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23 hours ago, SF said:

Frisco Bay WAM events have been held in San Jose, Hollister and Salinas in the past.  The Sacramento event has been a lot of fun.  Events have also been held at various places here in SoCal.  Looking at the WAM website there is nothing scheduled for 2019.  Maybe the WAM events are starting to lose their popularity?   Too bad, we had fun didn't we AZ???

Smile....   sf

We certainly did SF.  Walking down the road with heels on our feet and a beer in hand.  Not a bad gig.

On 1/2/2019 at 7:48 AM, SF said:

AZ, you look right on in those shoes....   Had fun doing the WAM events with you and your crowd.  Maybe again this year?  Would be worth the drive.  

Have fun, Happy New Year.....    sf 

Absolutely SF!  Always a blast.  It would be great to connect again for this event.  And thank you for the compliment :-)

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Life is short...  Wear the bleeping shoes!

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Katrina and the Waves.....   Cool song, cool video, beautiful day, fun event....  I couldn't find us in any of the shots....   bummer...   Next time...   Smile, sf...

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"Why should girls have all the fun!!"

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Did it 3 times. Great to sit there afterwards and eat in heels. I walked into a restaurant and the door greeter (guy) said :"I wanted to do it but had to work." The waitress said:"Those are SO cute! Where did you get them?" But the most fun was when a little girl said:"Mommy, he is wearing girl shoes." Carry a lip Vaseline tube with you to put on blisters.

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On 7/13/2019 at 3:39 PM, Heelster said:


I have family in Sandusky. All over Lorain too.  Doubt any are walking in it though. 

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Life is short...  Wear the bleeping shoes!

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