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  1. If you decide to try Gorilla glue, you'll have to watch it while it dries as it expands.
  2. vector

    machines to make shoes.

    I'd wonder how sturdy the 3D printed footwear would be.
  3. vector

    High Heels Losing to Sneakers in Popularity

    Isn't fashion a 20 year cycle? I remember some fairly outrageous platform shoes in the late 70's and 80's that came back around Y2K. They'll be back. Just a matter of time. The higher heels never completely go away. It just falls a little from grace.
  4. vector

    Obervations can get you in to trouble

    Sad to say, harassment. like a lot of things is in the eye of the beholder. At a previous employer, there was a woman who could be quite "crass". Once I heard she was out sick and upon seeing her at work inquired as to how she was doing. She replied something to the effect of, "... I'm back up on my hands and knees...". I was stunned and didn't say anything. Another time I was talking to the supervisor of the switchboard (yes, it was that LONG time ago) for a then Fortune 500 company. The supervisor was female as was just about all of the employees. Her supervisor, a male, happened to pass by and somehow joined the conversation during which he made the comment, ".. that's my hen house..." . I was shocked! After he went on his way, the supervisor remarked on how companies lose sexual harassment lawsuits!
  5. vector

    Men's Shoes at Paris Fashion Week

    The outfit in No 4 strikes me as "Gateway computers meet country backyard BBQ"!
  6. vector

    Recent meets

    It's been an honor to make the acquaintance of Steve63130 and his lovely wife. It was a double honor to to see them at my wedding. My new wife wore a fabulous pair of red high heels sandals and looked absolutely stunning. Steve63130's wife sported a wonderful looking hat! I got more lucky Monday and found the Mossimo D'Orsay pumps at the Goodwill for just under $7 with tax included! All in all it was a great time and good to see two old, er, long time friends!
  7. Please update your email ASAP. Your emails are bouncing.

  8. Who is the boss that trains (or didn't train) the employees?
  9. vector

    Have you been caught?

    Nope, He was definitely shorter!
  10. vector

    Wearing High Heels in Las Vegas !!!

    As one who is in that boat, I have to say, easier said than done. In Vegas you are highly unlikely to bump into anyone you know and many of those that see you are often of an "elevated mind" as you are allowed to have an open container in public. Verses "showing yourself" to family who may love you, but have certain morals. Those, you will see again and again and they may have the ear of other family members. Times are a changing. It's just taking longer for men who want wear heels.
  11. vector

    Have you been caught?

    I had in interesting adventure a couple of months ago. I took about a half mile walk around noon one Sunday as it is typically quiet. Probably a combination of it being Sunday and folks at church. I was wearing Payless 3.5 in heel oxfords under long pants that covered the shoe. Also, the heel noise was covered up by the traffic. As I was walking, I saw a few people ahead and crossed the street. As I walked on the other side, I saw a few folks about a half block ahead, so I crossed again. Lo and behold, they crossed to my side of the street (darn it), and were passing me when one called my name! I knew him, but hadn't seen him in a long while. We chatted for a few minutes and was giving me a quizzical look as I was about three inches taller than he probably remembered! LOL!! He looked down twice but didn't say anything out of the ordinary. We exchanged phone numbers and went on our separate journeys. As I walked away, I looked back but he didn't seem to look at me as I walked away. Fortunately, the rest of the walk was uneventful.
  12. vector

    You guys decide

    I guess a lot depends on what you wore before the purge, meaning the height of the heel. The pumps appear to be 5 in, but the sandals look to be 5.5 in (I had a similar pair). Conventional wisdom would say get the pumps first, then work up to the sandals. Especially if you are going to street heel as I hear open toe shoes attract much more attention than closed toe shoes.
  13. vector

    A phenomena at eBay...

    I beg to differ regarding Pleaser, Ellie shoes. They are a known brand offering goof quality for the price and are fairly consistent when it comes to sizing. Also, it's often possible to read reviews of the shoes if you know the style name. That gives you additional sizing info.
  14. vector

    Psychology paper on high heel wearing

    Sorry to be a (very) late comer to this conversation. I must also disagree with mist of the people on this thread. Outside of fetishists (IMHO) women will wear their highest heels to dressier/special occasions and/or when the want to feel sexy. A woman who wants to look good for her man or perhaps (ahem) "bait the hook" will always wear her highest heels. Comments?

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