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  1. Tank you Nope, sadly not, this was a second-hand buy
  2. Giaros fitted perfect, montego cork wedgies way too small.
  3. Do not browse eBay during influence of alcohol, it tends to be expensive, kinda. Got two pairs from same seller. Giaro gold/red wedgies and montego bay brown/cork wedgies.
  4. I'm stunned. Nothing more to say.
  5. Ship fee inside europe €30, outside eu €40
  6. If second hand is an opinion, try eBay. I have bought many pairs off from there for nothing. I see that you are from Belgium. How do you handle the german language? There's a lot of second hand at german eBay. One brand that's decent and there's a lot of is the brand Giaro. They tend to be true to size as eu46 equals to us15 or uk13. On the other hand. I might have a pair that would suit your feets. They are smaller than the other pair eu45 in same brand.
  7. I do not have a personal facebook that can't be connected to me as person, got one for my two purring kittys, but I'm member in one secret heel-group there where I show my collection for equals
  8. That'd be fun to participate in. I do not believe that we have WAM here in Sweden. The closest to that, but still so far away is the Pride, but thats nothing for me.
  9. Worn 'til it's death something. I'm out for something majestic, this is a good candidate.
  10. Ok. That sounds good'nuff for me I'm just waiting for restock and then "boom come to me my precious" The heels itself is some kinda hard plastic material, hopefully reinforced Outsoles somewhat grip patterned, which is good!
  11. Thank you The us flag is a part of my Polo Ralph Lauren soft bag as I use when traveling. At my house I keep the swedish flag in pole top as often I can, I might break some unwritten rules about flagging but I'm proud being a citizen of my country Well done sire! I salute you Go buy something nice from IKEA I just bought a new kitchen, complete with white goods from'em
  12. Since last year my measures are stable at 105/98/104 cm, 103 kg (41.3/38.6/40.9, 227 lbs) I would say rough cut and a little (not much) gut.
  13. HinH: Much of our thrift store clothes comes from china or other eastern countries. I do not have the balls to enter a store for similar clothes, as well my biggest concern is the sizing. I'm pretty tall even w/o heels as we speaking the length 6'4". The best would be a tailored dress that fits a straight figure is my toughts. Lemme hear yours
  14. That is a good question, at last they'll be heard
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