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  1. It is indeed a real shame that there are almost no women left. I can only think back to when there were huge problems with some members who seemed set on turning the place into a tranny forum and constantly trying to expose themselves. It was painfully trashy and left a real bad impression on a lot of people that lasted seemingly forever.... They were all shown the door pronto, and maybe things never fully recovered from that? Who knows... Most females that signup now all seems to be trying to advertise their vid clips for sale or spamming of other sorts.
  2. I'm still here. I joined when FireFox set things up on the old messageboards... I forget what they were called now. A bunch of us even went to Hiluc's place in Belgium 20+ years ago for a long-ass weekend. That was fun.
  3. I'd highly recommend you take some time to get to know people here first, and make sure that any private messages you send to anybody are not "Hey lets meet up" as this is taken as spam from strangers. I've also edited your profile again, please avoid any fetish content, as you agreed to when you joined. I hate having to ban people for ignoring the rules they agreed to when they joined.
  4. Welcome to HHPlace Shelbi, I sure hope you make some new friends here and feel welcome... We look forward to hearing more from you I'm sure...
  5. I think we all need to put our mental health first at times and taking a break from "The Internet" in general is never a bad thing. I've been doing that a LOT over the last 8 months... I've greatly reduced my time spend just "randomly doing not much" and really focused on doing only what actually matters... I even keep an eye on my wife too and give her a nudge everytime I see her infinately scrolling through piles of nothing on facebook... Stay well my friend and please dont be a stanger. We enjoy hearing from you anytime you want to pop back and say hi...
  6. Hi Folks So instead of a "Legs and Heels" contest, this year I thought we could hold a "Best Dressed (In heels)" Member contest instead. Max of 1 entry per-month of no more than 2 pictures. No pictures in bedrooms/toilets! (Thats just creepy) Bonus points for full body photo More bonus points if photo is in public. Competition open to all members. No pics of just your feet. Picture must have been taken in 2021. In Jan 2022 the Winners will be announced. Hopefully, if the world hasnt destroyed itself by then, I'll be able to send the winner and a runner up a little thank you gift.
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