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I Need Some Help


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Yea I have been gone for a while. Just had a major fight with my brother and I have no one else to turn to for another point of view and I need help. Here is the deal.

My mom's boyfriend had/has an 86 Lincoln continental. I drove it up To my house when he went into the hospital so my brother could store some of his cars at our moms house. Shortly after he died. I told my brother to take it and sell it since he had to deal with them. He did not want it. So it sat in my yard. I tried to get him to call his daughter to come get the car. She did not want it. My brother could have gotten something from her so it could be titled in my name si I could sell it. So at least 2 yes later it is still in my yard.

Here is were it gets nasty. I am trying to cut it short.

I found a porsche 911 down the road from our moms house. I showed it to my brother and told him I wanted to buy. It was in really bad shape more of a parts car. Since I could not haul it, several months later my brother goes and buys it.

This is how he told me. "I bought the 911. We can make a track car out of it or if I sell it I will split it with you."

I was EXTREMELY pissed but said nothing at the time. Well he sold it. He made $4000 off the car. I will cut out this fight. He ends up finally giving me 2000 but NOW wants half of the money from the lincoln.

Mind you this ugly crap has has been in my yard for at least 2 yrs.so Friday he is talking about the money from the lincoln. I come out and tell him look, "I brought this car up here and stored it so you could keep your cars at mom's house. I have had to look at this big ugly POS. You could have done more to get the title or bill of sale from genes daughter which is making it really hard to get a title."

Then he brings up the porsche. I really get upset and start telling him he stole money from me when he went and bought that car behind my back. I found the car and he new I wanted to buy it and that he stole it from me. Then I get an F U from him and he hangs up.

I know the thing to do is to forgive him but I am really having a hard time with this. It's not just about the money. It's the fact that my own brother betrayed me.

Right now I could care less about ever talking to him again and that's not how we are.

Someone told him the lincoln is worth $10K. I don't Se it. Maybe 5 to 7th tops but based on what I have seen I would be lucky to get 4 to 5k.so based on that he thinks it evens out that he bought the 911 since the lincoln is "worth" 10k. It ain't worth diddly til it is sold and I still don't have a title and not sure I can get one.

I just can't stop thinking that he bought the 911 and made 4k and was not going to give me any money until I finally confronted him about it. Oh, it was quite a while before I would talk to after he sold the because I was so made.

How do I get over this. We have not had fights sinc we were kids and that has been 30yrs now.

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Take a sledgehammer to the Lincoln and tell him to come pick up his POS car or have towed at the owners expense.

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Actually I was thinking a 45 to the lincoln. Would not be the first time. Oh. I have also been storing his BMW 318 for a few yrs too.

Not much help. I need to get past this.

This consumes me when I have idle time.

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Drain the oil in the BMW.

Honestly give him fair warning (an ultimatum) of what will happen to his cars if he doesn't come and get them in a preset time frame. That way it will be his own fault.

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I have a couple of questions/thoughts as we ( those on the farm ) have a HUGE barn full of our famalies ' summer cars ' and we also store a LOT of cars/trucks/trailors/equipment when they go south for the winter.


You stated :


"Then he brings up the porsche. I really get upset and start telling him he stole money from me when he went and bought that car behind my back. I found the car and he new I wanted to buy it and that he stole it from me. Then I get an F U from him and he hangs up."


What did YOU pay for that porsche? You banked 2 grand when it was sold and you didnt do much of anything outside of pointing out it existed. *I* dont believe he stole anything from you as you never owned it nor possessed it. It was never yours.




Your brother is storing vehicles on YOUR property and has been for a while. Heres what you should do :


Advise him your charging him 1$ a month storage per vehicle. You will also keep the batteries of those vehicles on a trickler so they will maintain their charge and not go bad.


Added to the ' charge ' for storage is a surcharge/tax due to the stored goods contain contaminents/controlled substances ( Gas/Oil/Electrolytes in the battery/anti-freeze ). There is a handeling fee for such as hazardous materials come with a LOT of penalties from the EPA if theres any contaminates spilled. The charges YOU would incur for ' proper cleanup ' in accordance with your State and Federal Regulations could be quite substantial. The ' Surcharged amount ' is 300% per vehicle per billing cycle ( every month ). Offer no ' group discount ' of any kind.


I wouldnt know how to legally word such as Im not one of those bloodsuckers whom chase ambulances, but I do know you should write something up that at MINIMUM releases you of ANY liabilities of his cars while on your property. Once signed, trash the cars. Get a sawzall and make them convertibles OR turn one into a track car. Those old Lincolns make awesome Smash-up-derby cars as they weigh 4000-4500lbs and had a full steel frame.


I should have run for Town Ombudsman instead of a counsel seat.


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Why would you let some piece of crap car and a chunk of change "consume you"... Bloody hell man, can you hear yourself?

You are really, seriously going to let some piece of crap junk heap, and a brother you probably should have dumped a long time ago "Consume you"?


Wakey wakey, ditch him, ditch the freakin cars and get on with YOUR life, stop trying to run theirs.

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It's a matter of respect I guess. He has found cars that are really good deals as in money makers that he has showed to me.

I would have bought them but because he found the car it's his right to first dibs on buying the car and that is the way it has always been. I never went back and bought a car he found and showed me even though he never went back and bought it.

What makes it worse is that I TOLD him I was going to buy it.

I did try to buy it. The guy was not there and I left my number with his room mate but never heard back. Plus I am 2 hrs away and my brother lives there. I was going to go back when I had a way to haul the car so I could buy it and haul it off.

If it was just a friend this would be different. He is my brother and he should not go behind my back.

That's the problem. I can't stop thinking about it. This did not bother him because HE was not the one that was betrayed and he walked away with $4k initially. Also he did offer me HALF when he told me he bought it. He did that because he new what he did was wrong and the car was really mine. He did not follow thru with what he said. Then when I ask for the money he said he would give me then he wants half of the lincoln.

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Although this is mostly about the feelings that you have for your brother, I think that having an old and unsalable Lincoln stuck in your driveway is a big part of the problem. You see it every day, and it reminds you about the situation.


There is alway a risk if you do a car deal with a relative, or even a friend for that matter. Car deals are notorious for going wrong, and you can alienate a friend or relative if you choose to deal with one.


So what you need to do is to get the Lincoln out of your driveway, and that will clear the path to forgiving your brother. I would first try to get the title from whomever is holding it (YOU contact her, your brother is not about to). If that fails, call a trash hauling service and have it hauled to the landfill as trash, ignoring the inconvenient truth that it is, in fact, a car. Just explain that you cannot get a title and want to get rid of the trash. I don't think you can sell it for scrap with no title, the trick is not to sell it but rather to pay to have it hauled away. Send your brother a letter announcing your intent a week before.


Then, with the eyesore removed, tell your brother that you forgive him and move on with your life! Do NOT demand or offer an apology from your brother no matter who is in the wrong, that will only make things worse. Simply give him unconditional (and unsolicited) forgiveness, then whatever he wants to do is his problem. He can't complain about what you did to the car, because he does not own it and does not want it.

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He bought the Porsche several months after you mentioned it. To me that sounds like you gave it up. If you really wanted it you would have made some attempt to buy it sooner. I am not sure he needed to share any profit with you. Give him his money back.

The Lincoln, I would not have stored a car for anyone for more than a couple weeks. After that it is my car or the wrecking yard gets it. Get the title for the Lincoln sell it and keep the money. Nobody wanted the car when it was offered so why do they have any share in it now?

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Tech is right.


Firstly. All cars are rubbish. I know because I've had some. They get covered in dirt then they get all dented and then fall apart.

As for money. Money doesn't care about you and your brother it's filled with badness and will make black splinters in you hearts.

You are both fools to let it prey on you and you both need to realise that.

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The money or the cars are not what's important. Where I have the problems is with trust or loyalty. He is my brother and best friend and you just don't go behind someone's back like that.

Still have not talked to him. All 3 brothers and families were suppose to get together for christmas. Short version.

I told him I would come down but I don't want to talk about the cars AT ALL. If he would have said ok all would be fine. He said "at some point you need to understand my side of this".

This is how I look at it.

If I slept with his wife would it make it better if he understood my point or why I did it.

I have opted out for christmas.

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It sounds to me like you both have major issues that require sorting out in your relationship.


You & your brother both need to swallow your pride, stop acting childishly, meet up on neutral ground with an unbiased mediator then thrash out all your problems & issues. LISTEN to each other. Until these issues are sorted out it will just be a nasty, festering problem that will get worse over time.


Many years ago when I was in my early twenties, I nearly lost my best friend due to such pig-headed stupidity, but thankfully our mothers sussed out what was going on & damn near banged our heads together. We're still good friends to this day.


Try to sort it out before it gets any worse & please let us know how you get on.

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