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    My Sam Edleman "Olencia" boots finally arrived. I normally wear size 11s, but they only had size 10s, unless I wanted suede. I definitely wanted the black leather, they are the classic design that I love and I am guessing the heel height is 4.5-5.0 inches. The are a little snug, but fit fine, and super easy to walk in. I have probably walked publicly about one mile so far with no issues, although my ankle did give way when one heel sank in a crack in the sidewalk the other day in Atlanta. Fortunately, I saved myself from falling. These boots are made of nice leather, and the heels are sturdy, I paid $130 which seemed very reasonable. Sorry for the photos, guess I should have worn lighter colored levis....
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    We drove back home yesterday stopping of at the motorway services twice on the way. I was wearing my Ralph Lauren ankle boots with a 3 1/2” heel, zips up both sides. We stopped at one Services for an hour where we wandered around browsing in the various shops as well as having something to eat. After eating we went and sat in the Starbucks as that was all that was on offer in terms of coffee choices. we relaxed back in some comfortable seats to have a decent break from the car. The heels on my boots were very clear to see and it was very busy, probably the busiest public space I’ve worn heels in to date. I was surprised how easily I managed to drive in the boots but they didn’t present any problems. I’ve attached photos of the boots, apologies as the photos are not the best quality.
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    Got my leather ankle boots, tried'em on and wow!!! I could walk a thousand mile in those full leather beauties soooo comfy and smooth for my feets
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    Yes we just wandered around and did everything that we would normally do. The only difference was I had to take smaller steps and walk more slowly due to the heels.
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    Thanks, the second services was packed, very busy and noisy. Not the most relaxing stop off but we managed to relax a bit even if we could only manage to eat a burger and get Starbucks coffee! Still you can’t get a relaxed artisan coffee shop experience at a packed motorway services. My Wife wasn’t at all bothered that I was wearing heels but then again she was the one who found them on the website and suggested we buy them. The toe is almond but still fairly narrow. Minimal noise with these particular boots but the background noise was so loud as to be unbelievable. It was still good though to get some heel wearing in during day to day activities and with so much public exposure.
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    Most interesting! Well, since I wear a 13 wide, it's highly unlikely a woman would ask to try on MY heels! Heh!
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    I would personally liked it more without the platform but they are something I would like to have in my closet. Not sure how they would look taken outside, but I guess with skirt or dress they could go amazingly well.
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    Leather is always best. Polyurethane is known to peel and crack just sitting in the closet after a while. Leather allows water vapor to escape so your feet and legs don't get soaking wet on even moderate days.
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    I haven't posted in a while! These are my new heels! My friend helped me pick them. We did a weekend in Vegas where I actually wore heels in public for the first time ever!
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    Today I went shoe shopping for the first time in a while. I wore a unisex sweater with a Covington rain jacket, bootcut jeans, and my Aldo chunky heel ankle boots with 5"/12cm heels to the Gurnee Mills Mall in northernmost Illinois. That's me at my car leaving. The second photo is what I bought; some cute tan wedge sandals with the rope that climbs the calf. Quick in and out as I do not waste time. The wedges were on the clearance rack so the total was less than $22 USD. HinH
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    I reasonably often (say once a month at the most) get asked by a woman if she can try my heels on. its never the first approach, like she wouldn't rock up and ask me if she can try on my shoes, but she might have complimented me already and if I seem ok then she asked then, or a little later. sometimes if one person tries them on, then another wants to as well. If a woman asks nicely and is stylish herself and I sense she is genuine (which almost all are) then I swap shoes with her. I won't let a man put his feet inside my heels though! They're off limits despite sometimes being asked usually when they see me swapping shoes. just wondering if anyone else gets this degree of curiousity?
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    HinH, I personally have given up reading his posts. Generally very negative, and quite honestly, they are rarely about heels, rather focusing on yoga duds or some such thing. They don't really apply to the focus of HHPlace in my opinion.
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    Do not worry Jeremy, I am not here to judge, everyone should wear what they like no matter from where it came. And you are not wrong about the wedge problem. As I am quite new I do have some confidence problems as well as living with parents. They accepted my change. But they do not exactly support me in it. For that reason I would like wedges. I am trying to find some sneaker wedges, probably in black colour but so far no luck. I need size eu 43 which is very hard to come by. Also czech republic is not the most change liking country in the world. Soooo its somewhat hard for me to get it out. I am planning on doing college starting september 2019 and only wearing high heels to the school. Lets see if I can keep my promise.
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    Yes, cut a dash during the holidays by all means!
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    pebblesf, Those are indeed very nice boots. Now go wear them somewhere exciting over the holidays! HinH
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    In general people go through life at far too hurried a pace. That is one of the things I treasure about seeing cityscapes and landscapes at the human pace of a bicycle.
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    Yes, but those tradeoffs for wearing heels are minimal compared to the rewards! Good job! Steve
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    How nice that your wife is so easy going and supportive, but then again it isn’t as though you are in any way making a spectacle of yourself - but rather putting a normal face on the idea of men wearing heels.
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    Welcome, @Krystof - great to have you. Those wedge boots are really cute. I too have only seen quite expensive wedges boots (or hideous looking ones!) other than a fabulous pair I bought a year or 2 ago on Ali Express (don't judge me )
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    Great looking boots there, @pebblesf , I really like the look too - enjoy them
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    Well done mate, must have been a great feeling. And with your wife's encouragement am sure you will continue enjoying your journey!
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    I do like those boots mate, it’s a fabulous look and as many have said you should blend in very well with that look, well done mate
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    Very nice boots there mate, looks great on with the jeans aswell, wish you would stop by Birmingham mate, (although i think we’re talking about different Birmingham’s though), could have a great meet up there
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    What's next? How about an evening gown? And yes, I'm dead serious about wearing one if the right opportunity presented itself. I'm sure I could it off, when it comes to women's clothes, there's almost nothing I wouldn't look good in, the fact I'm parading around in leggings is proof of that. I'm glad to have discovered that secret! Heh! You are quite right about that! Jaunt #475, 12/19/2018: I decided that I would soak in some culture, and the best place to do that was at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, a delightful place to go on a jaunt, and I went there in my black leather jacket over a gunmetal gray sheath dress from Primark, black 100 denier tights, the Payless “Martinez “ ankle boots in black and a black handbag. It was a partly sunny and considerably chilly day, so the heavy jacket and thicker tights came in handy to keep me warm, in the meantime, it had been awhile since I last wore a dress as I was satisfying a recent need to wear leggings, so it felt darn good to be back in a dress, reinforcing my love for wearing women’s clothing which looks great on me. Now, every time I visit the museum, I make it a goal to see EVERYTHING there, yeah, I know that’s something of a fool’s errand, considering how large the place is, but it’s an objective I enjoy undertaking as I enjoy seeing the sights there, if you were to ever visit the museum, you’d understand why. From the moment I entered the place, I was warmly greeted by a staffer who said she remembered me and wished me a happy holiday. Even though I only visit two, maybe three times a year, it’s certainly good to be recognized, perhaps I stand out as the middle aged gentleman who wears dresses and heels (the occasional splash of lipstick), and that’s fine by me because I enjoy standing out in that manner. Now, the place was a little more crowded than normal as there were teenagers all over the place, class trips I guess, the exhibit, “Fabulous Fashion: From Dior’s New Look to Now” was still ongoing and I went to check it out, seeing all those glorious and glamorous dresses and outfits from the 50’s to the present day, I found myself think how I’d love to wear some of those fetching costumes. A genial, white haired woman in her late 60’s must’ve thought the same thing as she looked my up and down then said, “Young man, you’d look very nice in some of those dresses”. I chuckled and agreed with her. To me, this is what it means to be a fashion freestyler when I long to wear dresses displayed on manikins because they’d look fabulous on me, and I’m not even kidding because I know I’m right. I would end up spending nearly three and a half hours at the museum, walking the floors at a slow and leisurely pace so I could see as much as I could, soaking in the culture like a sponge, wondering about the inspiration of some artists, trying to understand genres like cubism and surrealism (the latter had me scratching my head) while marveling at the many pieces of art and sculpture from periods going back to the 1500’s and earlier. While perusing European art from the 1500’s, a black woman staffer in her twenties walked up to me and said she liked my pearl necklace and earrings, saying how her grandmother loved wearing pearls and I thanked her for the kind words. At the end of my day at the museum, I think I saw just about all there was to see, but, to be honest, I wasn’t sure, but, that’s a good thing since I have a reason to return there in the future. More to come....
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    Don't get to Birmingham very often, but will surely let you know if and when I do! Don Yeah, the size 10s seem to fit pretty well. The tall shafts are tight around the calves though, real tough to get the jeans inside the boots, don't want to wreck the zippers....
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    Again, nothing at all extraordinary about the look. Not surprised you blended in seamlessly
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    They look good with the dark jeans.
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    Thank you pebble, yes they feel fantastic
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    Leggings are very common place around these parts. It's pretty much the bottoms of choice amongst women here in the winter. When I wear them I don't feel out of place at all! and they are very warm and comfy to boot! Anther reason I wear them, And I know women and @JeffB will back me up on this. No pun intended. But if you have any kind of behind, It makes it look amazing!
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    Sam Edelman is one of my staples and I usually get a size 10 as 11 seems too big. I had a pair in 11 and had to give them away because my feet were sliding around. On the other hand Vince Camuto seem to run smaller though I do have two pairs in 10 but I had to stretch them.
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    Nice boots there!!!! Sam Edelman makes some excellent quality boots. I found a pair of their black leather over knee boots a few weeks ago at Unclaimed Baggage in Scottsboro,AL for $40 in like new condition. Unfortunately, my ladies sz 11 foot would not squeeze into a sz 8.5. If you are ever laid over in Birmingham, AL or Chattanooga, TN, it would be worth your while to rent a car and make the drive to their store. Boots are seasonal so don't waste time going in the summer. They have a little bit of everything there and at good prices. Call me if you know ahead of time that you will be laid over at Birmingham and maybe we can meet up. Merry Christmas and Happy heeling to you.
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    It's not very far from Love Field on Northwest Highway.
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    the best thing is wearing her heels while she wears mine. Its like a mutual understanding.
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    I really like these! I like the kind of look the hardware gives, and the sheepskin at the top looks comfortable. They look like they would be enjoyable to walk around in outside, especially in cold weather.
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    Those money was not wasted an thats a statement for sure. Comfortable and easy-going shoes. I'd walk a thousand miles in those pups
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    Leggings have always been women’s best kept secret lol
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    Evolution of Jeff skirts -> dresses -> (now) leggings What's next. If more men just tried leggings once they would be sold on how comfortable they are. Then maybe we can (as a gender) acquire these as men's staples. I would love to be able to wear a tunic, leggings, and knee high boots to work. Maybe one day (soon).
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    Morning school drop-off complete . . .
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    And a pair of Monicarinas... Would be nice if someone knew where I could get a similar knock off pair.
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    Hi everyone, my first post on here. I just made a welcome thread too for more info, but here are the booties I recently bought from Call It Spring. Suede front, everything else stretches which is nice, since my feet are kind of fat now.. I love how point they make my toes look. 4.5 inch heel, no platform, size 10US for those curious. I've worn 7-8 inch heels in the past, but none with this arch. And I don't think I can ever go back to anything less than a 4 inch arch now. I definitely like them over leggings or under tight jeans, I love the look. Please enjoy!
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    This weekend on Sunday we travelled to see some friends before Christmas. I chose to wear my black ankle boots with a 2” heel as these are comfortable to drive in. Additionally they don’t have a leather covered heel so aren’t damaged by the heel against the mat on the floor of the car. we stopped for coffee at two motorway services along the way. Despite the heel noise I don’t think anyone noticed the heels. Or if they did I wasn’t aware of them. It was a good chance to just wear heels in everyday situations. Those are nice boots and I like the height and heel shape. I need to look out for some tan ankle boots.
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    I stayed on Fremont. I wore my black Jessica Simpson strappy heels with flared pants, black long sleeve top. My friend did my makeup and hair. It was fun! I was out for a few hours and finished it up with a margarita at 4am. Oh jeez, I was kinda fumbling in my heels by then
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    Apt. 9 Daylight Apt. 9 Daylight
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    On a side note too.. Note sure if anyone here goes as far as I do (cause I'm pretty crazy) but having worn skirts/dresses for years, when you're shopping in the womens dept .. the good clothing stores have several pairs of black high heels in the fitting room area so when you're trying a dress on you can see how it looks when you're in heels... actually quite sensible really, but its fun wearing their heels when trying stuff on. Also get lots of compliments from women shopping who can see what you're wearing when you come out to check in the areas full mirrors etc...
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    Hi! Hope all's well... long time no speak!
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    i am so happy of my previous pair off pumps from 1969 , i just bought another pair, the same, in white !
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    This pair is one of my girlie pairs. Have some pink and purple pairs too but I think bows define "girlie" quite well. If they were pink or fushia probably would have put them "over the top". I will definitely agree that the butterfly heels define "girlie" and would be seen on a Disney Princess in the movies.
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    So I finally wore heels out. Been a long since I wore them out. It was fun, exciting and felt like me, but also nervous and my mind couldn’t stop thinking of what other people were thinking of a guy in heels. This is what I wore to a party our realtor was having.

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