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I've used the word New in the title, but I may just be slow on the uptake and this may be old news, correct me if i'm wrong.

Over the weekend, while browsing hhpage on my phone I was plagued with adverts from Shein. (Shein.co.uk)

Decided i'd go and see what all the fuss was about, and they have hundreds/thousands of shoes and boots (among other things). Not completely sure of the origin of the site, as in this day and age contact details can be very sketchy.

Long story short, I've placed an order, which I think will be coming from China. Estimated delivery in 8-10 days.

The post person will be busy.

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They are an ultra-fast low cost fashion website with a reputation for ripping off other people's designs.

Google "shein problems" to find out a lot about why you might not want to buy from them.

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Yes, interesting to Google them, it does seem that there is a certain degree of content relating to the ethical side of this organisation. There was a mention in some site details that there are regional distribution centres, EU, US, which may help reduce the green issue but does not go anywhere near the topic of workers or materials. Maybe I won't make it a regular haunt.




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