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  1. Thanks. Had these pair for a year now and wear it almost everyday
  2. Thanks Henri Yes, I will wear them as much as possible in fact I am still wearing it as I type. I just got home from work and wore it as soon as i got off from work, walk in the basement parking lot, got into my car and drove home (an hour drive because of heavy traffic) and stop by a bank atm machine to get some cash in middle of my way home.
  3. Another purchase for this new year, sexiest pair of pumps i have for now, black patent will always be the best. Sorry for the poor quality photos.
  4. Sharing my new purchase for this holidays, velvet stiletto pumps from mango
  5. Hey jim102, love your nine west flats. The second pic that i have is also a lower eastside i got from payless.
  6. Nicely done. neat and simple but beautiful indeed.
  7. Hi Peeptoe, Nice pedi and I really love the sandals. Please post more pictures of that lovely sandals.
  8. I too always have a few pairs of pumps, flats and sandals in my car. I wear them always as soon as i get to my car and start to drive. Once i get home, i slip on my favorite pair of black pumps which i wear on a daily basis at home.
  9. 1st, 2nd and 4th pic are the same pumps from mango. The 3rd pic is from payless shoes.
  10. Went to a payless shoe store about 3 weeks ago and got new heels, black polished pumps and a strappy stilleto sandals. I mentioned to the lady who assisted me that i am actually looking for heels for me where she immediately suggested some style and ask me what type do i like. She gave me a lot of shoes to try on and i just keep on trying them on and see if they feel comfy and look good on my feet. The feeling was priceless and i have never tried on so many pairs of beautiful shoes in my life in a store. Ended up buying 2 pairs which i liked the most because of the heel height and style.
  11. Thanks Strumpher. Its my favorite type of pumps and toe cleavage is my thing. I find it really sexy
  12. Its just a matter of getting the right size and correct fit. I dont buy pumps even if its the right size for me and fit a bit uncomfortable. It should be perfect to wear with or without stockings.
  13. Yes, the fit is really perfect. The best fit i have in all my sandals. Will post another pictures soon. I believe heel height is 4.5" heel.
  14. I just got these awhile ago. Love it.
  15. Its a flat sandals from crocs. I believe the name is really sexi t-strap. Heres another pics. I like this a lot since it looks nice with jeans.