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  1. Yesterday, I hit the jackpot, I found these at a local thrift shop for $1.99. They look to be brand new as the sole is not soiled or the heels have any wear. If they have been worn, it was inside on carpet. But I cannot give them a go until the weekend. I hope the 12W will fit well as I usually can a 13M or a 12W. I will surely be finding out.
  2. Interesting topic to broach. For me, interest in the difference between girls shoes and boys shoes was he result of a game we were playing as a class. It was a way of learning to recognize the names and differences in clothing. It consisted in calling out a particular color of a piece of clothing. The item called was "black patent shoes" and I had on black shoes with laces and got up to skip as did ,any of the girls. It was then, I was told that girls wore black patent Mary-janes and boys didn't. It was then I understood girls shoes and boys shoes differed. That continued to draw my in
  3. It seems, like it or not, many females like to only dress like guys. Dresses, skirts, heels all appear to be on the feminine side of the aisle. Elegance has been replaced with what appears to be unisex attire which appears masculine. Sad state of style.
  4. I thin it was probably the same grade or maybe sixth when the Coreges (sp) white mid calf boots with the back zipper and poimted toes on a small plastic heel became the rage. I was sooooo hooked on watching the girls stride in those beautiful boots all the time wishing I could have a pair of my own. I couldn't make that happen and by the time I could, they were long out of style.
  5. My first experience was trying on my Mom's but was already too large to get into her size 6B's. My guess is that I was around 12 or 13 as my female peers were getting their first pair for dress-up occasions at church and school. I was fully intrigued by how their walk change and how the looked so different. I did find my Grandmother was a size 8 and had a wooden block heel of probably 2 1/2 inch height. They were a peep-toe quarter-strap sandal and they fit. Oh the feeling which sent chills through my whole body screamed that these shoes were so special to be able to wear. I had fun bala
  6. Nice re-discovery as a good surprise. I have always had a real soft spot for the multi-strap Mary-Janes. My first foray into the world of special foot ware was a pair which were described in a 1970 Fall Montgomery Ward sales catalog as a "Trio of Tiny Straps" for a cost of $3.99. At that time, I was barely over a size 10 but was able to enjoy them until the material began to crack and split. Sadly since the demise of Payless Shoe stores, my days of buying are apparently over. It was a pleasant experience to shop and try different shoes in the size 13 allocation with the approval and
  7. Not long ago, I had a disturbing dream where I had left a pair of heels lying around and was trying to explain their presence.
  8. Type: Pump Heel ht: 4 1/2" Platform: Single sole Material: Supple Leather Color: White Features: Triple Mary-Jane instep straps secured with 1/4" wide golden tone buckles
  9. Good topic for discussion and explanation of the unexpected. For me, I have to say it was at a Payless location I had visited maybe a year before. At that time, I explained to the sales associate I needed a pair of heels for a charity walking event. I know she helped me but I did not remember who she was. That was my bad for not appreciating her help she was offering. When I went back at the later time, I was trying some on and the same sales associate came around the corner and stated something to the effect of "I thought you were doing a one time event with heels." She knew and I
  10. Good to know that. Here I had thought it was the heels behind them … Thanks
  11. Has anyone else developed significant bumps on the back of the heel of your feet? Something caused these to develop many years ago and I saw the term PUMP BUMP. It described a growth on the back of the foot commonly seen on ladies who frequently wore pumps. I have worn heels off and on for the last 50 years but never was able to wear for any extended length of time on the infrequent times I have been able over that period of time. It was stated that wearing pumps "irritated" the back of the heel. It never felt painful but something caused them to develop on booth feet.
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