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  1. I have learned to bite my tongue before saying what I am thinking. It is amazing the gals wear heels to be noticed - did I really wright that thought - and then become totally offended when someone notices. Even a look now days is liable to get one in some trouble from an offended one. It is a sad mark of the times we live when being offended is the national pastime.
  2. Keep looking on E Bay for what shows up. Good luck on your quest. Payless was a special place to shop and generally have some fun while shopping. Maybe that fun part was the ability to try the products on display for comfort. Yes. the Fioni brand was a good try and fit. I have a couple of Fioni Night black formal platform sandals...
  3. The year I decided to actually enter a Payless and ask the associate for assistance got me hooked on the experience. I was debating between the Luna wedge platform or the Kosmic platform pump. I was uncertain of the size or the fit but the associate had me try the 12, 12w, 13 and 13w in both styles and try out the walk of each. With her help and observation of which seemed to be the easiest to walk properly, I bought the Kosmic in a 13. She was so helpful with explaining how they were supposed to fit and be worn and complimented me on my ability to walk better than many of the other customers. That must have been about 9 years ago when I did it with the reason I was going to be the bride of Frankenstein and needed a tall platform to complete the appearance I was hoping to present. That was my first but not my last as I used the costume reason for asking help for Dorothy, Glenda the Good Witch, Cinderella, a Nurse, a princess, a queen with a couple others. My flight attendant last year garnered a pair of black Christian S pumps in a 13 with the pointed toe. I too have lost the nerve to try in public at other locations so far … along with the lack of the size to actually try.
  4. I have looked around but a 13 is about as plentiful as reliable "Big Foot" sightings. DSW, Target, Shoe Carnival and a couple others have an occasional 12 but those are just too tight. Most are large warehouse types and are not as cordial as the compact Payless organized by size instead of style. Still fun to look and admire what is available to so many.
  5. Nine years ago, I made my foray into what had become a tradition for me at this time of year. I went shopping for a pair of heels at Payless for a Halloween costume theme. It varied from year to year but was comfortable with that premise of asking and trying on heels in the store. I had many good encounters with the sales associates. But alas, Payless is gone and others stores which have the 13's available are few and far. It was fun while it lasted and regret not having started that many years earlier.
  6. Those drawings of the artist conceptions were sometimes never close to the actual product. The Aldens catalog of the mid 60s offered 4" SKYSCRAPER HEELS on a plain pump. The arch was absolutely placed at a 90 degree angle to the floor. But they were something to really dream about,
  7. This was not the style of boot I was fascinated. These were taller and formed to the leg. The ones I remember were mid calf with a fit similar to a cowboy boot. Similar to below but with a bit higher heel.
  8. Sorry but have not found a suitable photo to accompany this post. there were no laces, just the sooth lines of a pointed toe with the zipper only in the back. these were not the Go-Go knee high boots wit 1 1/2 to 2 inch heels. Those came later. these was around 1964 and 1965 and was a Parisian design.
  9. Did anyone get to try a pair of these fabulous looking boots with the 1 inch black plastic heel. I was only 12 or 13 at the height of this fashion but the sound and sight of these white wonders caught me fantasizing what it mut be like to have a pair on my feet. The zipper at the back was a unique look and I never got the chance to try that style as it seemed to be short lived.
  10. They look like a "slam dunk" style to me. Congratulations to you on your purchase and adventures with your wife. That is so important to have and I don't have that luxury.
  11. Forty-nine years ago when I bought my first pair of shoes which were not designed for the male of the species, I ordered size 10 M from a Montgomery Ward sale catalog at the age of 18. They were a "Trio of Tiny Strap" Mary-Jane style mini heeled shoes I had really admired seeing the girls wear. I had no idea if they were going to fit. THEY DID!!!! That was the start of a few years of being able to purchase several pairs of Qualicraft from the clearance rack at Baker's Shoes for dimes on the dollar. But then my feet began to expand and now a 12 can be a tight fit. I was fortunate that Payless carried the large sizes as my interest returned about 10 years ago. But alas, they have become the same history as Baker's did years earlier along with Kinneys, Nobles, Butlers, Thom McAnn, Wild Pair and a myriad of other shoe chains in the malls. I do kind of envy those who can still go to a place like DSW or Shoe Carnival and find a wide selection to chose from any day they want. Congratulations.
  12. ....so do the guys!!!!
  13. Every once in a while but few and far between are any 12s or 13s seen. The last pair I found there were a unique ankle strap sling pumps in a 12 with a 3 1/2" stiletto heel. They fit well with a retail price of $89.99 for $3.00. They are like brand new and i guess there is an interesting story hidden somewhere.
  14. As Payless was in its last days, I purchased a pair of Christian Sirano pointed toe black pumps. The heel is 4" but is also set at the back of the shoe. I have not had this type of heel. I always kind of thought I have had a handle on being able to walk in heels for the last 50 years. I kind of expected them to be similar to a block heel that sets at the back of the shoe. Seem I was wrong. The placement back farther has made the "normal" heel strike with a roll to the toe almost impossible. Seems the setback heel was made to frustrate the accomplished walker. I am wondering what others have found with this style of stiletto heel.
  15. Bakers had some fantastic styles for many years but face a business fate so many shoe stores have faced. Nobles, Butlers, Thom McAnn, Kinneys, and now Payless has joined their ranks. Bakers had a great way of doing their clearance seasons by dropping thprice weekley until they were just a couple of dollars --- a great way to purchase. But over the last 35 years, my foot grew nearly 3 sizes from the 10s and a few 11s Bakers carried.
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