13 years of dedicated service. Yes, you are right there are several members here who have, through their own example of doing and writing, experiencing and documenting, the wearing of heels by men can be fun and liberating and they found the only heretofore obstacle to doing it was the mental barrier they had erected in their head. No sky was falling and no bogeymen jumped out of the bushes. If the website continues to inspire other men then it will have continued to have fulfilled its goal of bringing people together through understanding. OMG, I'm starting to sound like a community organiser.Seriously though, I thank Tech for being the community organiser we all needed. HappyinHeels
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    If you want one perspective on what the inside of the tech goliath is like then take a look at this: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/01/08/facebook-culture-cult-performance-review-process-blamed.html It supports what I've learned over the past four years. A supposedly progressive (left-leaning) beacon of creativity and entrepreneurship for the world is actually a stifling place to work seething with discontent. Zuckerberg and his cohorts are drowning in their own hypocrisy. When one decides not to open a Facebook one is denying food to the beast. Tip of the day: Ever wonder how millions of IP addresses around the world were accumulated and later distributed??? Not through millions of court orders or declarations of any national emergency. Nope. It was largely done via those funny-looking revolving antennas on the Google cars used to make Google Earth. They drive by and vacuum up all the open wifi connection information including IP address and a company called MaxMind then maps it all and distributes it. While some cars do photograph new areas much of that imagery in Google Earth was actually provided by other sources such as different nations' geography bureaus, forestry satellites, agricultural surveys, etc. and then stitched together. The IP addresses are used to target ads at all those who are using their "free" services. I used to have a wifi then changed all our connections to a hardwire system. Using a proxy device also helps keep a lid on all the snooping. It's gotten way out of hand and people need to get their head out of the sand. 2019 is here and, yes, there is some similarity to the world depicted in the 1986 film "Running Man" to what I see today. Stay alert and informed, but not afraid, and you can devise strategies to simplify your life and minimise stress. HappyinHeels
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    That’s a nice compliment and nice of her to give it.
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    I received a third comment this evening right after posting this. When the lady tending bar in the restaurant gave me the bill, she said “You probably walk better in those heel than I can. You’re rocking them!” Fun day today - and I get to contemplate opportunities to wear these nice pants
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    Well today is the day! I felt well enough at work that I got back into my heels tonight. I initially put on my Jessica Simpson knee boots, but the sole on the right one is now severely separated and until I can apply some adhesive to it to remedy the issue, I won’t be trying to do any walking in them. However, I opted for my 4” Steve Madden boots, as I figured the more time in them, the easier it will get! The one downside to the new place is that there is no full length mirror to get a full picture. So for now, it’s just the boots...
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    #2 and #3 are a nice look - I think I actually prefer #2 -the most natural look of them all
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    This may sound contrived, but I have found that wearing mid heels (70mm) can help ease back spasms. All the same, be careful.
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    oh no! Feel good my friend!
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    @pebblesf I agree some notice, and it might take time for people to process it and think of something to say. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the feeling of wearing and walking in an extra inch. Went out shopping and walked around a bit yesterday, logging 3.3 miles according to the health app. Tonight I decided to play with the suede look:
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    So the boot shaft is not completely hidden, but I’m thinking nobody else around me will ever figure out what is going on just by looking lol.
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    Despite January, it is so warm here we are running air conditioners. But that is not stopping me from wearing OTK boots in to work. No one knows except me, though we will see if anyone asks about the heels...
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    Youbetcha..... Airplanes (including helicopters - he he) and High Heels, the best of both worlds!! I find reading aircraft accident investigations to be both fascinating and life saving. But when flying (piloting) I leave the heels at home, or at least in the suitcase. Have fun..... sf PS.... Melrose, sorry - sorta got off topic here. Now back to the regularly scheduled programming in progress.
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    Today I'm shopping at Dress Barn with my wife. A sales woman is wearing the boots they sell (called Angela) and I tell her how nice they look and she tells me:"They are very comfortable." I wanted to say:"YES, I know!" I wore mine for 6 hours last weekend. About a 3 inch heel. Pointed toe. They are vinyl but still nice. They are starting to put them on sale and they do come in wide. Says Angela on the box. Wonderful low priced heels. Zipper up the side and expandable calf.
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    New Year’s Eve early morning and it’s busier than i expected, pretty much all male customers and no familiar faces so far, i walked in wearing my next western slouch boots over some skinny biker jeans, the 31/2” heels are quite clicky but no one seems to be paying any attention, let’s see how many more come in this morning. And for the benefit of Jeremy I’ve photographed the heel aswell this time lol. Happy new year everyone Gaz xx
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    Recent purchase from Zara, black leather platform boots

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