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  2. Brand new pleaser delight 3000 womens size US13 equivalent to a men's US10/11 or bigger as I've got small feet, I actually wear these with thick socks. Patent (shiny latex) worn once to get accurate sizing. I prefer the matte PU material. Asking price is $110 including international shipping.
  3. Pic no.1,5,6,7&8 are size 10, the rest are size 9
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  5. Unfortunately, Our country had stepped backwards recently - in more ways than one. It's almost embarrassing what has happened in some of the society.
  6. It was fun. Even with the change of attire, the skinny jeans and another pair of heels was a hit. Lots of compliments regarding the ability to even move in heels. (big platforms)
  7. - - I don't think so !! If I'm in need of a cane, then I'm not walking to dinner regardless of the footwear!!! My road rash knee hurts the most. Gonna be a pain for a few days. Oh - - and The Warsaw Federal Incline theater is a nice Venue!!
  8. I do so want to do that.. Not the "epic fail" of course, but do the whole get-up and go see Rocky Horror..
  9. Guess.. Unfortunately they're a tad small (10) and I don't think that style goes to 11 (Spinal Tap pun intended).. I did find another pair very similar in 11 so I run them more often.
  10. Jim Bob Walton
  11. Jim Bob Williams
  12. When people start throwing accusations of 'isms around basically any debate or conversation is over. It's the debating equivalent of trying to win an argument by detonating a nuke. The shame nuke.
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  14. @Heelster You might consider one of these to carry with you, just in case. Glad the most serious injury from the tumble was your pride.
  15. Daring indeed. Going to accepting places is a good idea, but you might be surprised how many of them there are. It takes a while to get used to presenting yourself that way but once you get used to doing it, it gets a lot easier. You don't need my confidence lecture but getting used to presenting yourself is the next step past the "having confidence" step. These are still places I don't go in a skirt or dress but hardly anywhere I won't go wearing boots. Another thing to remember, and I have to keep reminding myself of this, is that no matter what you're wearing the world looks the same to you, but you look "different" to the rest of the world. I sometimes really forget what I'm wearing and am surprised when I notice or get a reaction for someone. It really is a great look so enjoy it (and I really do love the boots).
  16. Walk to dinner at a wine bar was in broad daylight - - - Ding!!! Went back to the car and changed quick - Yes there was another person with me to verify my event. No panic just kinda pissed. The locals at this street corner market were not being easy on me for sure, but sometimes you just have to ignore the assholes and proceed on - - that's pretty easy for me. Lucky I had bandages in the car - - took 6 to cover it all. After a review of the shoe failure, I have come to the conclusion it was the shoe. (I'll post a picture later) considering, No ankle injury at all. Once you see this, your gonna wonder.
  17. I didn't say your thread was about sexism. I said I was surprised to see so many sexist comments.
  18. Amnada and Jkrenzer are wrong. This post isn`t about Sexism. This is the actual society! Heels tend to decrease! I`ve got one girl said after being pregnant she is no longer wearing heels.
  19. Heelster, Too bad that happened but you had a backup pair! I always carry a pair in my handbag more so for change of mood but it could help in a situation like you had. Rocky Horror usually plays at night and cellphones don't usually take good night photos beyond 15 feet so your fears on people posting videos with anything distinct may be unfounded. I would say this though. I never wear a really high heel that I haven't tested somewhere else. ANother option is this: Went to a party once wearing 5.5" heels until I got to the venue then changed into 8" heels in parking lot where surfaces were uniform and smooth. You're better for the experience! HappyinHeels
  20. Thanks!!! I bought them off of Aliexpress.
  21. those are awesome heels, where'd you get them?
  22. I just received these new Oxfords in the mail yesterday I love the height of the heel and they fit and feel amazing!!!!
  23. I would say yes, Thighbootguy. I have ventured out to a few shorter outings in my outfit. So far I went to get a sandwich at Subway late night and another night I went in for a drink at an empty and remote bar, late night as well. Tried out this look at an adult social club that I visit regularly. Early this morning I went off to Starbucks and gas station. Mostly I look for less crowded, safe and accepting places since this is my most daring look.
  24. Looking for the feature on the six o'clock news. Fishnets don't provide much protection, but they sure look good. I've had similar issues with a failing shoe and boot heel but neither resulted in a fall but I didn't have a backup so I had to hobble my way back to the car.
  25. Great boots and great look. Is this an out and about outfit?
  26. Hi was just looking to see if there were any new members here in Florida or Georgia area. Just hoping to meet some people within the area that feel the same way as I do about heels. If that is you please drop me a message here or send me a PM hope to hear from you soon.
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