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  1. I met my postman at his truck and he gave me a big box that contained two pair of boots! Both pair were from and were shipped for free. They are both Chelsea Moreland "Gorgeous" OTK boots size 12 with a 4" block heel for about $30, one pair in gray and the other in red. I'm going to have to really give some thought into how to wear the red pair as they are "attention getters". I'll probably pair them with my new red leather short jacket. The go with the taupe pair I purchased a few weeks ago.
  2. Great looking boots. Good luck in your search.
  3. This morning I had to go to my bank and see the manager and complete a transaction. I wore my new OTK taupe boots with 4" block heel over jeans. To quote the current Lending Tree commercial "This is what I wear when I go banking". The manager remembered me as the last time I was there I wore a skirt and boots. Anyway, after the bank I went to the post office and then my favorite thrift store. When I walked in one of the ladies called out, "Oh, I like your boots!" I called back a thank you. While I was there I spotted a long suede skirt in a size 10 for $3. My first thought was I don't need another leather skirt. My second thought was I can't wear a 10, but for $3 I tried it on and to my surprise it fit. The color works with these boots, but I think my black pair will be better. Planning what to wear with global warming is a challenge. Yesterday was in the 30's F and boots over jeans was really comfortable. Today it's in the mid 60 F and boots and jeans are noticeably warm. The temperature is expected to vary this much, almost daily, over the next week. I'm still looking for the cooler weather as I ordered two more pair of these boots in red and gray and I'm expecting delivery today.
  4. Very elegant. They look great with all your outfits. Well done.
  5. Google translation - Very nice boots you wear them well
  6. Last night I broke with a tradition I have of not mixing heels and my musical friends. Most of the time when I'm performing solo I often wear tall boots with 4-5" heels but when I'm in a jam session I wear boots but with flat to 2" heels. (These are almost flat heels but typical of what I wear when performing.) A friend described most of the folks at the jam sessions as "Old guys with flannel shirts and pony tails", which is close to correct. I play well enough to command the respect of most in the jam sessions as a musician and I kind of counted on that to have this group accept my freestyling. Anyway, I was wearing my black faux suede OTK boots with 4" block heels all day and when it came time to head out for the jam I grabbed my hat and guitar and thought "why not". I did wear them as knee high rather than OTK height but I went to the jam in 4" heels. For the first two hours there was a large group and I played standing up. After that we split up and I played for another hour sitting. The only comment was when one friend asked me (when no one else was around) how tall I was with those shoes. I had to stop and think to remember how high a heel I had on. As far as I could tell, most noticed my boots and just figured, without surprise, "that's him, he does that" and went on enjoying the jam. I probably won't make wearing heels to a jam an all the time thing simply because I have a lot of boots with lower heels that I like to wear. But, I've broken the mold so I'm sure I will wear heel at a jam again. Before anyone asks, skirts are too much of a fashion stretch for this group and consider the difficulty of sitting with a guitar and remaining decent while wearing a short skirt. To my eye heels in the 4" range are more "dressy" then my low heels boots so I'll have to improve in the "flannel shirt and pony tail" image when I wear heels. But then I don't want to be too far out for these casual jams. Like I said, I broke the mold and had a great time.
  7. I do hope you realize how fortunate you are. Please tell her that the guys here appreciate her supporting you and are a bit envious.
  8. Great look. Well done JeffB and complements are always nice but especially from women in their late 20's (which puts complements from old farts in their 70's into perspective ).
  9. The heels look great. I'm assuming "the wife" is your wife... did she mind your wearing heels and did she have preference?
  10. That is it exactly. Some skirts are cut more straight lined from the waist to the hip and these tend to fit a male nicely. KneeBooted's skirt seems to have a noticeably smaller waist that I hope matches his proportions. However, the skirt was sized as S, M L, XL,... rather than an exact size so it may be cut for a more universal fit.
  11. That skirt looks great but it does taper a lot at the waist so I hope it fits. Link
  12. Nice looking boots. Take a look at that vendors OTK collection.
  13. I don't know how I missed this thread. I always show off my boots when I wear them with jeans (or leggings, or a skirt, ...). I just came back fro Sam's and the bank wearing my blue OTK faux suede boots. These really are a little short for OTK length, but they looked good on the Chinese model when I ordered them. Yesterday the temperatures were in the low 30's F and today it is almost 70 F. Not only do we have to deal with coordinating the colors of an outfit and making sure our heels look good, but now we we have to contend with global warming. I'm expecting snow by tomorrow.
  14. I stopped by my favorite thrift store with no intention of buying anything and walked out with a pair of black knee high boots in a size 11 with a 3" stiletto heel and a black knit dress. The ladies at the counter, who know me very well, still remarked that they didn't see how I could walk on those heels, and I insisted that these weren't really serious heels. If you haven't guessed, I really like my new hat. I was out and about earlier today with a trip to my chiropractor (just a tune up) and several trips to the court house. I stopped in a local park for a picture.
  15. Good heavens what an interesting image. Try blocking out one of the boots with your hand and asking yourself to describe the wearer, then block out the other one and ask the same question. The combination describes a very interesting/diverse person. Typically when I think about contrast in an image I'm thinking photographically of the range between light and dark. This image got me thinking about contrast in a whole different way. I am avoiding my suggestion to wear boots over the pants leg. There is already enough contrast in that image. Thanks for sharing.