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  1. new boots https://www.asos.com/fr/asos-design/asos-design-bottines-chelsea-a-talons-en-cuir-avec-fermeture-eclair-et-semelle-compensee-noir/prd/20048891?clr=noir&colourwayid=60004228&SearchQuery=&cid=5774 model close to https://shopsyro.com/shop/ami
  2. new purchase, delivery for July 3rd, great https://www.asos.com/fr/asos-design/asos-design-bottines-chelsea-a-talons-en-cuir-avec-fermeture-eclair-et-semelle-compensee-noir/prd/20048891?clr=noir&colourwayid=60004228&SearchQuery=&cid=5774
  3. I bought it in 39, they are superb and the heel is 7 cm
  4. 12cm

    NL/BE Meet

    Hello everyone, I propose on 7 June at 6.30 pm, Grand Place in Brussels around a beer. Regards 12 cm
  5. My new boots stiletto heels are 10 cm
  6. My new boots the stiletto heels are 10 cm
  7. 12cm

    NL/BE Meet

    Hello for all, it is necessary to find a date in week in it January is possible for me on Gent Cordially
  8. 12cm

    NL/BE Meet

    Hello to me Gent is perfect. cordially
  9. 12cm

    NL/BE Meet

    preferably Gand or bruxelles
  10. Hello, a super race in heels
  11. I'm super happy, they are very comfortable and I have only compliments
  12. hello, at sarenza, boots of Elizabeth stuart Jade in 40 heel 9 cm they are super with the feet
  13. my sum of money purchase, I receive them tomorrow
  14. http://hhplace.org/gallery/image/5467-santiag/ a new purchase on ebay
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