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  1. The sound emitted on concrete or tile surface is readily recognizable and quickly draw my attention. Sometimes I am disappointed to see it is a fellow with a hard plastic heel on his normal footwear. I sure like that unique sound but cannot enjoy that at my home and have not gathered the nerve to do any shopping trips … yet!
  2. I have been able to wear some of the women's lug sole shoes at will as they are an "ambidextrous" in appearance oxford. My best has been the hidden heel high-top AirWalk canvas athletic shoes.
  3. Oh how I wish I could participate but due to extenuating circumstances --- I am unable to wear heels as often as I would like to be able to do so.
  4. Fir me a platform of a 1/4" to 1/2" can be just as elegant as a single sole shoe. When it gets any thicker than 1", they take on the appearance of wearing a "brick" and lose the elegance factor. Many of the platforms take on the appearance of some of the orthopedic footwear used to equalize the length of legs due to a dreaded disease of my very early years --- polio
  5. My first encounter with a classmate wearing heels to class was in the 7th grade. She frequently wore a textured bone colored classic style plain pump style with maybe a 1 3/4" jet heel. I was mesmerized by Georgina as she glided ahead of me on the way to lunch. The other girls were not the only ones jealous of her being able to have her heels. That was in the early 7th grade and by the next year, most of the girls had their very own and I was still jealous. That was in 1964/65 school year and when I checked the Aldens catalogue kids shoes, I was stunned to see a page marked, "She'll feel so-o grown up in her first heels, Just a little bit higher to delight her but low enough for healthful foot comfort." They started at a size 12 with a jet heel but at the time did not realize that was a size for girls much younger. The girls my age were actually wearing full adult sizes but with much shorter heels. The next year in grade 8 for the class photo, almost every girl was wearing a pair of heels for the photo, This was just before the demise of the stiletto and most were in 2 to 2 1/4 inch heels. But Karen came in with a pair of "sky scraper" heels and tried so hard to put them on but were too small. She was so mad she could not wear those two tone turquoise and cream pointed toe pumps and stomped around in her penny loafers the rest of the day. I kind of wondered who or where she got them to have not had the chance to try them on before the photo. The other girls were so enamored with her attempt --- as was I.
  6. I sure do miss the adventure of shopping, trying on, interaction with the sales associates with the ultimate purchase. I am afraid one may be correct but the hope is the realization that women's feet are also larger than the "large" size 9 in the 1950s.
  7. I purchased a similar white pair sans metal heel in a size 12 probably in the late 1990s from Shoe Carnival. They were a brand called Adessa. I have not seen that brand there in a long time. Good luck in your search as they were a "fantastic" style to enjoy.
  8. Your scenario sounds just about like mine. I guess you are a few years younger than my arrival in 1953. I too used the same excuse for looking and making the occasional purchase of a size 10 and really gave more than an 11 a closer look when on the clearance racks. It was kind of a gamble making the purchase only to find they did not fit well. Not sure what year it was but I bought a pair of red pumps with the metal Spike which ended with about a 1/8 inch diameter flat spot. They were marked as a size 10 but they were a mismark of maybe an 8. They had a silver bow on the back of the heel but my foot would not come close to slipping into those as they were. I made the attempt to turn them into a type of sling back with a loop for a bow to tie them into place. Almost but not quite successful of a redesign. They were steep for sure.
  9. Did anyone else find shopping there to be a great experience? They may not have been the top best quality but the styles were some of the best styles when stilettos and height came back into style. I always like their clearance sale at the end of the summer season. They dropped the price each week of the sale until it was pennies on the dollar for a pair. They had a few size 11s and I was able to squeeze into 10s back then but not now. Of course they have gone the way of Payless, Kinney, Nobils, Thom McCann, Butlers and a slew of others over the years.
  10. I have learned to bite my tongue before saying what I am thinking. It is amazing the gals wear heels to be noticed - did I really wright that thought - and then become totally offended when someone notices. Even a look now days is liable to get one in some trouble from an offended one. It is a sad mark of the times we live when being offended is the national pastime.
  11. Keep looking on E Bay for what shows up. Good luck on your quest. Payless was a special place to shop and generally have some fun while shopping. Maybe that fun part was the ability to try the products on display for comfort. Yes. the Fioni brand was a good try and fit. I have a couple of Fioni Night black formal platform sandals...
  12. The year I decided to actually enter a Payless and ask the associate for assistance got me hooked on the experience. I was debating between the Luna wedge platform or the Kosmic platform pump. I was uncertain of the size or the fit but the associate had me try the 12, 12w, 13 and 13w in both styles and try out the walk of each. With her help and observation of which seemed to be the easiest to walk properly, I bought the Kosmic in a 13. She was so helpful with explaining how they were supposed to fit and be worn and complimented me on my ability to walk better than many of the other customers. That must have been about 9 years ago when I did it with the reason I was going to be the bride of Frankenstein and needed a tall platform to complete the appearance I was hoping to present. That was my first but not my last as I used the costume reason for asking help for Dorothy, Glenda the Good Witch, Cinderella, a Nurse, a princess, a queen with a couple others. My flight attendant last year garnered a pair of black Christian S pumps in a 13 with the pointed toe. I too have lost the nerve to try in public at other locations so far … along with the lack of the size to actually try.
  13. I have looked around but a 13 is about as plentiful as reliable "Big Foot" sightings. DSW, Target, Shoe Carnival and a couple others have an occasional 12 but those are just too tight. Most are large warehouse types and are not as cordial as the compact Payless organized by size instead of style. Still fun to look and admire what is available to so many.
  14. Nine years ago, I made my foray into what had become a tradition for me at this time of year. I went shopping for a pair of heels at Payless for a Halloween costume theme. It varied from year to year but was comfortable with that premise of asking and trying on heels in the store. I had many good encounters with the sales associates. But alas, Payless is gone and others stores which have the 13's available are few and far. It was fun while it lasted and regret not having started that many years earlier.
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