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    I have enjoyed reading the spectrum of commentary about Facebook. Whilst it may have appeared a valuable tool for old friends or military buddies to find me I believe, in light of revelations over the past few years of the abuse of privacy which Facebook has engaged in, my decision to never start a Facebook account was indeed a wise one. I can find high school classmates via the class website and many others I can find using investigative techniques I learned over a career. Maninpumps makes valid points on Facebook's usefulness and recognises that usefulness may not extend to others. Personally, Facebook strikes me the same way Google, and Apple, and the other tech giants do as sorts of futuristic octopi with their tentacles in every personal crevice. Since I have no use for Facebook I agree with Cali, Shyheels, JKrenzer, and dww. There are others who have Facebook accounts but who clarify its use by paying particular attention to what you put on there and I agree with those sentiments as well. I love simple and for me if I don't have an account then life is that much simpler. Works for some but not for me. HappyinHeels
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    I am on Facebook and find it to be useful . Great for getting in touch with family , class mates for reunions or social groups with the same interests . I have also had people see me in heels on Facebook and most have just passed by some have spoken a word or two . You put your life on Facebook you better have thick skin . One in here stated you are advertising yourself , I could not agree more . For me the benefits are endless for others not so much .
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    Absolutely fantastic picture....beautifully showing how high those are and the angle they force your feet into. I used to love wearing these.
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    While what Chorlini said initially made my eyebrow go up I realize there's a certain amount of truth to it. I believe women everywhere want to feel comfortable with whichever man is at their side. Certainly women committed to a meaningful marriage want to. I also recognize there are those who actually view men as an accessory and those unions are destined for divorce. Good marriages and great relationships are those which put shared values of faith, loyalty, and effective communication above everything else. I believe that's the point p1ng74 is making. He likes his fashion sense but likes his marital sense even more. HinH
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    You make an interesting and thoughtful point about matching and mismatching as couples, especially as regards the introduction of heels. I had not considered that aspect of it in quite that way before. Think you're onto something. Thanks for the food for thought...
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    I agree with the spirit of this statement too actually, and I don’t think it means that men are relegated to decorative roles next to our wives. We talk a lot in fashion about a “matching outfit” that pairs articles going together. If you spend time watching people, you start to also see patterns of couples that “match” each other in the way they look and act, and based on the matching attributes you can tell that have been together or married a long time. As with fashion, women tend to have a keener eye for this, but it can be learned. This is how people who work high end retail and sales develop intuitions on whether two people are “together” when they are browsing a store. It is natural for married people to want to appear to be “together” when they are out and about, and over time our wardrobe and overall look gravitates towards habits that result in my wife and I “matching” each other. The details happen unconsciously, as overthinking it usually yields awkward results. When we go out, I look like my wife’s husband, and she looks like my wife, and it all happens without much thinking. This context is significant because for me, wearing heels can be a huge disruption of this. My wife never wears heels. I looked through her shoes once and only found one pair over 1”. She also rarely wears skirts and dresses. In our 11 years of marriage this continues to work because it “matches” us as a couple. It is going to take time before it would ever make sense for me to wear 4” heels when we go out together. Currently, they would clash with the loafers that she usually wears. Based on inspiration here at HHP, I have discovered that it is relatively easy for a man to add heels into fashion in a way that evolves whatever they already have going on. Since I do a bit of traveling and working alone, it’s a fun way to break up monotony and push creativity. But I also realize I have to be realistic when it comes to relationships. Accepting an individual fashion style is a much smaller task than evolving two people’s wardrobe and habits as a single unit. Communication and creativity will prevail, and we’ll work something out.
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    For 2nd hand shoes on eBay I've found the UK version to give you the best results. Dutch eBay, not so much as most people in the Netherlands use markplaats.nl instead. Prepare to meet a lot of weirdos and time waster there though. German eBay has some occasional stuff, but mostly its professional sellers selling new shoes instead. Almost all Chinese made. You could try your luck on Aliexpress, but those take forever to arrive and good luck making sense of what size to chose because its like spinning the wheel of Fortune. It's either always too small or occasionally too big. At size EU44 (male I take?) and a small budget your options are going to be limited. It is as it is. I'm a male size 41 myself and I still find myself unable to squeeze into any female size 41 or 42 pumps, maybe the odd boot for some strange reason. Oddly enough strappy sandals and ballet flats in those same sizes seem to handle larger male feet a lot better. Go figure! The sad reality is, you will never really know if a pair of shoes will fit you until you try. I've bought expensive Peter Chu heels which I thought were made to perfect fit, they still didn't quite fit right. I've bought cheap strappy size UK8/EU42 sandals at the local Primark, they fit. Go figure! Forget Zara as they always run small. I've tried many pairs from Aliexpress, never found one that fit me right. Anything made in Italy always tends to be on the extreme narrow side so order bigger. And if you're going to order online, make sure its a place that you can return too, and if you find a brand that does fit, match made in heaven, take notice for future orders. And in closing, while Pleaser shoes kinda look cheap, they're made in China after all, I find them to quite comfortable to wear. More so then most expensive brands. Plus they have a large selection, so if you find your correct Pleaser size (after all, every brand is different) you have at least something to chose from. tl:dr There is no cheap easy solution, there is only endless try and error. So be prepared for lots of trying and errors. It is as it is, so be sure to keep your receipts so you can get a refund.
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    New boots today. Men’s slim jeans this time.
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    I was speaking figuratively about what would constitute the popular definition of high heels - the point at which one - a man - would be considered to 'have crossed the line'. And that s totally subjective and arbitrary.
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    Hi... I'd love to say yes.... Lol. But had the same pair and many similar photos previously. Yes very feminine
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    Backs are dodgy things - I speak from dreadful experience. Take care. It's great that stretching and ibuprofen are helping. Be mindful in future. I wasn't - or at least not as mindful as I should have been and ended up in a very very bad way about 15 years ago. At that, I was extremely lucky as the surgery worked miracles. Take are. Don't go there!
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    @pebblesf I agree some notice, and it might take time for people to process it and think of something to say. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the feeling of wearing and walking in an extra inch. Went out shopping and walked around a bit yesterday, logging 3.3 miles according to the health app. Tonight I decided to play with the suede look:
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    I think in the early days of one's public heeling journey, one is tempted to place far more emphasis on the fact and phenomenon of it than what it actually deserves. Do not be tempted to make such an announcement on Facebook. Not only will it not do what you hope it will do, it is just simply a waste of mental energy. What you actually want is for people to forget that you wear heels all the time every now and then. Just wear the heels, as often as possible, as well as possible. Don't draw special attention to it. People will accept you, eventually.

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