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  1. Pierre 1961 has won the competition. Sorry, I forgot to mention.
  2. I read about this somewhere a while ago now. And forgot all about it. Then it cropped up again while I was browsing a fashion site on Friday. Taping your 3rd and 4th toes together to make heel wearing less painful. I was at home and not terribly busy so I thought ,just for fun, i might try it. OMG it really works! I really wasn't enjoying the sticky plasticy tapey feeling so I swapped scotch tape for some Micropore tape. I spent the whole day pottering around the house and as much time as possible doing things that required standing. I even stood with my laptop on the kitchen worktop and spent a good hour and a half writing emails. Gosh I wish I'd know about this 20 years ago! Thankfully the sandal season is over so I can experiment a little further. Anyway, I thought my experience warranted a wee posting here. I'll try and find time to update any further findings. . x
  3. I have a few pairs by Casadei with very thin heels
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