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Ads, out of control

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I'm thinking of leaving this site. The ads are out of control. It's like the old moving target torture routine. Even trying to click this topic board, the ads poppet as i clicked. Bammo, I'm in an ad for low heeled pumps. It wasn't even on the screen as i thought i was clicking on this general topics post. It's getting very old very fast, to use the word "very" twice in a sentence correctly, sorry Trumpers.

I like the site but really it's almost not worth it. Maybe in non U.S. Google it's not so bad but I'm am member of another, non fashion, forum that has sponsors that manufacture a theme product, yes shoes would work here too, and their are no pop-up ads. So it can be done.

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On 2/4/2021 at 12:36 AM, meganiwish said:

Ads pay for the site.  Put up with them.

They may pay the bills, but tolerance or loyalty only goes so far. They got to be more subdued or people will start adblocking the shit out of them. Surfing the internet without adblockers feels like banging a cheap Bangkok whore without a condom. Except without the fun banging but with extra viruses.

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6 minutes ago, Cali said:

Visit sites with ads you want to see...like Victoria's Secret ads or some some of you John Deere tractor ads

I have not seen any ads from Victoria's Secret or John Deere, cause I would def visit both of those !

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All I know is say I look at something for Valentine's Day at Victoria's Secret.  All I see is ad from Victoria's Secret.  I just got a top from Express and then I see Express ads.

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