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  1. I’m loving all three pairs. Could you post links to them, or let us know the brands / style names please?
  2. Thank you. A UK men’s 7 or 8 (an 8 in narrower shoes, a 7 in wider) which generally makes me a 8 in UK Women’s (but occasionally a 7).
  3. Great boots as well! can you provide a link to where to buy them please? Thank you.
  4. Nice boots, and fairly masculine. Do you have a link to their Ebay listing please?
  5. If anyone is interested, I have a pair of these for sale. Mint condition, never worn (not even tried on), with dust bag, in the original box. (As I loved the ones I posted about above so much, I brought some more, but have never worn them.) Size 41 (UK Men’s 8, which I think is either an 8 or 8.5 in US Men’s). However, I do want what I paid for them. Otherwise I’ll just keep them and wear them one day. PM me if you are interested.
  6. I particularly like the quote: And he wore them, he said, not because he wanted to be taller, but because “women like ’em.” The man was pure sex, and many women found him irresistibly sexy. And the way in which he wore his heels was a big part of that.
  7. Hi Ron, I'm always on the look out for block heeled boots that could work in a masculine way. Are these still available, and can you provide a link? If not, it would be nice to see a picture and know their name.
  8. Hi Ron, I hope this isn't the end of them, but if there is no demand, they won't want to keep making them. And with that, less chance of men's heels like this filtering down to the mainstream. This is one of the reasons that I brought mine as soon as I could. - You never know when they might be discontinued. Unfortunately they are not on sale in the UK/Europe yet. If they were I would buy another pair. Hopefully they will go in to the Boxing Day / January sales here. PS: The heel is 3.5" (in the smaller sizes & higher in the larger sizes).
  9. Interesting shoes and boots. Can you provide a link to where you brought them on Aliexpress?
  10. Rob


    Good article. This video is also along similar lines: http://youtu.be/qK1GQRoto9E
  11. I'm quite conservative in my footwear compared to most of the members here. (The last post in this thread is an example of the kind of boots I wear.) But, I would also advise starting small. Buy some plain black block heeled boots with a low heel. A one inch heeled boot will look like a man's boot. A two inch block heel will be barely noticeable. A three inch block heel may be noticed, but won't attract much attention. Start at a level that you are comfortable with, wear them out and about until you gain confidence, then push the boundaries with something higher. And people that you know will
  12. Definitely DON'T tell her! It is is one (risky) thing to tell her that you enjoy wearing heels, but to go out and buy the exact same heels that she has could come across as being really creepy!!
  13. Nice collection Tex! Yes, the heel on these new boots is almost an inch taller that the Jonny boots. I've taken a picture for comparison.
  14. Thanks for your comments guys. Thank you Freestyle! Collecting watches used to be a thing of mine, but once I started carrying a phone (about 20yrs ago) I stopped wearing them regularly and used the phone for the time, But the Apple watch was a gift from my wife for my 50th, so I wear it most of the time now. You're welcome! I have a couple of pairs of Jonny boots as well, and was wearing one of the pairs that day. You can see one of mine on the floor in front of me in the last picture below. The store has already sold out in a few sizes, as have the web sites. Howeve
  15. Thank you for making me aware of these Mr Pump. I've been keeping my eye out for them ever since, putting away £100 (=$140) a month, and finally purchased a pair on Saturday. I'm told they are part of this seasons Saint Laurent androgynous look "blurring the lines between menswear and womenswear" and therefore the same boot is available in both women's and men's ranges. I tried on both the men's and women's. Directly comparing both, I found the women's heel to be around 10mm higher and 2mm narrower than the men's in the same size, but from 5-6 feet away they look identical. My wife, who
  16. I agree. I remember that back in the 80's the majority of younger women wore 2-3" high heels on a day to day basis. At parties & events they would wear 4" heels and the shoes didn't appear to cause them any issues. Nowadays the majority of younger women wear flats on a day to day basis, and for parties and events wear 4" & higher heels (often with platforms) and I see so many of them staggering about or walking like robots as they clearly don't have any "heel wearing skills".
  17. I don't know what your budget is, but here in the UK I have brought (YSL Jonny Boots) which have a 2.5" heel, plus (Jeffery West "Rochester" boots & lace up shoes) which have a heel just under 2" high. I also have a pair of (Miguel Jones) ankle boots with a 5" heel, which are very well made for the price, but took a very long time.
  18. Yep. ITV here in the UK
  19. Practice. See my reply on your thread "What Does A Platform Do On A High Heel?"
  20. An 11cm heel with a 2.5cm platform will bend your foot (& ankles) the same as a 8.5cm heel with no platform. 11 - 2.5 = 8.5 If it is this bend that is causing pain then a platform may help. However a platform multiplies the force on your ankles if you go over on them. Humans balance by subtly adjusting the pressure on each toe to stay upright & stable, so raising your toes off the ground with a platform can make you less stable and more likely to roll your ankles - especially if you are new to heels. If your pain is in the balls of your feet, then you may need a shoe that supports
  21. JC does actually manufacture a "Mens version" (exactly the same boot, but in larger sizes) so you can confidently tell them that it is a men's style: http://www.solestruck.com/first-by-jeffrey-campbell-lita-mens-black-distressed/index.html Google image search "jeffrey campbell lita man" to see some guys wearing them. And also here: http://www.jeffreycampbellshoes.com/lookbook/the-damned/ You could point to these pictures to show that there is nothing wrong with a guy wearing these Lita's. PS: you may need to up your fashion game to pull off the look.
  22. Rob

    My 2013 Outing

    Hi W6ish, Looking at the Bluenotes web site, I don't have a clue which ones they are. Could you give a link? How low rise are they? Thanks
  23. Rob

    My 2013 Outing

    What brand/style are they? Can you provide a link?
  24. In the UK the "High Street" is the main street through the centre of a town, which is also traditionally the street with all the shops. In many towns the name of this street is actually "High Street" and so the large chains of stores (such as Top Shop, Zara, H&M, Marks & Spencer, etc.) have become known as the "high street stores", even if nowadays they have just as many branches in indoor shopping centres (know as malls in the US) or out of town retail parks. So by "highstreet purchase" Amanda is referring to going in to town and buying from a bricks and mortar shop.
  25. Rob

    A Rant...

    The thing is, this trend is being driven (for the women) by comfort, which is why most hidden wedge trainers/sneakers are around 2-3" high - most women wouldn't find a 5" wedge (without platform) a comfort shoe. If you are in the UK, these have 4" high wedge inside: http://www.barratts.co.uk/en/truffle-sporty-metallic-hi-top-wedge-trainers-313426 http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B00BUQX14U Amazon list them as 3", but I have measured them in the flesh, and they are definitely 4" high in a UK7 / 40. Comfort is good, but quality is average (completely synthetic). I also have t
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