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  1. Poshmark is another source for Fioni heels.
  2. If your looking for any past Bakers Shoes, I recommend going to Poshmark. When under their page look under shoes and then the brand. I hope this helps.
  3. Check on DSW as well as Poshmark. Depending on what your looking for there are a lovely selection on Poshmark.
  4. When I can get the chance I usually use the poshmark website. As for in person Wasteland store is lovely. I usually go to the one in San Francisco, but had the chance to go the Los Angeles store on Sunset Blvd. where I thought I had died and gone to heaven. There were YSL, CL, Jimmy Choo and others. Normally 3-4 digit figure shoes and boots for as little as $100 starting.
  5. I live on the left coast of the United States and in particular the San Francisco Bay Area. There seems to be a fashion turn where the ladies here seem to be more interested in wearing nothing more than universal bland shoes and boots since Calif. wants everyone to be all the same. Seeing a women in dress and heels is a rarity these days, what you do see is more of "casual Friday" every day of the week. So sad.
  6. When I engaged to the lady I am now married to(wonderfully I might say) I told her and both my now stepdaughters. They were very cool with it and in fact would ask me for my opinion on what they should purchase for heels or otherwise. I even let a niece know about it and surprisingly is the same shoe size as I am. I am also her consultant for heel buying if not letting her have something from my collection to wear if she needs it.
  7. I have worn heels to malls, membership stores, the movies and to dinner at certain restaurants.
  8. I have noticed lately that when I purchase boots and heels from Poshmark, I am now going with the real leather style of boots and heels. I have also purchased from Poshmark some YSL pumps and sling backs. I have had no problems with them, other than having to get them in a size 12. Another page I have found is called The Real Real.
  9. I would love to have a pair of the Jessica Simpson Abilene boots. \
  10. I got out for the same reason being the constant membership fees. They might have wonderful boots and heel, but I do just as well secondhand with Poshmark.
  11. I am from the Bay Area, but visited the Los Angeles area over the summer. Google Wasteland and you find the webpage from there.
  12. I had another place I found during a trip with my step=daughter and her friends. We were in the Los Angeles Hollywood area and as they were checking out various shops, I found a Wasteland Store on Melrose Blvd. We have one of these stores in the San Francisco Haight Ashbury area. The store on Melrose Blvd was incredible. There were all the top name brands CL, YSL, Chanel ect. there. The starting price for the used heels was $104 for these top line brands. I also came to find out there is a webpage listing 4 stores. One in San Francisco, three other in the Los Angeles area.
  13. I have also dealt with Poshmark, I have had nothing but good reviews and good deals. I would highly recommend them.
  14. Have you any updates of the Piano Bar?
  15. Wedge sandals were never my thing. If I am going to purchase any wedge heels they have to be usually boots, knee or over the knee boots with a nice high heel wedge. I also have low heel wedge boots as well.
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