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  1. Thanks for the like on my pic, you still wear your 7inch heel cowboy boots?


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    2. 70splats


      I love that heel also, the very underslung heel is so cool! You wear your black 6inchers with leather pants ? Love wearing mine out, and about. Can't wait for my boots to return so I can wear them with some tight leather pants. lol

    3. 70splats


      I'll have to do that and I loved to see you in your 6inchers also, even with leather pants I like the wide pants leg to cover the boots it's so cool!

    4. 70splats


      ok, take care.


  2. id love to see you walking in those cool platforms in my gallery.


    1. 70splats


      These also


  3. I get it that some guys say 70s platform style for men they don't like, just like I don't wear women's pumps or heels if I wanted that I would change my gender. But to each it's own I couldn't imagine walking down the street in spike heels a women's style I honestly would be set up to be jumped, or hospitalized, guess it's not mainstream, probably never will be, I don't see any men I know walking in women's heels. Men's style of 70s platforms aren't mainstream either but yo never know.lol
  4. Damn! not a size 13 in sight. lol. Oh well one can wish.
  5. These guys look so cool in these boots, WOW! So turned on.
  6. Oh man, I cannot find this style on the web, it's from DSQUARED2 men's 2017 collection. Wow if I saw a guy wearing these be prepared to be followed. lol
  7. Dude your platforms and bellbottoms are awesome I wanted to say something on the Freestyle pictures page but for some reason it would not let me but yeah they definitely look good on you!!!!!

    1. 70splats


      Thanks man, I appreciate that.

  8. Guess I'm trapped in a time warp it's all cool to me. lol
  9. Feels so good on my feet, is it weird that I'm turned on by guys who wear such footwear, 70s baby1! lol
  10. Love to chat with some guys who wear this style, and have a collection authetic 70s platforms!
  11. Love wearing my 70s platforms! Proudly in public!
  12. you like 70s men's platforms? Love them myself!


  13. wow those are so cool got any pics of you wearing them? prutske 255, do you have any pics of your 7inch heeled cowboy boots they are so cool, how do they feel when you walk in them?
  14. hey there hows those 7inch heeled miguel jones feel on your feet they are so cool, do you have a pic of you wearing them?

    1. Prutske255


      Sorry for the late reply .
      i din't have pictures of me wearing them .
      They are more easely walking than 6" boots .
      narrow fitting , but once they are on , wonderful !!!
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