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  1. Big thumbs up sir. I have both a wife and two step-daughters who know and understand my heel wearing (when I can get the time with work)
  2. What size are they and did you have to go a size up or down? They are to die for.
  3. So do I order a size up or do I order the size I wear? I wear a size 11m woman's heels for my collection.
  4. I don't know if this question has been asked earlier on another board, but I will ask it here. Are YSL's, CL and Jimmy Choo's in the sizing department 1/2 or a full size smaller than shown for a size conversion. I mean that if any of the names I just asked are a size 11 would the correct size be more of a size 10 and a1/2 or size 10?
  5. Look up The Stocking Store. I found both a 6 strand and a 8 strand garter belt which are simply solid and comfortable to wear.
  6. I am not trying to beat an old horse in the matter of the knockoff, but instead I am trying to get anybody that might have links that I can use to order either shoes or boots by for one of my nieces who would like a pair of the CL knockoffs just to show off in them. Any help would be appreciated
  7. I have gone to the movies in my high heel boots and have even reported about what I saw and what pair of boots I wore to watch the movie.
  8. I have both styles and they are equally easy to get into and out of. I find the rear zipper style quite fun to get on.
  9. Making deliveries to San Francisco I see what seems to be a fashion neutral appearance of the women. They will wear the ankle boots with a little or next to nothing heels. Any women willing to wear high heels seem to be making a fashion statement that they will not be a slave to the current times
  10. I have worn heels to the movies more than one time with no reaction from others(wear pants over my high heel boots).
  11. My Niece and I went to see it in San Francisco about a year ago. We were sold on the show.
  12. A rule of thumb I have had lies in the Chinese foot sizing. I have come to find out that my shoe size with a good true size 11m woman's heels and boots here lies between 26.9 cm and 27.5 cm. The best boots on some of these Ali Express size sits at a perfect 27.0 cm, mind you the size might be big as a 13 in the U.S. sizes. This is just my 2 cents in this subject.
  13. DSW is another store along with a couple of the Aldo Shoes are good for heel looking
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