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  1. As there's always a reason to wear heels
  2. Those Giaro thigh high boots, got them off eBay around 2012(?) but also my second pair as well. Why so? I had my first pair for a year and a half maybe, just got them for more kinky purposes. But I got an another meaning and got rid of them. A half year or something like that I started to miss them, so I sniffed up one more pair at eBay again, from that moment on I got stuck with heel addiction.
  3. Would you let this contractor into your house to fix the heat pump?
  4. And I thought that I've said to myself: "Do not buy more heels this year", Yeah right... What did I do? Bought a pair...
  5. Those https://www.high-feelings.de/stiefeletten-blockabsatz-nappaleder-schwarz-sw060007?c=2238
  6. I'm not too sure about those ankle boots though. Myself I do prefer untucked with bright jeans, migt be different withdark ones?
  7. Awesome otk boots Alex, where did you get them and what brand?
  8. Shoes are meant to be used, this guy is doing the right thingy kudos for that @Mitsysun1400
  9. The heels themselve are firmly attached, it's more weak construction, everything is moving if the stilletto are getting bent.
  10. There are some metal bracket thingys there as well, not so much to hang in a christmas tree tough.. The main problem was that last I glued them, I did not use the clamps as I do now, so the heels was flexing badly. However. I will evaluate the reparation tonight. Edit: some more glue on one heel base.
  11. This should help the wobbly heels Some shoe goo and a pair of clamps
  12. Well as a answer to that I'd say that I work as a contractor, stupid 'nuff to understand how things work as my occupation demands me to know electricity, piping, thermodynamics and mechanics. And not forgotten. Thank @pebblesf, @bambam and @CAT for the comments
  13. I used stretch spray and some socks yesterday, helped a lot
  14. Thank you Pierre. Looks like I have to shove them on with bigger socks and more stretching spray to get them even better. It helped a lot yesterday
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