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  1. Opa! Just bought those beauties.
  2. Thank you yes I'm very satisfied and yes there'll be loads of fun
  3. Hi. Thank you Yes it makes the selection narrower, but what i use to say: Do not see the limits, see the possibilites. You are showing up one heck of a great image there, makes me jealous On the other side. I'm running short on big sizings, but that makes my bank account happier I do not wear in public, not in the closest surroundings by 150 km at least. Too shy for that
  4. I'd say very comfy, no pinching.
  5. Got them, tried and wow <3 I love the arch, the style, the look and useability
  6. Struttin around in heels at my construction place my new gianrico mori 20170805_211748_1.mp4
  7. What suprises me most is that HÃ¥kan got a big fan club and sells his records like crazy.
  8. You asked for it. Here we go. https://youtu.be/Q2hBiFvQjEM
  9. Found a size chart of Gianrico Mori. Hopefully it will help
  10. If I post a link you'll carve your ears out and fill the empty holes with concrete
  11. I'll see what happens. Something will happen.
  12. They know 'bout my cowboy boots but nothing more. Thats good for now
  13. Shiiet. There's gravel in the machinery. I was going to make a little road trip to south sweden for a relatives wedding. Now it seems like my non-knowing parents are going to take the same route as me the same day. This trip was planned like "chock the swedes" with a tanktop, manskirt and italian heels
  14. Yeah, I totally agree Can't wait to try'em out
  15. Yes that's mostly why I couldn't resist 14 cm heel and 3 cm platform so rise is about 11 cm.