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When I was young, I watched a movie called Little Shop of Horrors. The main heroine/love interest was a girl named Audrey (played by Ellen Greene). What I noticed about this character was these strange shoes that she wore through half of the movie. From her introduction scene, where she is stepping over a homeless guy on her way to work, to a TINY scene where she is kicking her heels in the air to keep from falling off a motorcycle, to where she is running in a panic to get to her apartment to deal with her abusive boyfriend, to where she is being eaten by the plant near the end of the movie (yes, she had a rough time in this film!), all I could think about was her shoes. This planted the seed in my mind for my fascination with high heels. This is how I chose my username.

I have long admired high heels on women. I remember my crush in middle school wearing what were tan open-toe booties and could feel the blood rush to my head (I remember thinking they looked like a tan cast). Our prom, where all the athletic girls traded in their running and tennis shoes for fancy pumps and I saw a side of them I had never seen before. For the rare formal events I went to. In the professional world, high heels gave a sense of sexiness and power that I admired. And yes, Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors was my celebrity/film crush growing up.

So why am I interested in trying them on? I am a straight, cis male who looks and talks like a relatively normal dude and I have zero interest in cross-dressing beyond high heels (for that matter, I have no interest in wearing them outside of my living quarters or showing them to the person I am dating. And yes, I consider them feminine attire, not unisex). I am searching for the the answer, but I believe it is because I can relate to women who wear them better. What goes through their mind when wearing shoes that look amazing, yet are so uncomfortable? How did they arrive at the shoe choice? Do they accept a male trying to explore "their" territory? Is it something of a concession on my part to have something in common in search of female companionship (whether actual or perceived)? The decision itself was not an easy one, I will say that.

Favorites? Either black or pink pumps, leather (real or fake), closed/pointed toe and preferably with an ankle strap (hard to find!). White or tan color are good as well. I do not care for ones that expose too much of the foot (for me, anyway), although some types of booties are of interest. Yes, I am picky when it comes to heels. If I am going to proceed with this, I need to do it my way. Below are the first pairs that I chose to own (on special, no less!). I am looking forward to receiving them and learning to walk on them.



Pleasure to meet you!

Edit: And...I just realized that I forgot to change the flag from "female" to "male". Can one of the mods please adjust? Apologies.


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18 hours ago, OrinxAudrey said:

What goes through their mind when wearing shoes that look amazing, yet are so uncomfortable?

Welcome to the site.  This is a misconception, amazing looking heels DO NOT need to be uncomfortable.  If you heels hurt, it your fault for buying heels that hurt. Take the time to find the pair that doesn't. It may take longer, but well worth the time and effort. The first thing I learned was "life is too short for heels that hurt."

The other thing you will find is that your "style" will change over time. You may see some heels in a different style and decide to try them and they turn out to be fabulous.  Keep an open mind and enjoy your journey.

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Welcome to the site. For some reason, certain people seem to have an affinity for high heels, doesn't matter if they're male or female. I like to call it the "high heel gene." A lot of women claim to possess this gene. They don't, any more than men. From your description of your crush on Audrey, and the reason why, you've got the gene. So, give yourself permission to accept yourself. There's nothing wrong with you. In fact, I predict that within a few years, you'll be wearing heels in public, because why not? The blowback is really not as bad as you think it is. The main thing is, it takes a fair amount of confidence (and practice, as well). As a final thought, @Cali is quite correct. Heels do not have to be uncomfortable at all, but you have to be a lot pickier about fit than with tennis shoes.

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Welcome!  Hope those Nine West heels fit well so you don't have to suffer to wear them.  That's not how it should be.  I admit it took me a while to figure that out, before I finally realized that women's size 10 just didn't fit me.  Back then, it was almost impossible to find heels in sizes larger than 10, so for a while I did squeeze into them.  Then size 11 and 12 became more available and while it wasn't always the exact style I preferred, it was much nicer wearing shoes that fit!  And I agree with mlroseplant.  I never thought that I would actually wear heels in a public place where someone might actually see me.  But here I am!  Hope you enjoy the site.

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I agree with tge previuos posts. Many of started slow and in private as well, only to wish we'd be more open sooner once we accepted it. I wear heels publicly more than not and would put money down you will too eventually. 

Don't hide thisfrom any prospective partner. Two reasons. If they don't like it move on because you'll always be nervous and edgy. If they like it then you'll be much happier and it will only enhance your relationship since you won't have to hide yourself.

Good luck, like the high heel pumps. Get a pair that fits, you'll be glad you did.

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