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  1. I find that with platforms it's crucial that they fit tight on your foot. A loose platform shoe is a fall waiting to happen as many of those high heel fail videos on YouTube prove!
  2. Sorry that happened, and I can understand you feeling that way, but PLEASE reconsider!
  3. One more thing to consider is stride length. I suspect the distance covered with each step is less with heels and the higher the heel, the shorter the stride.
  4. I believe I first read this in Reader's Digest magazine back in the late 70's/early 80's. A young man took a pair of shoes to the shoemaker (cobbler) for repair. Soon after that, he was drafted, served, and returned home when the war was over. A while after he stumbled across the repair ticket and figured he might as well go to get the shoes. He went to the shop and the same man was working there. He showed him the ticket. The shopkeeper looked at it and said to him in a straight face, "They'll be ready tomorrow".
  5. Kjones92, Not sure if someone else mentioned this, but you may want to consider extra long boot cut/straight leg jeans. Long enough to cover the shoe and heel. This way you can travel relatively incognito until you are ready to flaunt it without a care. Congrats and keep pushing!
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