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  1. Literally. With a friend of mine, by his cabin just a hundred km's from norwegian border. We went down to the nearby town for some groceries. Saw the most awkward moment. A nice chick with hot heels, as she was walking t'was the most stiffest bent knees I ever seen on a heels wearer, she looked like she was going to fall. However i felt a bit bad for seing that. Anyhow. Out on the lake t'was a kodak moment I was going to share with y'all
  2. Thank you. This was around 10pm. Below arctic cirkle. So we do not have night sun just short nights
  3. Got some pikes, seabasses and whitefish
  4. Yep. Like hair conditioner for the soul Thank you. This image was a shot "on the run" from the boat with my Samsung S7.
  5. Thought it'd take longer time than this to start this thread... Anyway. There's a halloween party next friday night. I have considered both back and forward but today was the first step in this progress. Took my cowboy boots to a cobbler today to get some accurate treatment products. To say this. I dont was nervous at all. He got stunned when I took the boots out of the bag. Whoaw, sexy boots, they are way cool he said. He wanted also put out a pic of them on the webpage. Go for it I said. There was many questions about them. Then he recommended me to put a outsole on the boots. This meeting couraged me forward. My b*lls growed very much of this, and that leads to the halloween outing next friday. As I live at my parents while restoring my own house they'll gotta know first of all but they hasn't seen them, yet... But the reactions will I share with y'all And of course. I have been inspired of all outings and more from you guys. Without this board I'd still seen heels on guys as something kinky, including myself.
  6. A more fair pic
  7. Yet another reading. Not the same tempo now but. 107 kg and 104 cm around my waist. First goal achieved, new goal maded up. To reach the two digits zone LCHF is not a diet it's a life style
  8. I have actually thinked over it. Some day there'll be a public out and about but what is the best style to be passed w/o notice but still a heel. In my complex brain there's thoughts 'bout cowboy style as they're heeled in mens style as well like this one Cowboy boots Or am I thinking wrong?
  9. I wouldn't raise a eyebrow either tbg. That does really look good
  10. I'm not lying. You sure do get away with cowboy boots. This pair is not the most discrete ones.
  11. I'm having decision trouble. I cant buy all 3 of them just 1 pair. http://s.aliexpress.com/AJ7rumiY pair 1 http://s.aliexpress.com/NBnqqIJb pair 2 http://s.aliexpress.com/rMVvqyMv pair 3
  12. Who says heeled cowboy boots are for women. I dont go for it bud.
  13. For me it started with more kinky purposes. But when I realized it was more than so it took some more heels and a insight that this is very enjoyable. But I'm still stuck in closet with the most except for my cowboy boots.
  14. Odour
  15. Outsole
  16. Condom
  17. Oscar wilde
  18. Actual readings. 114 kg and 109 cm waist. My tight jeans is starting to hang loose
  19. Picasso
  20. Barracuda
  21. We do the same here in Sweden actually. It seems rude to walk inside a house with shoes on.
  22. Base
  23. Less
  24. Pirate
  25. Letterman