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  1. Where can I find these pups?

    Who else do we have that making custom shoes? [Edit] maybe I should ask onlymaker when they are back from celebrating chinese new year?! Lemme hear. Do I mess up the look if adding a more chunkier heel like this instead for more stability?! https://goo.gl/images/F7tD7E
  2. Where can I find these pups?

    Thank you for the tip @jeremy1986 I finally managed to find out that they were sold by "The kewl shop" but they're discontinued since a pair years ago... Hopefully I'll find anyone that will make a pair for me for a decent price. So far "FSJ shoes" offered me the price $179, extremeheels.net $1.120, Allan at imakebootsngloves I dont know yet, but maybe tomorrow. [Update] $480 inc. shipping from Allan. Fsj does not feel fully ok after reading reviews at trustpilot and amazon...
  3. Where can I find these pups?

    As I sighted at pinterest. Spoked to me very much. Or do I have to custom order them?
  4. A phenomena at eBay...

    Have you recieved your shoes yet. If so how was the quality?
  5. My first time out (my only time out actually)

    I saw those pics in the facebook group "men in heels" Stunning as always A.
  6. Boots and Shoes that we wish we owned?

    As I contacted the manufacturer about size request, they cant produce sizes larger than eu43
  7. A phenomena at eBay...

    Hi BFGheels. Thank you for the tip. Seeing forward for the review! But I'm sorry for being a li'l bit negative now, but many of those shoes has been passing by my eyes on aliexpress while spending time there.
  8. A phenomena at eBay...

    That was a good advice, never thought about that. Thank you for the tip.
  9. A phenomena at eBay...

    Womans size ofc.
  10. A phenomena at eBay...

    Well. My shoe size is US15/UK13/EU46. That narrows my possibilities pretty much to find a pair decent shoes. Many chinese manufactures does not even make those sizes. Eu46 is compareable to Cn48 or Cn49. The most shoesizes goes to Cn47.
  11. Boots and Shoes that we wish we owned?

    New rock neotrail heeled series speaks to me really much but they dont come in my size... http://www.newrockbootsusa.com/assets/images/Ladies-Newrock-Boots/Neotrail/M.NEOTR005-S22_2.jpg
  12. A phenomena at eBay...

    ...just have to be discussed... As I'm trying to browse at eBay in Europe for a pair decent heels for my large feets, there's just those china heels from aliexpress to be found (and pleaser) All other brands is drowning beneath the China's, This has been going on for some months and is just annoying. Next problem is the CN sizing. It varies from maker to maker. Never know if they are too large or way too small. Have you experienced the same phenomena, lemme hear
  13. new boots !

    That is a stunning outfit Joe. I'm jealous of how well you pull it off
  14. Collection and pics from down under

    Bah. Bogus. Best is n + ∞ (infinity)
  15. my 017 adventures

    A good advice use to be test on a hidden spot if a miscolouring occur.