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  1. @Heelster You might consider one of these to carry with you, just in case. Glad the most serious injury from the tumble was your pride.
  2. Daring indeed. Going to accepting places is a good idea, but you might be surprised how many of them there are. It takes a while to get used to presenting yourself that way but once you get used to doing it, it gets a lot easier. You don't need my confidence lecture but getting used to presenting yourself is the next step past the "having confidence" step. These are still places I don't go in a skirt or dress but hardly anywhere I won't go wearing boots. Another thing to remember, and I have to keep reminding myself of this, is that no matter what you're wearing the world looks the same to you, but you look "different" to the rest of the world. I sometimes really forget what I'm wearing and am surprised when I notice or get a reaction for someone. It really is a great look so enjoy it (and I really do love the boots).
  3. Looking for the feature on the six o'clock news. Fishnets don't provide much protection, but they sure look good. I've had similar issues with a failing shoe and boot heel but neither resulted in a fall but I didn't have a backup so I had to hobble my way back to the car.
  4. Great boots and great look. Is this an out and about outfit?
  5. ???? Why not? Why buy shoes you won't wear? If you're going away on a vacation, what better opportunity to wear them?
  6. What great organ video! Thanks for sharing. The instrument seems to be the Richards, Fowkes & Co. organ in Scottsdale Arizona. As well as playing the pedal board and expression pedals with her feet, there are a series of black toe buttons above the pedal board that are presets for registrations. As for playing in her heels... it just seems like it is making a difficult task harder without obvious gain. Most organist change into their playing shoes while sitting on the organ bench and then change back to their regular shoes after their performance. Organ shoes don't wear out from walking, rather they eventually fall apart form old age. The heels on the shoes in the last two pictures are typical for organ shoes where the player uses both the heel and toe to play notes. Are they yours? Again thanks for sharing.
  7. I had exactly the same experience many years ago at a restaurant in Rochester New York. I had to borrow a jacket from a co-worker who had several with him. This was way before I was heeling in public and since this was a business dinner I went along with the indignity.
  8. Going out fashionably attired is something I'm going to have to put more effort into. I haven't worn anything (except a pair of sweat socks) from the guys side of the store for years. I now have very few reservations about going out in a skirt or a dress. I'm still struggling to understand why there are some days when the desire to dress in a skirt or dress is almost overwhelming and other days the desire is not there at all, but that is a whole different topic. Unlike @JeffBand @CAT, whom I suspect dress for an outing, my dressing is for normal daily wear. If I'm just going out to get the mail, or a quick run to the grocery, I don't spend a lot of time coordinating an outfit. I usually notice what the temperature is going to be and then pick a pair of boots based on whether I'm wearing leggings/hose or jeans. Finally I add a top and jacket, again, depending on the weather. Of recent I have started to pay more attention to colors. I used to wear mostly black but have discovered that I can (and enjoy) wearing colors and this complicates things a bit. When I'm serious about going out, I will add some makeup and my favorite, false eye lashes, and jewelry. This takes a time commitment, and I figure if I'm going to spend that much time, I ought to put more effort into the outfit. I am still torn between JeffB's more reserved look with longer skirts and shorter boots and CAT's mini skirt and thigh boots. I am currently in between with skirts/dresses either just above or below the knee and OTK faux suede boots with 2-4" block heels or the same boots with jeans. When I'm at a musical venue it's with boots and jeans for a couple of reasons. First, most of the guys are fashionably attired in flannel shirts, jeans, and pony tails, and second, playing a guitar or cello while sitting in a skirt just isn't practical (but the boots look good holding the cello ). I do pay attention to outfits JeffB, CAT and others show us and try to learn from their example and for that I offer a heart felt thank you.
  9. I know exactly where that is... about three miles south of "Resume Speed".
  10. Great boots and a great story. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Today was a day for getting dressed up and going out and about. Last night I wore my black OTK faux suede boots with 4" block heels to a big jam session. I left my guitar at home and took my cello and had a grand time. There are accessories for a cello that will keep the ground peg from scooting around when you are playing. Not having one of those accessories, I hold the cello in place with my legs on either side of the instrument, which looks good considering I'm wearing OTK heeled boots. Anyway I enjoyed those boots so much last night I decided to wear them again today but this time with hose, a short black knit dress with a cowl neck and a black leather jacket. I added a wide black belt and some makeup. Today's style was much less CD and more @JeffB, but I really enjoy wearing eye makeup. The first stop was a Sam's in Cincinnati. I took my time wandering through the store and other than a few polite smiles I was ignored. I did notice that when I got to the register an extra lady clerk came over to "help" the lady running the register. After Sams went to a Fresh Thyme Organic market just to wander around. Several miles down the road is a large shopping complex. I parked and went into a Shoe Carnival then walked about a block to a Nordstrom Rack and went in to look at shoes. They had a very nice selection in 11, 12 and 13s. I did not try anything on because even at sale prices I can't afford to even be tempted (and I really don't need any more boots). I walked back to my car and drove over to Kentucky. I stopped in another large shopping plaza and headed for a Famous Footwear where I browsed around. I was treated to a little rug rat pointing out to his mother that, "That guys wearing a skirt". I then walked over to a Kroger Super Store and bought a couple of things. My final stop was a thrift store in Newport. As soon as I walked in one of the lady customers said, "Oh, I really like those boots!" She went on to say that I looked nice but went back to "I really do like those boots!" I thanked her for the complement and went on looking around. After this much running around it was time to head home and "cool my heels".
  12. When I first saw those boots I thought they were a little too bold for my taste but the more I see them the more I like them. The lugged sole, bold zipper, and block heel all work really well together.
  13. Excellent outfit JeffB. The time you spent putting it together was worth the effort. The booties and skirt work well and the necklace tops it off. I think your being over sensitive about wearing pink. You wear it well. You had better pull on your thigh boots and mini skirt soon before the weather gets too warm and you forget what a great looking (and feeling) combination they are.
  14. Nice boots and a great fit. They go well with your outfit.
  15. Great blend in look JeffB. I'm not surprised you were ignored by most of thee folks at the mall. Most of them were wrapped up in their own world and the look you present does not scream "man dressed as a woman" in fact it hardly mumbles it (that a complement). It really is a most interesting goal you have of "blending in" in woman's clothes rather than passing as a women. It really is a much less stressful goal.