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Fioni brand shoes

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I am looking for samome assistance from all of you lovely people!

A little back story:

Almost 9 years ago, in my bachelor days, I acquired 5 pairs of various Fioni brand pumps and boots from the local Payless and Goodwill. The first pair I bought was from GW, was a pair of knee high boots with a stiletto wood look heel and sole in a size 12 (I wear a mens 14, which if you do the math doesnt add up) but I saw the boots and had to have them, not caring if they fit or not. To my surprise they fit like a glove, maybe a little tight but nothing painful. So from there I purchased several other pairs of Fioni heels and boots all in size 12. Fast forward 4 years, I met my now wife, and decided I would no longer wear heels or "dress", so I purged everything that I owned. Fast forward again another 5 years, here I am unable to supress the urge to wear heels wanting all those heels and boots I once owned. 

This is where the assistance comes into play, I am looking for any Fioni brand shoes size 12 or 13 to purchase, I have looked on Poshmark, Offer Up, Let Go, Amazon, Ebay, Vinted, Varage Sales, Mercari, etc. Some of the newer styles, just prior to Payless closing, are available, but I'm more interested in the older styles (5-10 years back) any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you, this forum has been a great esteem builder!

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I miss Payless Shoes.....I also have several pair of Fioni heels, love ‘em.  

Target, Nordstrom have sizes up to 12 in some styles,  but you probably are aware of that.  

One of my favs is Marmi Shoes, they go to size 13 in most styles, a bit $$$$ but worth it....

Good luck.....   And, never get rid of heels that you like.....   Have fun....    sf

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Keep looking on E Bay for what shows up.  Good luck on your quest.  Payless was a special place to shop and generally have some fun while shopping.  Maybe that fun part was the ability to try the products on display for comfort.  Yes. the Fioni brand was a good try and fit.  I have a couple of Fioni Night black formal platform sandals...

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I have several (20-25) pairs of Fioni , Brash and American Eagle heels in a size 12 . Inbox me with a picture or name of shoe . They are of no use to me anymore and I would really like to see them gone . 


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As usual these kinds of stories serve as a warning to any member here that you just can't purge your collection when getting into a relationship with a new woman. You ALWAYS end up bitterly regretting it and trying to rebuild it. Either learn to accept it and come clean early in the relationship or google for the nearest storage locker near you. You'll be better off in the long run.

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