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  1. Mr Puffer I bow to your superior knowledge re: mute swans. Thanks very much for setting the record straight. Still not altogether sure about who has right of ownership of the talking swans though...! I'm not sure I'd ever admit to eating one though, if technically I could be charged with eating HM's dinner. This could therefore be classed as treason resulting in my being hauled off to the tower & kept in chains or loosing my head. I guess most people will be keeping quiet on that score. A five bird roast would be interesting, but if you include everything in the song you could perhaps market it as a 'Twelve Day Roast'. A gold ring would certainly save putting a sixpence in the Christmas pud! Is that a sporting implement for hitting apples & oranges over the boundary...?
  2. Everyone assumes that the recipient of the gifts in the song is a female. It could be a poor harassed man being stalked by a bunny boiler sorry, swan boiler! Curiously enough all mute swans in the UK, (& probably the ones that can talk as well), belong to her Majesty the Queen. 'One wonders if someone's been poaching...!' Footnote: Swans, hens, geese, partridges etc. can all be poached, (& fried & boiled & grilled & baked!)
  3. My lady is quite a bit taller than me & when she was younger had the most terrible problems trying to get clothes to fit her. She ended up learning how to make her own clothes & is now a very skilled self-taught seamstress. (Some of her leather creations are just... Wow!) She takes a UK 8 or 9 shoe, depending on the manufacturer, & back in the 1970's & 1980's couldn't get that much to fit her. She used to joke with her friends that the only way she was ever going to get a decent wardrobe was to marry a transvestite - She thought she'd died & gone to heaven when she met me, (but that's another story...!). She says it's a lot easier these days to get ladies stuff in larger sizes, but it must be truly awful for someone like Lindsay Kay Hayward who is so much larger than 'the norm'. A lot of companies will make larger, bespoke items but also charge a hefty fee for doing so. You only have to look at some of the sites on the web that offer a custom shoe or boot making service... I guess it's ok if you're earning quite a bit & can afford it, but if you're not that well off you're going to have problems - not everyone can afford to have nice things made for them & not everyone has the necessary skills to make their own clothes either. Its a very awkward situation for some...
  4. I'm pretty sure I've seen most of them at various locations on the South Coast, Southsea & Littlehampton in particular... I'm firmly in the 'Bah humbug' camp & along with Mr nyenor detest all to do with over-commercialisation of so-called special days. 'Bikergoth adopts Monty Python-ish Yorkshire accent' When I were a lad I got an orange & a couple of brazil nuts in my Christmas stocking & maybe something else if I was very, very lucky. These days all the kids want the latest computer game that costs a bloody fortune, only to be ridiculed by their peers if their poor hard-working parents can't afford it. Their parents realise this & put themselves in debt till next Christmas to supply said computer game, thus creating a generation of spoiled brats who think they can have everything they want whenever they demand it. More fool their parents who put themselves in debt to have a 'nice' Christmas. Most families I know argue like hell over the whole holiday & are genuinely sick of the sight of each other by the time the holidays are over. They can't wait to get back to work/school/college for a rest. Megan... Did your young lady friend manage to get all twelve partridges in her oven at once, or is she expecting a bigger oven next Christmas?
  5. I agree with you on that one ILK, a real 'Glam Rock' pair of boots. As well as Kiss you could probably take a crack at covering some Ziggy too... I must confess I'd be very tempted to try a pair of these if the price was right. Probably wouldn't bother with the 'Lita Man' though as I already have several pairs of the real thing, but it's good to know that someone is starting to market boots for men - at last!
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