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  1. Not long ago, I had a disturbing dream where I had left a pair of heels lying around and was trying to explain their presence.
  2. Type: Pump Heel ht: 4 1/2" Platform: Single sole Material: Supple Leather Color: White Features: Triple Mary-Jane instep straps secured with 1/4" wide golden tone buckles
  3. Good topic for discussion and explanation of the unexpected. For me, I have to say it was at a Payless location I had visited maybe a year before. At that time, I explained to the sales associate I needed a pair of heels for a charity walking event. I know she helped me but I did not remember who she was. That was my bad for not appreciating her help she was offering. When I went back at the later time, I was trying some on and the same sales associate came around the corner and stated something to the effect of "I thought you were doing a one time event with heels." She knew and I
  4. Good to know that. Here I had thought it was the heels behind them … Thanks
  5. Has anyone else developed significant bumps on the back of the heel of your feet? Something caused these to develop many years ago and I saw the term PUMP BUMP. It described a growth on the back of the foot commonly seen on ladies who frequently wore pumps. I have worn heels off and on for the last 50 years but never was able to wear for any extended length of time on the infrequent times I have been able over that period of time. It was stated that wearing pumps "irritated" the back of the heel. It never felt painful but something caused them to develop on booth feet.
  6. Fifty years ago this summer, Montgomery Wards Catalog offered "A Trio of Tiny Straps" Mary-Jane on a sculptured 1 1/8 inch heel. They caught my eye when the girls wore them to high school classes. I was too intimidated to go to a shoe store and make the buy. But in the fall, I started my college career and when the Wards sale catalog offered them at a price of $3.99, I had to make the purchase. I had no idea if a size 10B would fit but hoped they would ---- they did and the feeling was … you all know there is no way to describe the initial feeling. The 3 strap Mary-Jane is still a favor
  7. Since Payless disappeared last year, what store are still available to try on shoes which have 1s2 to 13s --- if any?
  8. There is no way when I am wearing heels can I forget they are in place. As the old song states: "There's always something there to remind me..."
  9. Seems like the early 60s to 1970was the greatest shoe fashion decade. Maybe because I was just discovering that "thing" about the girls having so many pretty and interesting options available to them.
  10. UGGs ---- the name says it all
  11. In my early days of dreaming of a pair of high heels while in high school in the late 1960s, the Aldens Catalog listed their dress classic pumps as 2 1/4 inch as a mid heel and the 2 7/8 as a high heel. When I left home for college, I made the purchase of a pair of those pumps in a white 11B with a 2 7/8 heel as my second pair of "girls" shoes. They were everything I had expected them to be. That will be 50 years ago this September. I never did understand how they were making that measurement in height.
  12. The sound emitted on concrete or tile surface is readily recognizable and quickly draw my attention. Sometimes I am disappointed to see it is a fellow with a hard plastic heel on his normal footwear. I sure like that unique sound but cannot enjoy that at my home and have not gathered the nerve to do any shopping trips … yet!
  13. I have been able to wear some of the women's lug sole shoes at will as they are an "ambidextrous" in appearance oxford. My best has been the hidden heel high-top AirWalk canvas athletic shoes.
  14. Oh how I wish I could participate but due to extenuating circumstances --- I am unable to wear heels as often as I would like to be able to do so.
  15. Fir me a platform of a 1/4" to 1/2" can be just as elegant as a single sole shoe. When it gets any thicker than 1", they take on the appearance of wearing a "brick" and lose the elegance factor. Many of the platforms take on the appearance of some of the orthopedic footwear used to equalize the length of legs due to a dreaded disease of my very early years --- polio
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