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  1. Is Bar Mitzvah still open? I'd heard it went out of favour. The bagels were good, but who wants screens showing the 1961 FA Cup final on a loop?
  2. I agree, ties should be optional, unless you've chosen to wear a suit. Your story (fair play to you) makes my point exactly. You can wear unorthodox neckwear or you can wear the tie without the suit. Wearing the suit without the tie is just lame.
  3. Jack Russell
  4. This fair maiden would go for honest up front every time.
  5. True, and probably rightly so. Males need more reminding of their responsibility. Generally.
  6. Dare I suggest, just tell her. Or not. Why not think about her instead? That would make you a gentleman and we're suckers for gentlemen.
  7. The point is 'requirement to wear'. If you're required to wear a crown it becomes a symbol of your enslavement. Coronation is just posh shackling. The same can be true of stilettos. A necktie isn't a badge of responsibility, it's a reminder of responsibility. How many more times do you want me to say that? If you're made to wear it. If you choose to wear a tie it's a fashion item. If you choose to wear a suit and not a tie you look like a pillock. Your Obama reference is spot on.
  8. Belonging to a group involves responsibility. A group might call any member to account. The tie reminds the wearer of that. The regimental and old school tie is all about the responsibility not to disgrace it. Dodgy etymology doesn't constitute sound argument. I have no problem with relaxed informality My problem is with informality with presumptions of power. The question of stilettos doesn't warrant an answer. It's not the same issue. Still I'd agree with you, a power-dressed woman should wear a similar token of submission. Now that's a more complicated one
  9. Well, no, at no point did I make an oblique implication. I used something factual as an illustration of how psychology works. It's no use rallying tie wearers because the psychology works by the participants not seeing it. I can think of no good reason why someone should have to preface an original thought with the claim that it is. I don't know whether my thoughts are original until they're in the public domain. That would be arrogance. I don't deny that the tie is an article of fashion, nor that it changes. It's the act of wearing it, not the article that matters. Shyheels, you speak as a man who doesn't like to wear a suit either. I have no argument with you on that count. My argument is that the suit is the garb of power and shouldn't be worn without the badge of responsibility. The fact that none of you wants to wear a tie bears me out. I wholeheartedly agree on the subject of waistcoats. Most people look better the more clothes they have on. I enjoyed Frankie Boyle this week: 'Women view my naked body with the same look of fear that pensioners reserve for snow.'