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  1. Piano
  2. Pinball
  3. Trivial
  4. Yes, but they all have tunes, at least, and don't have the 'it's all about me' sentiment. I don't feel we have a contender yet.
  5. Danger
  6. Shuttle
  7. Dubbin
  8. Being British and in my fifties, I find working in metric or in imperial is a doddle. 100g is a about a quarter if you're buying tea, cheese or ham. A metric foot is no longer an iamb or a dactyl, but 30cm. The only difficulty is whether to use a metric doddle or an imperial doddle.
  9. Harry
  10. I can't think of one, and I can remember this Prove me wrong.
  11. Holiday
  12. Flock
  13. Mercury