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I’ve not visited this site for a few years, but just seen this.

I have a pair of these too!

Wonderful boots, very well made and very comfortable - although slightly above the upper limit of what I can walk well in, because of which I’ve yet to find an occasion to wear them.

But other than my ability to walk well in them, I feel they are completely passable as men’s boots. They also have my wife’s approval (which very few of my higher boots do).

These are them on the right compared to my YSL French 85 boots on the left. (The YSL French 85 actually measure 95mm, and the Dsquared2 measure 130mm - both size 41.)


I brought them heavily discounted from Yoox (all larger sizes sold out a long time ago).

I also have a pair of their men’s boots from the same season (2020?) that I wear regularly to the office. These measure just over 3”:


And also from the same season these men’s D2, which have a hidden wedge inside (not mentioned on any of the web sites that sold them, but I suspected from the pictures), making the total effective height around 4.5”:


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I kind of like this general style, except for one thing: I am not all that crazy about the very long toes. Witch toes, I tend to call them. Therefore, my vote goes to the YSL boots, which have a reasonable length toe. On the other hand, I have been guilty of going to the other extreme, which is equally bad. If you wear pants with any sort of fullness to them with round-toed high heels, it looks like you have no feet! The struggle for balance is real.

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