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    My Sam Edleman "Olencia" boots finally arrived. I normally wear size 11s, but they only had size 10s, unless I wanted suede. I definitely wanted the black leather, they are the classic design that I love and I am guessing the heel height is 4.5-5.0 inches. The are a little snug, but fit fine, and super easy to walk in. I have probably walked publicly about one mile so far with no issues, although my ankle did give way when one heel sank in a crack in the sidewalk the other day in Atlanta. Fortunately, I saved myself from falling. These boots are made of nice leather, and the heels are sturdy, I paid $130 which seemed very reasonable. Sorry for the photos, guess I should have worn lighter colored levis....
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    Got my leather ankle boots, tried'em on and wow!!! I could walk a thousand mile in those full leather beauties soooo comfy and smooth for my feets
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    I haven't posted in a while! These are my new heels! My friend helped me pick them. We did a weekend in Vegas where I actually wore heels in public for the first time ever!
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    Today I went shoe shopping for the first time in a while. I wore a unisex sweater with a Covington rain jacket, bootcut jeans, and my Aldo chunky heel ankle boots with 5"/12cm heels to the Gurnee Mills Mall in northernmost Illinois. That's me at my car leaving. The second photo is what I bought; some cute tan wedge sandals with the rope that climbs the calf. Quick in and out as I do not waste time. The wedges were on the clearance rack so the total was less than $22 USD. HinH
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    I reasonably often (say once a month at the most) get asked by a woman if she can try my heels on. its never the first approach, like she wouldn't rock up and ask me if she can try on my shoes, but she might have complimented me already and if I seem ok then she asked then, or a little later. sometimes if one person tries them on, then another wants to as well. If a woman asks nicely and is stylish herself and I sense she is genuine (which almost all are) then I swap shoes with her. I won't let a man put his feet inside my heels though! They're off limits despite sometimes being asked usually when they see me swapping shoes. just wondering if anyone else gets this degree of curiousity?
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    Sam Edelman is one of my staples and I usually get a size 10 as 11 seems too big. I had a pair in 11 and had to give them away because my feet were sliding around. On the other hand Vince Camuto seem to run smaller though I do have two pairs in 10 but I had to stretch them.
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    Nice boots there!!!! Sam Edelman makes some excellent quality boots. I found a pair of their black leather over knee boots a few weeks ago at Unclaimed Baggage in Scottsboro,AL for $40 in like new condition. Unfortunately, my ladies sz 11 foot would not squeeze into a sz 8.5. If you are ever laid over in Birmingham, AL or Chattanooga, TN, it would be worth your while to rent a car and make the drive to their store. Boots are seasonal so don't waste time going in the summer. They have a little bit of everything there and at good prices. Call me if you know ahead of time that you will be laid over at Birmingham and maybe we can meet up. Merry Christmas and Happy heeling to you.
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    It's not very far from Love Field on Northwest Highway.
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    the best thing is wearing her heels while she wears mine. Its like a mutual understanding.
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    I really like these! I like the kind of look the hardware gives, and the sheepskin at the top looks comfortable. They look like they would be enjoyable to walk around in outside, especially in cold weather.
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    Those money was not wasted an thats a statement for sure. Comfortable and easy-going shoes. I'd walk a thousand miles in those pups
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    Leggings have always been women’s best kept secret lol
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    Evolution of Jeff skirts -> dresses -> (now) leggings What's next. If more men just tried leggings once they would be sold on how comfortable they are. Then maybe we can (as a gender) acquire these as men's staples. I would love to be able to wear a tunic, leggings, and knee high boots to work. Maybe one day (soon).
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    Morning school drop-off complete . . .
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    And a pair of Monicarinas... Would be nice if someone knew where I could get a similar knock off pair.
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    Hi everyone, my first post on here. I just made a welcome thread too for more info, but here are the booties I recently bought from Call It Spring. Suede front, everything else stretches which is nice, since my feet are kind of fat now.. I love how point they make my toes look. 4.5 inch heel, no platform, size 10US for those curious. I've worn 7-8 inch heels in the past, but none with this arch. And I don't think I can ever go back to anything less than a 4 inch arch now. I definitely like them over leggings or under tight jeans, I love the look. Please enjoy!
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    This weekend on Sunday we travelled to see some friends before Christmas. I chose to wear my black ankle boots with a 2” heel as these are comfortable to drive in. Additionally they don’t have a leather covered heel so aren’t damaged by the heel against the mat on the floor of the car. we stopped for coffee at two motorway services along the way. Despite the heel noise I don’t think anyone noticed the heels. Or if they did I wasn’t aware of them. It was a good chance to just wear heels in everyday situations. Those are nice boots and I like the height and heel shape. I need to look out for some tan ankle boots.
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    I stayed on Fremont. I wore my black Jessica Simpson strappy heels with flared pants, black long sleeve top. My friend did my makeup and hair. It was fun! I was out for a few hours and finished it up with a margarita at 4am. Oh jeez, I was kinda fumbling in my heels by then
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    Apt. 9 Daylight Apt. 9 Daylight
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    On a side note too.. Note sure if anyone here goes as far as I do (cause I'm pretty crazy) but having worn skirts/dresses for years, when you're shopping in the womens dept .. the good clothing stores have several pairs of black high heels in the fitting room area so when you're trying a dress on you can see how it looks when you're in heels... actually quite sensible really, but its fun wearing their heels when trying stuff on. Also get lots of compliments from women shopping who can see what you're wearing when you come out to check in the areas full mirrors etc...
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    Hi! Hope all's well... long time no speak!
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    i am so happy of my previous pair off pumps from 1969 , i just bought another pair, the same, in white !
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    This pair is one of my girlie pairs. Have some pink and purple pairs too but I think bows define "girlie" quite well. If they were pink or fushia probably would have put them "over the top". I will definitely agree that the butterfly heels define "girlie" and would be seen on a Disney Princess in the movies.
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    So I finally wore heels out. Been a long since I wore them out. It was fun, exciting and felt like me, but also nervous and my mind couldn’t stop thinking of what other people were thinking of a guy in heels. This is what I wore to a party our realtor was having.


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