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  1. jetheelsfan

    What Happened to White?

    Those white booties brought back a favorite memory from the mid 1960s ... the White Corsages Backzip Pointed Toe Boot with the plastic 1" black heel. Those were so popular with my school peers. That was the first female foot ware I wanted to have a pair of my own. Like my parents would have approved that - not as a tween.
  2. jetheelsfan

    Understanding wife

    I had a nightmare which woke me this morning. She was not understanding; not one bit and I awoke before it ended. You are very fortunate to have her attitude of accepting.
  3. jetheelsfan

    Good old Macy's

    Congratulations on your find of a classic silhouette. Nothing really compares.
  4. jetheelsfan

    Season of Furry Heels

    Just the kind of style for the up-coming generation. They want their things to be all fluff and give them warm fuzziy's all the time. Not realistic in the real world. Can you imagine what happens when it rains on someone's parade in these things?
  5. jetheelsfan

    Reason for wearing heels??

    Your timing and mine are kind of close. I was embarrassed in front of my peers in kindergarten because I did not know black patent leather shoes were something girls wore and boys did not. I learned that day girls got to wear pretty neat shoes which guys didn't get to wear. The Mary-Jane was a common school shoe choice for the young ladies back in the mid 1950's. Wow are those days gone. Pretty shoes were a common daily style not reserved for special occasions. Oh how I wanted to try a pair of those black patent leather Mary-Janes. Finally in 1970 at 18, the Montgomery Ward fall sales catalog had on sale for $3.99, a Black Shiny Man-made upper with a Trio of Tiny straps. If one strap caught my fancy, three of them were so much better. That was my first and I have always had that special feeling for a Mary-Jane style pump over just about everything else.
  6. jetheelsfan

    A chance to be outdoor

    How did the weekend event go for you anf the others?
  7. jetheelsfan

    KneeBooted's Adventures?

    I have a couple of pairs of hidden heels from Payless. The only way to really notice they have a hidden wedge is by the instep being more prominent. I have worn them out quite frequently. The one which is similar to your Converse has maybe a 2" heel while the other is closer to 3" in height. Your boots are very inspiring. Welcome back to adding posts.
  8. Have you thought of the possibility of a contact cement, Barge's is a common tool in the shoe repair shops.
  9. jetheelsfan

    Can feet shrink?

    Not sure they shrink, but mine went from a size 10 B that had a bit of a tight fit to a 12 W or a 13 M over the last 50 years.
  10. jetheelsfan

    My Story

    My earliest recollection of "playing" with heels is not what most would think. They were my mother's and I was using them like a set of barricades on a street with my Tonka dump-truck. I had no inkling to try them on as that was not my interest as a very young kid. It may have been shortly thereafter I was exposed to the realities that girls wore black patent shoes which looked nothing like the black shoes I was wearing. After that "humiliation" in front of the rest of my peers did I develop the interest in why girls got to wear different shoes from the boys. From then on, I became a connoisseur of the female foot ware but never could act on my interest until I shuffled off to college. Sadly, since then, the female shoe styles have almost completely mimicked the same styles as the guy as the preference moved to athletic styles. It seems most females despise the ability to wear heels freely as it was once the standard. Congratulations on your acquisitions. Back when I purchased my first, the largest sizes was predominately a 10B or 10M. Over the last 50 years since then. my size has increased to a 12W or a 13M. I had some great fun back then with some fantastic styles and colors that are no longer abundant. So many styles today and for the last 4 to 5 years have just been plain boring to me.
  11. No as she has no interest in heels. I have purchased a few pair for her over the years and they just kind of "disappear." She says they just are not comfortable to wear after the first few minutes. The last pair for her, I even bought a matching pair and found them to very comfortable but after a onetime wear, she said they were not. Sadly.
  12. jetheelsfan

    Who has bought some new shoes

    I have long had a rather soft spot in my interest in the female styles with instep strap(s) or ankle strap. It all goes back to my discovery in kindergarten there was a difference about black patent being girls' shoes and they were Mary-Janes. Those look great and congratulations on your find.
  13. jetheelsfan

    What matches purple heels?

    Would white work? Or black as they are both a neutral color?
  14. jetheelsfan

    Noticing people in heels

    Some look at the eyes first as they notice someone; others look at the middle body parts while my first look is usually at the foot-ware. That has been part of me since kindergarten when I was embarrassed not to know the difference between black patent and black shoes.
  15. jetheelsfan

    What Happened to White?

    I just saw a news report which showed the president's wife with a pair of classic white pumps while at an airport. The look was fantastic.

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