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    Jaunt #349, 12/21/2016: What a better way to celebrate the official first day of winter than with an outing. The irony of it all is that it really wasn't all that wintery as the skies were partly sunny with temperatures that reached into the upper 40's, and while it wasn't exactly balmy, it was comfortable enough to venture out in my faux black leather jacket over a magenta mockneck, my button down denim knee length skirt, the Walking Cradles "Elites" riding boots and a black handbag. I drove into South Jersey and to the multiplex across the road from the Cherry Hill Mall where I watched Assassin's Creed, a movie based on the popular videogame franchise starring Michael Fassbender, having never played the game (or any videogame for that matter), I had no idea what to expect, but I found it to have been a pretty darn decent action flick, well worth my time. After the film, I drove over to the mall for lunch in the food court, as usual, there was no consternation over my attire while I enjoyed two slices of pepperoni pizza with a bottle of water. Ahh, tasty! Then I went into JCPenney to do some shopping, however, I shopped for MEN'S clothing, namely pants as what I currently have in my wardrobe for work was looking very threadbare and was in need of replacing, I managed to find pants on sale for $19.99 a pair, so I bought four. Yay me! From there, I casually wandered through the mall for nearly an hour, easily blending in with the throngs of people doing their shopping, I did see an odd stare and glance here and there, but nothing more than that, I paused to enjoy an Auntie Anne's pretzel as a post-lunch snack, then spent a good twenty plus minutes in the Apple Store as I silently debated updating my current three year old iPhone. I didn't buy anything, but I got ideas on what I might want to splurge on myself for the big day. Leaving the mall, I drove down to the Moorestown Mall, going into Sears, I treated myself to a couple of nice ladies leather belts (one black, the other brown), then wandered through the mall which wasn't quite as crowded as Cherry Hill but still had plenty of people milling about doing their shopping but I went ignored, which is how it should always be when on an outing. Nothing flashy or fancy, but then, that's not what I go in for while out and about in public, call it my personal mantra, and one I enjoy. More to come....
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    curiousheels, Now you have an array of input. Thighbootguy had enormous experience with all manor of boots and wearing heels as a guy in general. Others, like me, are more into sandals or pumps whether worn with other items "feminine" and "masculine" blended in or just "dudes in heels". Either way you have to decide what you want to get from the experience of wearing heels. They are not wall decorations but works of art for the feet so embrace them as an expression of your identity. Once you do this first critical step then everything else which follows will be logical and comfortable to you. HappyinHeels
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    Went to the cobbler with my boots again. This time to stretch out the vamps so my feets wont be choked til death As I stood there by the counter line with the shoe bag on the counter desk he helped a nice girl with something, he looked at me and asked "Is it same item as last time" yes it is I answered, then he just opened the bag (he asked ofc) and said to the girl "Have you ever seen any nice boots like this?" while he was pulling them out of the bag and showed them. The girl just smiled. That cobbler is a funny one. Jokes a lot and got no limits. He mentioned somewhere with a glance of irony he'd would get a skirt for those boots and started wave with his apron like a skirt in the wind. Both of us laughed. But with the serious side. He's impressed of the boots. I dont know how many ppl has seen them at his place. A fun part. Those boots is the first to be seen when googling for company name.
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    There are lots of posts about getting your first pair of heels but here is a summary: don't start with 5" stilettos, boots are easier to walk in than pumps, try them on in the store, buy something you can wear confidently. It sounds like you guys have the potential for a fun shopping trip. In an earlier post you said you were a US male size 10 which will put you in the US women's 12-13 range and will limit the shoe stores that will have your size. Try Payless and Shoe Show. It will be interesting to hear what store your friend suggests. I suspect there are two extremes of first time male heel shoppers. One just wants the sexiest looking shoe he can get on his foot, and the other is looking for something that doesn't look like a girls shoe he can wear as part of normal attire. It will be interesting to see where you land. You said you were a guitarist. I suggest a pair of boots with a block heel that you could wear as part of your musicians presentation. Remember the goal is to enjoy your heels.
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    What do you think about this folks? The hat does blend in to the roof a li'l. Anyhow. I thinked this may be a weekend outfit among the other in the village. Some girls input would be nice as well @tina @HeelsWearer
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    Firdt. Outed for my mother. She laughed. A lot. Then she calmed down. Liked them. Wondered how I got the idea to buy them. She texted a image to my older brother. Directly he answered brokeback mountain. I texted him that it took more balls than he got to wear them and stick out. Still no answer from him.