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  2. A great looking pair, @stiletto15 Would love to see more of the heel itself.
  3. Sounds good. Would love to see the styles
  4. Great combination buddy, powerful and alluring indeed
  5. Thanks for "furthering our cause" buddy!
  6. Well done, WenHH! The first steps into a larger world are always the hardest. More often than not, things get easier from there. Keep on keeping on!
  7. Sooo Bubba136, Please share (if you care to) your adventures wearing 6” heels at Belmont Park racetrack in New York.
  8. Looking good @WenHH- I like the black ones more!
  9. Girly indeed - especially with all that lace!
  10. Yesterday
  11. I don't mind it, neither here nor there.
  12. Not a fan. I know a girl who has a collection of Louboutin Pigalles, So Kates, and YSL's. The cleavage on each to me looks unattractive. The pinky toe almost looks like it will pop out from under the vamp on many shoes.
  13. Rag and Bone Newbury’s off eBay. Good price, and comfortable but the leather could use a bit of conditioner.
  14. Those are mine. Paired with stockings and Shiny leggings can feel girly
  15. @flavioThanks for coming by. I agree there's no such a place for us to be 100% safe. We must have hope that someday that will change and our community will change. Thanks also for stories about Your countries. It was pleasure to read. I'm currently kinda busy at work and I don't have much time to go heeling but I managed to go one day in previous weekend. Only photos with no story behind. Apologies for those baggy pants but I only had time to grab shoes on my way to field trip. Next I will post my story about New Year's Eve 17/18
  16. I have to say I'm not a fan either. This is just me, but I've never thought toe cleavage looks in any way appealing.
  17. doesn't it depend on the shoe style? It can't be helped with a lot of pumps these days? I've just become used to it I guess - but I prefer the silhouette of a classic pump - and nowadays for a lot of them that does mean some toe cleavage may happen.
  18. Not as girly as other shown here, but here are mine In comparison with my most masculine heels
  19. Now enabled, new feature, see how it goes.. Feel free to try it out and play with it. Any questions or issues, drop a reply in here, I have opted to be notified of replies here.
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